Biphobia Stories

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Alex and Felix (LGBT) ✅ by mickey2k14
Alex and Felix (LGBT) ✅by Mickey
University was meant to be a new start, a place where Alex was open about his bisexuality. But meeting his confidently gay flatmate, Scotty, makes Alex hesitate. He's no...
Real stories from the World - LGBTQ+ by Avylinn
Real stories from the World - Avylinn Winter
This collection of stories is an attempt to share stories of how it is to live as a member of the LGBTQ+ community in different parts of the world. The first stories wil...
Dirty Laundry ( DISCONTINUED READ FIRST CHAPTER) by Skylernovento
Dirty Laundry ( DISCONTINUED Parker Novento
Link to the orignal:
my opinion on pansexuality vs bisexuality (updated) by siriambisexual
my opinion on pansexuality vs a simple bi guy
i believe it's the same as bi but i still respect you until you disrespect me
confession [a short story] by delightfullydark
confession [a short story]by ❦
- in which charlotte comes out as bisexual to her boyfriend - *completed: oct 19, 2019
Hang in there buddy (Klance) by Changelink23
Hang in there buddy (Klance)by Changelink23
Keith has been a medium ever since he can remember. His spirit Guardian, Allura leads him in his quest to help ghosts move to the afterlife. Only that he'd prefer not to...
A Response to the Phobes of Wattpad by what-even-
A Response to the Phobes of Wattpadby what-even-
Somehow no matter where you go in the internet, the fucking bigots come scurrying out of whatever dark places they live in and make it their collective goal to ruin the...
Teenage Love by Retirw-Tsitra
Teenage Loveby Retiramisu
My random ramblings from the heart, backwards as always. Give it a read to see what I've been thinking about recently. Warnings for a tiny bit of acephobia, biphobia, an...
My Little Dove by DarkestHeir
My Little Doveby Aiden Duarte
Lance is a 24 year old college student barley coping with being alive. He goes day by day, struggling to get out of bed despite of how simple everything seems. Lance mee...
melomaniac | namgi by uwu-joon
melomaniac | namgiby ➸ saturn ➸
❝I wasn't going to say anything but your hands are on my hips.❞ → a badly written namgi ff
🏳️‍🌈Reacting to Anti - LGBTQIA+ stuff🏳️‍🌈 by Huffle_puff_Demigod
🏳️‍🌈Reacting to Anti - Alex / Xen
I believe the title says it all 😙✌️ I'll be responding to: - Wattpad stories / Comments - Tumblr posts - Twitter posts - Urban Dictionary - News articles - Things peop...
LGBT+ Problems/Perks by nerdygeminidragon
LGBT+ Problems/Perksby Gemini Dragon
Hi everyone! I've seen a lot of these books around, and I am now making one. It's based off the comic series "Busty Girl Problems/Perks". Enjoy and maybe give...
<: A poem about biphobia  by Foamed
<: A poem about biphobia by :)
This poem is based on personal experiences with biphobia and homophobia. While I am not bisexual, I know that I am surely not straight. Please keep in mind that writing...
Just because I'm Black by RKMofty
Just because I'm Blackby A G M A
Black, Sassy, Bisexual, Sarcastic and a Boss ass Bitch. That's Grace Lessling for you. Finding herself in a new school, she is trying to survive, beatin' the platic hu...
memories [aaron hotchner x ofc]  by mosaicspriggan
memories [aaron hotchner x ofc] by Sprig
Cleopatra Prakavi Parsnip (her parents were weird) is famous. Born in 1973, taken in 1978, and found in 1987. Her name was on every newspaper in America for months. Whic...
Finding Malakai Moon by Cinderlunarcyborg
Finding Malakai Moonby Cinderlunarcyborg
Gender and sexuality are confusing. Especially, if you live in a conservative household with a very traditional Christian mother. It becomes even harder when you're cons...
Only Red by YourTurn_
Only Redby Charlie
When suddenly the out-and-about bisexual transfer Lance joins Keith Kogane's class, Keith realises that not all people are homophobic. The way he goes around flirting w...