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Zach's Pajamas by Deekerfan2
Zach's Pajamasby Deekerfan2
Zach's new girlfriend loves his fondness of Disney movies. She decides to buy him some pajamas that coincide with his interests and unbeknownst to him, he slowly begins...
Sissy boy Payton  by Baby_Brynnn
Sissy boy Payton by ☁️♡ Brynn♡☁️
After Lilly finds out her boyfriend's been wetting the bed uncontrollably, she decides to take things into her own hands.. ⚠️I don't usually write dirty stuff and this i...
Back To Diapers Alex by StuffedAnimalGuy
Back To Diapers Alexby StuffedAnimalGuy
Alex is a 11 year old boy about to start middle school. But is put back in diapers due to incontinence.
Raja de-potty trained by sgdiapsrboi
Raja de-potty trainedby sgdiapsrboi
Raja was convinced by his parents to wear diapers again to encourage his brother, Chad, to be potty trained but not all things went as planned
Valen's TBDL story by vvelyros
Valen's TBDL storyby vvelyros
Valen is left alone with his three brothers as his parents go on summer vacation leaving valen's older brother in charge for the time they're gone. Valen's family wasn't...
Baby Julius by randomboy300
Baby Juliusby randomboy300
Very small teenage boy gets adopted by family who treats him like a baby.
The Girl in my Closet by PatCarp
The Girl in my Closetby PatCarp
David met Victoria after first wetting the bed. She is also a bed wetter and like David, she has to wear protection for bed. David doesn't like Victoria, who finds her v...
Subliminal Lens by lyrelute
Subliminal Lensby lyrelute
A Commission for Alpha-Dylan "A girl constantly bullied by a boy turns the tables when she spots an ad online about hypnosis glasses."
Diaper wishes  by pine_martin
Diaper wishes by pine_martin
Ben, an 18 year gay boy finds a magical button that can grant any wish.... faggotry ensues
The Remote by maurento786
The Remoteby maurento786
A 15 Year Old Comes Into Contact With Remote That Makes His Wildest Fantasies Come True. *update: not really sure how to continue this book as its extremely similar to a...
New life by trashpanda-13
New lifeby -Diaper_boy-
One day Jake wets the bed and his dad cant take it anymore it has been going on for weeks so he has to put him in diapers
My Diaper Life by cvogt1127
My Diaper Lifeby cvogt1127
This is the story of a young boy named Connor and a young girl named Amy and their diaper adventures! I hope you enjoy!
Owl house diapered boys by Coldcup190
Owl house diapered boysby Coldcup190
Oneshots of owl house boys in diapers
24/7 Diapers [ABDL] by PrettyTrashette
24/7 Diapers [ABDL]by PrettyTrashette
After Finn's stepdad finds a pile of wet bedsheets and clothes, he decides it's time that Finn has some kind of protection.
A boy and his diapers  by Diaperedstories
A boy and his diapers by Diaperedstories
This is a story about a sixteen year old boy named Carlos, who had always liked diapers, but more specifically, wearing and using diapers, luckily for him he finally get...
ageregression ideas by tlabwriter
ageregression ideasby tlabwriter
here are some story ideas that you can take and write either oneshots or books about have fun and if you do take an idea credit me and comment so i can read if :)
The New Normal by Glowtep
The New Normalby Glowtep
In order to combat crime and out of control teen pregnancy rates "The Reckless Youth Prevention Act" was passed. Colloquially called "The Diaper Law"...
Baby Guinea Pig by JamieEdwardianabcd
Baby Guinea Pigby jamie Edwards
This is a fictional, fantasy TBDL/ABDL story with MATURE themes. Not a real story. Not intended to offend. About a boy named Jack who becomes a practice baby. Treat a t...
Baby jamie by OceansRivers
Baby jamieby Oceans & Rivers
jamie bingham is a 15 year old boy who lives with his two father's and his brother when he gets in big trouble for breaking his phone, he is forced to be in diapers