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Anorexia Poems and Monologues by Imnotperfectyet
Anorexia Poems and Monologuesby Im a problem
None of these are mine unless stated, just a collection of eating disorder poems and Monologues, may be triggering!
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Monologues for the Young Actor by lareinedeslapins
Monologues for the Young Actorby Fia Goudes
I'm a nerd, so here are a bunch of original, self-written monologues! If anyone has an audition or needs a monologue for whatever reason, feel free to use them. Or, if y...
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Just My Ectasy by CoumbaSoumare1
Just My Ectasyby *Bambi*
Welcome to my inner thoughts. It gets ugly ~~~~~~~ Verse 4:Dear Society " Dear society Do you enjoy inflicting Your rules on me Caging me in a box Forcing me to fol...
Monologues by Bwaybbwrites
Monologuesby Hannah Rue
These are some monologues that I either wrote or found! (I will say the author for each one!) This is a great collection of monologues for actors to use!
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The Vampire Diaries Monologues and Dialogues by Suem11
The Vampire Diaries Monologues sammariano
Includes dialogues/monologues from The Vampire Diaries.
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Acting Monologues by x0xnuttyshellx0x
Acting Monologuesby x0xnuttyshellx0x
Just a bunch of monologues from a bunch of random movies from one wannabe actor to another, consider it a gift:) Most of these will be dramatic and usually for teenage g...
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Monologues and Dramatic Pieces by wdestiny012
Monologues and Dramatic Piecesby Destiny Williams
This is a range of monologues and dramatic pieces for all. Some for girls. Some for boys. Some for the young. Some for the old. But loved by all. Best ranking- #1 in mon...
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Monologues by BandAnimeGeek
Monologuesby Abii Rose
Monologues that pour from my deep workings and dark mind
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Monologues by Prysm-Emery
Monologuesby Prys
A collection of monologues.
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Teen Wolf Dialogues and Monologues by Suem11
Teen Wolf Dialogues and Monologuesby sammariano
Dialogues and Monologues from Teen Wolf
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Monologues by raven_knight01
Monologuesby Isis Arguello
The monologues until chapter 7 are from when I was in sixth grade, so they might be a little rough around the edges. As for the rest... they are recent monologues. They...
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Grey's Anatomy Monologue by soccerforlife1317
Grey's Anatomy Monologueby alana
monologues that are at the beginning and end of the episodes , they always have good meaning behind them at least I think so. you can read it or don't doesn't matter to...
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Female Monologues by _aestheticbird_
Female Monologuesby ~Claudia~
A range of female Monologues I've written, mainly in contemporary style. If you'd like to use a monologue in a book or elsewhere, please contact me and reference me in y...
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Scenes and Skits by zombie-teeth
Scenes and Skitsby greetings fellow rats
Here are some scenes and skits I have made and choose to write down for you. Act these out or something. :P
Female monologues by Vladmirsdaughter
Female monologuesby Maisey
A collection of dramatic female monologues ranging from about 4-12 mins long. Regularly updated. Can be used but please pay respect to the original writers. Enjoy my lov...
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MONOLOGUES for teens by cupcake_problems
MONOLOGUES for teensby cupcake-anator
HI fellow actors/actresses This book is for people who love acting as much as i do OR just need to find a suitable monologue for school or something, in side every chapt...
Acting Monologues by Angel109
Acting Monologuesby I'm not an Angel.
I know how hard it is to find monologues so I'm going to post some monologues for you to use! Hope you enjoy!
Acting Monologues by hogwartsvictors31
Acting Monologuesby Laura Snyder
Here are some interesting monologues I have found from books, tv shows, movies, ect. Enjoy!
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hindi monologues by bodybuilderIndia
hindi monologuesby bodybuilderIndia