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Safe Haven in Forks  by Cherrybomb9824
Safe Haven in Forks by Cherrybomb9824
After the murder of there mother 14 year old Briar Swan testifies against their stepfather and puts him away for a very long time. Briar's Uncle Charlie offers them a ho...
Rite of Passage by silverchitauri
Rite of Passageby silverchitauri
It's a field trip. It's always a field trip. Because who do we as writers send on field trips more than Peter Parker? Peter's going to SI, Flash doesn't believe him, the...
Newly Not Cis by Mudawott
Newly Not Cisby Red
James is a pretty normal teenage boy, a little edgy but nothing too extreme. Unfortunately, his ex-best friend doesn't see it like that and his constant targeting of her...
Transfree (a sequel to Transtrick) by HunterGriffins
Transfree (a sequel to Transtrick)by hubter
READ TRANSTRICK FIRST Continues exactly where Transtrick left off. Patrick is set to get top surgery, but what other obstacles will pop up out of the blue? May include...
Part of the dreamsmp (Dream) by dreamsmp45795
Part of the dreamsmp (Dream)by dreamsmp45795
Jasper Avery Parker is transgender. He used to be a girl and his old name was Luna Avery Parker but he recently came out as transgender to his grandparents and they were...
various! Naruto x feminin non binary reader by zPlantZz
various! Naruto x feminin non Milan <3
This is basically the plot of naruto with another character that is you, the reader! You are naruto's younger twin. You've got kushina, your mother's good looks. That's...
Lullaby(Solangelo High School AU) by WingsOfFireIsAwesome
Lullaby(Solangelo High School AU)by shut up and stab me
"Nico? Sing me a lullaby, please?" Will Solace has had a rough life, okay? His mother had already married thrice, and now he was expected to be thrown into a n...
Maybe it's better this way (Tommyinnit angst) by Bigz5679
Maybe it's better this way ( Bigz5679
Tommy is a young streamer who is trans (ftm) with very transphobic parents so he can't come out to them, he may not be the smartest but he knows coming out to them would...
read this book with caution. not all chapters will include trigger warnings.
Trans tommyinnit by technoblade_verypog
Trans tommyinnitby will
Original by HellooImADSMPFANLOL This is NOT my story I an reposting it if the owner wants it taken down I will do so immediately
Could - Crewt by tigerlilycorinne
Could - Crewtby tigerlilycorinne ✌️
Newt finds Credence after the Aurors blasted apart the Obscurus (yes, it's one of those fics), and Credence is having a bit of a hard time with the transition, so to spe...
Until You [Humanstuck || Trans!Eridan] by luminescent-ghosts
Until You [Humanstuck || Trans! luminescentGhosts
[[ Humanstuck || Transstuck ]] Eridan is a trans boy and him coming out changed his whole life forever. He disscovered the people that really care about him and the on...
Simple Struggles(Golden Guard x Transman! Reader) by EnderCat900
Simple Struggles(Golden Guard x TheCreepyCaveLilac
You're a 16-year-old transgender man with semi-transphobic parents at your side. One day you run away and end up in another world, where you meet many new people and you...
Trapped Inside a Web of Lies by strange-is-normal
Trapped Inside a Web of Liesby strange-is-normal
"I'm on my way!" I take off my spiddy mask as I wait for a reply on the other end. "I was actually calling to say, maybe you shouldn't come, here, listen...
a frog is not a tadpole (a story through poetry about being trans) by citrusfemale
a frog is not a tadpole (a story bisexual.salamander
COMPLETED i am a boy i am not a girl they say i'm a girl because of what's between my legs why don't they listen? would you call a frog a tadpole? would you call a boy...
Real stories from the World - LGBTQ+ by Avylinn
Real stories from the World - Avylinn Winter
This collection of stories is an attempt to share stories of how it is to live as a member of the LGBTQ+ community in different parts of the world. The first stories wil...
Non-Binary Peter Parker (TRADUCTION) by irondad_REAL1
Non-Binary Peter Parker ( irondad_REAL1
Résumé: Irondad. Tony fait une blague sur les personnes non-binaires et Parker (non-binaire) se sent mal parce qu'il pense que Toy le détestera. La couverture et l'histo...
Him || ✓ by sassthetic
Him || ✓by .
I was once the star of your eyes, Mom.
How it should be by sugawarakoushis
How it should beby ris
Haikyuu! fic, Pairing: Daisuga (daichi and sugawara) Summary: Sugawara knew he's been different since birth, he was transgender and nothing could change that WARNING: H...