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My Guardian Angel by EmilyWallas
My Guardian Angelby SuperMerlock!!
Arthur had always thought that he was lucky like he had some sort of guardian angel. He never thought that the guardian angel watching over him was his clumsy oaf of a s...
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Merthur - Arthur's Secret by CreamyXD
Merthur - Arthur's Secretby CreamyXD
Merlin AU Due to Nimueh using sorcery during Arthur's birth, Arthur was given the gift of magic. He has never told anyone. As Arthur and Merlin become closer, Arthur tr...
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Merthur one shots || Merlin by vcdbtch
Merthur one shots || Merlinby vcdbtch
Just some cute lil one shots about Merthur because I'm mad at the ending. The cover may change depending on if I get bored of it or not lol Warning: some chapters may co...
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Hold me by Amytheolive
Hold meby Amytheolive
Merthur fluff. Contains smut, magic, fashion, adventures and a lot of cute times. Completed but currently being edited. Enjoy!
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Merlin: The chance to change fate by Sammy_Cam
Merlin: The chance to change fateby Sammy_Cam
Starts off in the last episode of season 5. But what happens when Merlin sees the future in the crystal cave? What happens when he sees Arthur die? Will he change the fa...
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Like Magic by DeathNDestruction666
Like Magicby BeansNDestruction
Merlin dies for a bit at the end of the series instead of Arthur.
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Merlin you're a girl!??? by victoriatheauthor16
Merlin you're a girl!???by victoriatheauthor16
In the kingdom of Camelot it is getting closer for King Arthur choose a bride. Every one knows he's going to choose Gwen, Or so they thought. One day on a hunting trip...
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Always Maybe by bibliosoph
Always Maybeby bibliosoph
Merlin is a scrawny kid just trying to find his place. High school is a difficult time for everyone, but especially for Merlin as he tries to struggle through loss, love...
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Crossfire  by TheSenselessReader
Crossfire by ohHELLosatan
As Uther calls Arthur to speak with him privately, Arthur isn't sure what predicament had occurred between him and his father. Until he gets handed a crinkled letter. Th...
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Magic Revealed by low_key_13
Magic Revealedby Low Key
Starting at the beginning of Season 4, Lancelot and Merlin manage to close the rift without a sacrifice. With Arthur curious about magic, Merlin finds himself revealing...
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The Boy and the Beast: A Merthur Beauty and the Beast AU by OncerofStorybrooke
The Boy and the Beast: A Merthur OncerofStorybrooke
This story combines Disney's Beauty and the Beast and the romantic relationship between Merlin and Arthur from the BBC series Merlin. What if Arthur was the prince who w...
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Merlin/Merthur Oneshots by corvid_crowned_king
Merlin/Merthur Oneshotsby king corvid
Just what the title says. Might include some other ships? if i get the motivation. Anyways, don't expect consistent updates. I started rewatching Merlin again, so uh ye...
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Merlin & Arthur by merthur4ever
Merlin & Arthurby HECK YEAH
"So, what prince do you fancy?" "Where are you getting these ridiculous accusations? I only fancy this prat, his name is Merlin." "Oh, really?&q...
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The warlock and the frog by alostblogger
The warlock and the frogby Tia
When Merlin and Arthur decide to go on a hunting trip Arthur is turned into a frog; from then on everything goes spectacularly wrong - but the dragon has never laughed s...
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Merthur - The Blue Butterfly by CreamyXD
Merthur - The Blue Butterflyby CreamyXD
Beautiful cover made by FangirlLikeYouMeanIt! :D When Uther Pendragon finally tracks down the rogue dragonlord to Ealdor he finds the man with a wife and child. The king...
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The Lost Prince (Merthur Fanfic) by MahamZeeshan
The Lost Prince (Merthur Fanfic)by Maham Zeeshan
One fine night you could hear the clanking of the armour and four knights draped in chain mail and sea green cape came into the castle to meet King Arthur in hope that h...
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There can be no place for our love in Camelot [MERTHUR] by XllKaitlinllX
There can be no place for our XllKaitlinllX
This is the story of two men, a prince and a loyal man-servant, trying to find acceptance and happiness whilst holding onto their love for each other in a very difficult...
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In A Land Of Myth by LLaoch
In A Land Of Mythby Hero Stone
A fanfic revolving around the two main characters (Merlin and King Arthur) in the much loved series, Merlin. Merlin remembers the faint memory of Gaius saying something...
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The King and His Sorcerer by delicateeternity
The King and His Sorcererby Chiara S
I decided to expand on my Methur fanfic, and start their story from the very beginning. Merlin is a young warlock who somehow finds himself as the manservant to the prin...
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Merlyn's Only Hope by merlinamor
Merlyn's Only Hopeby merlinamor
Based on Series 1 of Merlin. Blue hues dance unforgiving circles, fiercer than the deepest seas, turning golden in the wake of unforgivable fear. The world waited for t...
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