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My Favorite Acting Monologues/Scenes by bride-of-rock-n-roll
My Favorite Acting Monologues/ Bride of Rock
Scenes from many of my favorite movies. None of the characters or dialogue are mine. Warning some dialogues may talk about disturbing themes or events I will put warning...
Monologues From, A Homosexual Hazard: An Episodic Play by EddyBee26
Monologues From, A Homosexual Edwin Betancourt
Six openly Gay men tell their stories about love, rejections, body confidence, relationships, friendships, suicide awareness, domestic violence, falling in love and tv r...
The Vampire Diaries Monologues and Dialogues by Suem11
The Vampire Diaries Monologues sammariano
Includes dialogues/monologues from The Vampire Diaries.
Monologues For Teens by transfemmarcodiaz
Monologues For Teensby 𝖒𝖆𝖌𝖌𝖎𝖊
A bunch of monologues from movies that you can try!
Monologues by Prysm-Emery
Monologuesby Prys
A collection of monologues.
MONOLOGUES for teens by cupcake_problems
MONOLOGUES for teensby cupcake-anator
HI fellow actors/actresses This book is for people who love acting as much as i do OR just need to find a suitable monologue for school or something, in side every chapt...
Female Acting Monologues by _Reading_Goddess
Female Acting Monologuesby Sav
These are a few of my favorite female acting monologues from movies, TV shows and plays such as... The Fault in our Stars, Mean girls, A thing for nerds etc. (Some of th...
Monolouges by DesMatrix
Monolougesby DesMatrix
This is just going to be a book containing monologues I've written and really enjoyed. I have and will also use some of them for auditions for plays and such. Feel free...
my favorite monologues by Hwats305
my favorite monologuesby Haven
just a bunch of monologues from my personal favorite tv shows and movies. :) i'm looking these up for an acting assignment in theatre class so feel free to use these for...
Monologues by Bwaybbwrites
Monologuesby Hannah R
These are some monologues that I either wrote or found! (I will say the author for each one!) This is a great collection of monologues for actors to use!
Acting Monologues by x0xnuttyshellx0x
Acting Monologuesby x0xnuttyshellx0x
Just a bunch of monologues from a bunch of random movies from one wannabe actor to another, consider it a gift:) Most of these will be dramatic and usually for teenage g...
Acting Monologues by hogwartsvictors31
Acting Monologuesby Laura Snyder
Here are some interesting monologues I have found from books, tv shows, movies, ect. Enjoy!
My Personal Monologue Compilation by commonmisbeliefs
My Personal Monologue Compilationby commonmisbeliefs
This is a series of monologues that I use when I go on auditions and I think that they're all amazing. Some of them were written by me and others were found online or in...
grey's anatomy monologues by mckenziecer
grey's anatomy monologuesby mckenzie
We all know that Meredith Grey is one of the profound beings to walk the earth. The show is practically known for it's wise introductory and ending monologues, usually d...
Teen Wolf Dialogues and Monologues by Suem11
Teen Wolf Dialogues and Monologuesby sammariano
Dialogues and Monologues from Teen Wolf
Monologues From, A Homosexual Hazard: An Episodic Play by EddyBee26
Monologues From, A Homosexual Edwin Betancourt
This episodic play is about five Gay Men named Marco, Saint, Johnny, Frankie and Jayson; who are proudly telling their stories about being Gay in 2019. These 11 monologu...
Monologues for the Young Actor [Monologue Collection] by lareinedeslapins
Monologues for the Young Actor [ Fia Goudes
I'm a nerd, so here are a bunch of original, self-written monologues! If anyone has an audition or needs a monologue for whatever reason, feel free to use them. Or, if y...
Monolouges and Rants by nerdymelody317
Monolouges and Rantsby Nerdy Melody
I doubt these will get much attention but this was going to be a place to write out my personal monologues. Some of my topics might be a bit much for certain people so...
Female Monologues by _aestheticbird_
Female Monologuesby ~Claudia~
A range of female Monologues I've written, mainly in contemporary style. If you'd like to use a monologue in a book or elsewhere, please contact me and reference me in y...