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Rite of Passage by silverchitauri
Rite of Passageby silverchitauri
It's a field trip. It's always a field trip. Because who do we as writers send on field trips more than Peter Parker? Peter's going to SI, Flash doesn't believe him, the...
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Transfree (a sequel to Transtrick) by HunterGriffins
Transfree (a sequel to Transtrick)by hubter
READ TRANSTRICK FIRST Continues exactly where Transtrick left off. Patrick is set to get top surgery, but what other obstacles will pop up out of the blue? May include...
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Unsympathetic Sanders Sides  by XxAmerican-PsychoxX
Unsympathetic Sanders Sides by Daddy
Cover Art by Me! This is my book for Unsympathetic Sides! There will be a fair share of warnings here and in front of each story. ~⚠ Warnings ⚠~ ·Descriptive Rape/NonCon...
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Jay's Secret by HarleyAqueer
Jay's Secretby HarleyAqueer
Jaclyn Cobra that's what he's been known as on the isle no matter how much he hated it. Jay was a BOY not a girl and there were only 3 people who truly respected that Ma...
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Trapped Inside a Web of Lies by strange-is-normal
Trapped Inside a Web of Liesby Noah
"I'm on my way!" I take off my spiddy mask as I wait for a reply on the other end. "I was actually calling to say, maybe you shouldn't come, here, listen...
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Newly Not Cis by Mudawott
Newly Not Cisby Red
James is a pretty normal teenage boy, a little edgy but nothing too extreme. Unfortunately, his ex-best friend doesn't see it like that and his constant targeting of her...
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How it should be by sugawarakoushis
How it should beby ris
Haikyuu! fic, Pairing: Daisuga (daichi and sugawara) Summary: Sugawara knew he's been different since birth, he was transgender and nothing could change that WARNING: H...
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Memories of the Past - An Interactive Novel by QueerWarriors
Memories of the Past - An The Queer Warriors
Unfamiliar surroundings. A pounding head. Wooziness. You don't remember anything. Not even your name. But somehow, you know that you were left here to die, and you have...
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Lost and Found (Human AU - Logicality) by moxiety_for_the_win
Lost and Found (Human AU - Melodic Harmony
Patton was born a Patricia, but his aunt doesn't accept it. He spends most of his life feeling self-conscious about his body, and it gets worse as puberty hits. Thankful...
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Golden Love by Kingtwinkle
Golden Loveby Twinkle King
"I made myself what he wanted me to be. What they wanted me to be. You want me to need you? I need you. You want a sex toy? I'm bent over." He shrugged "b...
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the witch doesn't burn in this one by inthisone
the witch doesn't burn in this oneby amanda lovelace
burn whoever tries to burn you 🔥
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foxdapple's lament by prageruwu
foxdapple's lamentby prageruwu
leaf-bare kits are seen as a bad omen, but the three she-kits born in thunderclan were surprisingly healthy... ( TW for stuff like transphobia )
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Real stories from the World - LGBTQ+ by Avylinn
Real stories from the World - Avylinn Winter
This collection of stories is an attempt to share stories of how it is to live as a member of the LGBTQ+ community in different parts of the world. The first stories wil...
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Locked by lesbianwhore123
Lockedby The deer queen
Jongdae, a male, or at least thats what the birth certificate says. Minseok, a male, helps Jongdae find who he really is.
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List of Genders, Sexualities and Terms in the LGBT Community by CarterChase878
List of Genders, Sexualities and Carter Chase
So This book is going to be a compilation of my knowledge in the LGBT community and everything I learn while researching this book and attempting to be a genuine part of...
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It gets better (Sweden x Finland) by hetaliababe
It gets better (Sweden x Finland)by hetaliababe
16 year old Berwald is kicked out of his house after coming out as a transgender boy and soon meets 18 year old Tino.
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transgender. {TYLER JOSEPH} by makeouut
transgender. {TYLER JOSEPH}by mal
"my name is not anna, its tyler" transgender! tyler ©makeouut
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FreshMan  by oliverwasheere
FreshMan by Ollie
Bradley just finished freshman year in high school. Being a closeted trans guy is hard when it's obvious you're a guy and your parents are oblivious. But what if his par...
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New Boy (Peter Parker x Genderqueer!Reader) by VibrantRacer687
New Boy (Peter Parker x myweaponisapoolnoodle
TW for angst, suicidal thoughts and transphobia Tom Holland's Peter Parker, Y/N's gender identity is incredibly complicated and entirely based on my own When Peter Parke...
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A Body For Someone Else by Mudawott
A Body For Someone Elseby Red
I woke up in a house with no memory of how I got there and in a body that isn't mine. The last thing I remember was being unable to cry as I tried to sleep. A boy and a...
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