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Midnight Blues by saltwaterforest
Midnight Bluesby i was here
Scars and roses. Fools and angels. One life; Three thousand steps Away. Restless thoughts. Then You The hurting love. (Photos and artworks used in this book belong to...
pumpkin and hell hole [sterek] by Monnaeii
pumpkin and hell hole [sterek]by cosmicstardust
STEREK FANFICTION [TEENWOLF] I'm not grieving, I'm not angry, and only darkness accompanies me. How deep it is and velvety, above all, always familiar to me... - anna ak...
Midnight Sunflower by ExternalWorld
Midnight Sunflowerby Sayyid Umar Kh.
A bit of Foreword here: My dear reader, today you are holding a book of poetry in your hands. I ventured to write this book a long time ago and as you see, I succe...
"Carpe diem"Wiersze na każdą chwile by XxMasterRebelxX
"Carpe diem"Wiersze na każdą chwileby ~ Bloody Angel ~
" Jeśli mo­ja poez­ja ma ja­kiś cel, jest nim oca­lenie ludzi od pos­trze­gania i czu­cia w og­ra­niczo­ny sposób. "
Nothing by gabyaquaEN
Nothingby gabyaqua
"What are you doing here?" he asked when he saw her after opening the door. "Can you pop my cherry?" she said shyly. She was feeling so dumb. The sha...
Whiskey Lullaby by zpicasso
Whiskey Lullabyby Zarrishh
And like the phases of moon, we must go through phases of emptiness to feel full again.✨
Threshold of Polychroma by HourofHalcyon
Threshold of Polychromaby Ayesshia Chrizbeck Roden
Lerae Kelsie Wolfram, a young woman who has been facing several predicaments ever since her years of juvenescence, who has been itching to unravel the mysteries of her u...
Sinners and saints by sadhuubhai
Sinners and saintsby sadhuubhai
This is a really short story.... it's really intense. It has thalapathy vijay in lead as always. This is my first try at writing after the fiasco with my previous accoun...
Revèuse by IncredibleAres
Revèuseby Ishitv Vats
"Everyday we prepare a face, to face the faces we must face." TS Eliot this book will never end, it's a way for me to keep pieces of me safe.
NOSTALGIA.  by scintillating-
NOSTALGIA. by   𝒗𝒆𝒆 
❛ we are so obsessed with preserving memories that we forget to make them. ❜ • • • completed.
A Nightmare's Anthology by ImmortalCharlotte
A Nightmare's Anthologyby ImmortalCharlotte
The brainchild of a dark winter's night. My darkest thoughts on death and morality recovered, compiled and translated into verse. Somewhat grim, infinitely deep and plen...
Unspoken Arts by junirain__
Unspoken Artsby JM
My files of poems. Unspoken. Hidden. Words I (or even you) can't speak out. I'll just leave it here. Copyright 2018
Mendacity by winnderful
Mendacityby left twix
he loved me and cherished me and told me i was beautiful. it was terrible that he didn't know i couldn't feel the same way. ♔all lowercase intended♔
Words Of Melancholia by axceleration
Words Of Melancholiaby axcel borromeo
Quarter of sadness expressed in words. Read until you bleed.
Wiersze i wierszyki by xGYARAx
Wiersze i wierszykiby xGYARAx
Znacie to uczucie, kiedy was najdzie ochota napisać wiersz? Nie? No cóż, ja je znam, a w sumie i publikować to można, coby czytelnicy mogli poznać coś poza moją powieści...
Melancholia by clary1498
Melancholiaby vaanathi
A set of poems written over a span of three years. Let these be an intimate whispers to you, and a tribute to your memories made and yet to be made. Words tinted with sa...