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Midnight Blues (Poetry) by xblufire
Midnight Blues (Poetry)by Celestine Quias
Poems I write when the world is silent, and I have all but my throbbing head, an empty sheet and a chaotic universe waiting to be breached. *Photos and artworks used in...
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Duby's Doctor by IrisChacon2
Duby's Doctorby Iris Chacon
Winner The Crystal Awards 2016, Best Multimedia Story (3d Place). A spinster doctor rents her spare room to a brain-damaged patient who doesn't know he is a former...
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melancholia ✔︎ by astrophilicflaws
melancholia ✔︎by nisha.
all i need is a reason to live. a reason to keep living in this hell you call life. because melancholia is just too hard to control all alone.
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Pensive [Pansy Parkinson] by honeylattae
Pensive [Pansy Parkinson]by Coleen
a collection of poems by Pansy Parkinson.
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melancholia by marinaismydaddy
melancholiaby sylvia torpeur
wiersze ktore sa ladne i jestem z nich dumna
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Nothing by gabyaquaEN
Nothingby gabyaqua
"What are you doing here?" he asked when he saw her after opening the door. "Can you pop my cherry?" she said shyly. She was feeling so dumb. The sha...
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homophobia: poems by likeomigoshi
homophobia: poemsby ben
poems or maybe just me talking.
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półki nieposkładane || poetry by Kamawanaide
półki nieposkładane || poetryby it's charley, not cherry
Czasami wyrzut myśli, opis stanów, sytuacji. Czasami historie miłosne, których nigdy nie przeżyłam. Czasami jeden wielki wrzask. Ale przede wszystkim kawałki mnie.
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The shadow through by StefaniaGiannetto8
The shadow throughby Stefania Giannetto
"Small circles and small steps back and forth till it makes no sense."
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Revèuse by IncredibleAres
Revèuseby Ishitv Vats
"Everyday we prepare a face, to face the faces we must face." TS Eliot this book will never end, it's a way for me to keep pieces of me safe.
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Melancholia by StefaniaGiannetto8
Melancholiaby Stefania Giannetto
Melancholia • A mental condition characterized by great depression of spirits and gloomy forebodings.
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sylwy by juliette_poems
sylwyby Julia
Obserwuje sobie świat, a potem go zabieram i układam w słowa.
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Dziennik(2017) by AgnieszkaKrupa3
Dziennik(2017)by Agnieszka Krupa
Jak to jest, gdy nie wiesz kim jesteś? Jako kto obudzisz się dzisiejszego dnia? Ile jest prawdy w tym ile o sobie wiesz? W jakie miejsce tym razem zabierze cię sen? Co t...
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Being Raquel by lavenderrosegold
Being Raquelby Lady Lavender
It happened all so fast for her; from walking home and eavesdropping one of the most deadly conversation to being in London. Her name and nationality changed, but luckil...
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ars bene moriendi by laurenxwilson
ars bene moriendiby cześć
nie umiem pięknie żyć
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Sometimes a Fantasy by schilonm
Sometimes a Fantasyby schilonm
Belle is a young woman who has to make up for her mother's unfulfilled dreams.
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bokeh lights by unbreathings
bokeh lightsby wouldn't you like to know? ;))
you're in the way i let my hair loose and wild during late night drives with no headlights, arms soaring with the wind, the sky filling with hues of scarlet; i'm living...
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Breathe (Poetry and Prose) by licornesses
Breathe (Poetry and Prose)by augustine
I am a whole new human far from home.
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Melancholia ~Tomtord~ (REMAKE HERE) by penSchild
Melancholia ~Tomtord~ (REMAKE HERE)by ydd
Four dudes having adventures time to time. Yet, it feels like it's just falling apart. Because of someone wearing a mask. A mask that will eventually fall apart. Melanch...
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Umysł by _Fever_
Umysłby Fivi
~Nie wchodzić! Ryzyko szaleństwa! Wchodzisz na własną odpowiedzialność, niebezpieczne obiekty!~ Gdyby mój umysł był miejscem, takie tyły by przed nim tablice ostrzegawcz...
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