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Knights of Light (Book 2 of The Conjurors Series)

Knights of Light (Book 2 of The Conjurors Series)

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Kristen Pham By KristenPham Completed

Leading means taking mortal risks. Hiding is not an option.

With a tumultuous year behind her, Valerie is ready to start a life that doesn't include running from enemies and risking her life. Too bad someone wants her dead. No matter how much she resists, Valerie is thrust into a position where it is up to her to lead the Conjurors against the power-hungry Fractus or suffer the consequences of two worlds ruled by those who wield magic as a weapon. But the clashes don't stop on the battlefield. As Valerie finds herself torn between her new love and her best friend, it will be up to her to figure out who she can't live without.

In the fast-paced second novel of The Conjurors Series, Valerie searches for the father she thought was long dead and begins to come to grips with the immensity of her new power.

The battle has begun.

Polarbearybo Polarbearybo 2 days ago
I definitely think Thai has a better chance than Cyrus.  I am so close to shipping it
Polarbearybo Polarbearybo 2 days ago
I know they are the same age,  but I can't help but imagine Henry being much younger,  more like ten to twelve
bayaBLUE bayaBLUE Feb 12, 2016
Tan irritates the hell out of me. He show's up at the worst possible times.
TkellaSunrize TkellaSunrize Apr 01, 2016
You have created something really imagantive and captivating.  I hope one day I come up with something as awesome ☺
bayaBLUE bayaBLUE Feb 12, 2016
I can't tell you how happy it makes me that this book is continuing. I won't be surprised if it's made into a movie. Better than Harry Potter *gasp*
ArizonaRooney ArizonaRooney Nov 02, 2016
I must say I want to read every word you wrote.  Like ever! Your awesome.  (: