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ASK GODZILLA (Book 1)[COMPLETED] by Kaiju_Queen
ASK GODZILLA (Book 1)[COMPLETED]by Kaiju_Queen
Godzilla's own personal Q&A Featuring Legendary Godzilla (2019)
An Unexpected Appearance... :A Male Kaiju Reader x Kaijuverse Fanfiction: by GodzillaLegendaryRPG
An Unexpected Appearance... :A Godzilla's Grandfather
An unidentified monster appeared in the Pacific.
Izuku: The Death Song of Three Storms-Hiatus by IdleManRPG
Izuku: The Death Song of Three IdleManRPG
(Like all my stories posted, anyone is free to use the basic idea at their leisure, all I ask for is credit for the idea.) When the Oxygen Destroyer hit Godzilla and Gh...
Rodan X (F) Reader ~Complete!~ by AuthorFox
Rodan X (F) Reader ~Complete!~by AuthorFox
(Y/N) Is a fourteen year-old girl who was about to enter her life as a stowaway when all of a sudden, the volcano of Isla De Mara erupts, from the depths of the lava eme...
TITANS: The Queen and the Beast (Elsa / Godzilla - Disney Frozen / Monsterverse) by darklordi
TITANS: The Queen and the Beast ( darklordi
Two years have passed since the great winter that almost destroyed the kingdom of Arendelle. Today, the young Queen Elsa, supported by her sister Princess Anna, and her...
[ON HOLD] - King Ghidorah (Monsterverse) X Female Reader - by GojiDinDin
[ON HOLD] - King Ghidorah ( Dinda
What does Titans do when they're inlove, huh..? Each head has their own personalities, Ichi the Alpha head/Middle head, Ni the aggressive one/Right head, and last but...
Stains On My Soul | James Conrad | Kong Skull Island and Monsterverse by He_Marie
Stains On My Soul | James Conrad | Heather Marie
Sev Quintin knew too much about the government's operations to be let go. So when her mission went awry, the disgraced special agent was transferred to monarch, a dying...
Academy City Kaiju by Heroman23
Academy City Kaijuby Heroman23
Kaiju's have lived on planet Earth long before the day of the dinosaurs. The Kaiju's have lived near the core of the planet for their food, radiation. They have left hum...
ASK THE TITANS  by Kaiju_Queen
ASK THE TITANS by Kaiju_Queen
Join Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan and Ghidorah in a Q and A to ask them your questions! ((Based in Legendary's Monsterverse))
TITANS 4: Doomsday of the Kings (Disney / Monsterverse) by darklordi
TITANS 4: Doomsday of the Kings ( darklordi
Three years have passed... Godzilla has disappeared ... tensions between nations are increasing, threatening to lead humanity to a total war against the titans ... the w...
Queen Of Monsters (kaiju girl godzilla OP X male human) by AlexTheEmperor12
Queen Of Monsters (kaiju girl Alexsander The Super
Humanity was at the mercy of many dangers coming unknown, kaijus giant monsters from an ancient and forgotten time were now resurfacing threatening the existence of the...
Steven Universe Vs Kaiju (CHAPTER 1)  by JaredGrantz
Steven Universe Vs Kaiju ( JaredGrantz
Thousands of years after Godzilla disappears from the Earth, he finally returns and attacks Steven and the gems. Over time more titans start to awaken from their deep sl...
Ask Or Dare the Kaiju  by EclipsetheSpino
Ask Or Dare the Kaiju by EclipsetheSpino
Ask or dare any of the Godzilla Kaiju,though I will be using the legendary versions unless the requested character isnt in the Monsterverse,anyways
Godzilla: Apocalypse by tyler2706
Godzilla: Apocalypseby
A year has passed since the Ultimate War ended, things are going well, the Nether, End and Planet Earth are in harmony, the Earth Defender Kaijus do well to keep the pla...
TITANS 2: The Monsters Kingdom (Moana / Kong - Disney Moana / Monsterverse) by darklordi
TITANS 2: The Monsters Kingdom ( darklordi
Second story of my Disney / Monsterverse crossover saga. Two years have passed since Moana restored the heart of Te Fiti, and has now become chief of the Motunui tribe...
Rodan: Fire and Ice by tyler2706
Rodan: Fire and Iceby
when a dark Titan from long ago reawakens to bring ice cold terror to the world, Rodan the Fire Demon is to take on this icey menace of long ago. Elsewhere Apex is begin...
GODZILLA: Transformation  by Kaiju_Queen
GODZILLA: Transformation by Kaiju_Queen
Godzilla is turned human, so to speak, after a successful procedure by Monarch without the US government's permission. Now that the King of the monsters had been success...
Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra: Guardians of Earth🌎 - Season 1 by ACEZ133
Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra: StrangerZilla
When King Ghidorah arrives Earth to destroy it, Monarch lets out the three titans: Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra. The trio will work together to stop Ghidorah and they met...
Mothra: Infant Island by tyler2706
Mothra: Infant Islandby
set 6 months after the events of Godzilla Vs Kong, Ilene and her twin sister Ling, while waiting for the Mothra egg to inevitably hatch, have decided to visit the long f...
The Titan King by MarioSonicgamer
The Titan Kingby MarioSonicGamer
A young prince named Gojira is born, and is destined to become the king of all titans, until shady forces aim to take him off the throne. Now, with his Father's guidance...