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Blocked by Starry_Nights__
Blockedby Maya
He wont respond. I'm blocked. He ruined my life and just walks away. *Disclaimer i guess* We aren't trying to assume shawn's sexuality, it's just one of the plot points...
  • lgbt
  • relationship
  • middleschool
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Guardians of the Boundary (Book 3 of The Conjurors Series) by KristenPham
Guardians of the Boundary (Book 3...by Kristen Pham
The battle is over. Now it's war. Valerie's entire life has been spent fighting for survival. But now, the stakes have never been higher, and her enemies have never been...
  • featured
  • middle-grade
  • heroine
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Knights of Light (Book 2 of The Conjurors Series) by KristenPham
Knights of Light (Book 2 of The Co...by Kristen Pham
Leading means taking mortal risks. Hiding is not an option. With a tumultuous year behind her, Valerie is ready to start a life that doesn't include running from enemies...
  • middle-grade
  • young-adult
  • teen
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The Society of Imaginary Friends (Book 1 of The Conjurors Series) by KristenPham
The Society of Imaginary Friends (...by Kristen Pham
Belief is a powerful magic. Valerie Diaz has a power that she can't contain, and it's killing her. Bounced between foster homes and the streets, she only has time to con...
  • completed
  • fantasy
  • young-adult
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Edge of Pathos (Book 4 of The Conjurors Series) by KristenPham
Edge of Pathos (Book 4 of The Conj...by Kristen Pham
Never pause, never doubt, never yield. Rise and fight. Valerie thought she understood loss. Her entire life has been defined by it. But now, she is facing the most frigh...
  • teen
  • completed
  • complete
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*** WATTPAD PICK: EDITOR'S CHOICE *** #6 in #MiddleGrade Fourteen-year-old Myles is having a rough time. Not only has his mother run off with her female yoga instructor...
  • newage
  • youngadult
  • teenfiction
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Spellbound Sword by MattShore
Spellbound Swordby Matt Shore
A Wattpad Featured Story, Highest Rank: #3 in Adventure! Synopsis: Travis was an orphan living in Mercy Square, until a magic-using outlaw named Kane Verdalea sw...
  • epic
  • wattpad
  • lol
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How (NOT) to Write a Romance Novel by cjnwriter
How (NOT) to Write a Romance Novelby cjnwriter
Seventh grade aspiring writer Ella Fletcher desperately wants to write a romance novel, but when her friends talk her into dating a boy as real-life "research"...
  • writer
  • humor
  • novella
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Beastly Little Boy by sandydragon1
Beastly Little Boyby sandydragon1
An unruly ten year old boy, consumed by grief after the death of his father two years ago, has gradually turned into a bear. His mother has him captured and sent deep in...
  • youngadult
  • paranormal
  • action
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Pranked! by whompy
Pranked!by whompy
Fred is the meanest kid in 6th grade. When he does a truly awful thing to Maddie, she vows to get revenge. Does she?
  • middle-grade
  • middleschool
  • revenge
JOURNEY TO HIGH SCHOOL (Sneak Peek) by Meagz56
JOURNEY TO HIGH SCHOOL (Sneak Peek)by Meagz56
Follow the adventures of Carly Mitchell as she tries to navigate her way through middle school whilst having a wacky home life living with four other siblings. Follow Ca...
  • mischief
  • family
  • life
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Monster Factory by Mcnultyp3
Monster Factoryby Patrick McNulty
The children of Cripple Creek have been kidnapped! When school buses loaded with kids go missing, the Ministry of Monsters (MOM) send their top agents, thirteen-year-old...
  • secretmission
  • secretweapon
  • shapeshifter
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The Phony Farkleberry (Twisted Oak Amateur Detectives #1) by MichaelScottMiller
The Phony Farkleberry (Twisted Oak...by Michael Scott Miller
When a painting by legendary artist Thomas Farkleberry is stolen from the art gallery where Tyler’s mother works, Tyler’s mind races to the whispered conversation he ove...
  • childrens
  • middle-grade
  • mystery
CALL OF THE WIND  by Pabonite
CALL OF THE WIND by Godfrey Paul
Enter the world of George, a boy whose destiny is to be the savior of his kingdom. It doesn't look likely at the moment. Washing clothes and cohabiting with roaches does...
  • book
  • new
  • magic
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Liminal Lights by jenny_b
Liminal Lightsby Jennifer Bogart
What if faerie magic is real? Nadia discovers an ancient truth hidden by Liminals, coveted by Shadow Monsters, and protected by humans. Somewhere, between faerie legen...
  • fairies
  • middlegrade
  • urban
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Guardian of the Gauntlet by LenitaGraves
Guardian of the Gauntletby Lenita Graves
When sisters, Princesses Camari and Mila, meet Prince Denir, they soon find he has a special gauntlet. This gauntlet only works if one has faith in a higher power. Using...
  • inspirational
  • middle-grade
Skycastle, the Demon, an Me -- Book 1 in the Skycastle series by AndyMulberry
Skycastle, the Demon, an Me -- Boo...by Andy Mulberry
If you owe Hell gold but you can't pay, you're about to have a bad day! WARNING...this story contains a scowling demon, bad decisions, a skeleton key, not foul but helli...
  • castle
  • kids
  • flying
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The Airdrie Firefly by BillBienz
The Airdrie Fireflyby Bill Bienz
All twelve-year-old Steven Digs wanted to do was start a school newspaper, something he can't do unless he gets straight A's in all his classes. Everything hinges on his...
  • fantasy
  • ghoul
  • paranormal-romance
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