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Catharsis of Clandestine by prpndclrly
Catharsis of Clandestineby 刘欣赏.
// prose collection. The pen was the beating heart of despondency, the home of the buoyant ink, that kept circulating through the morose veins sustaining the forlorn pap...
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In Times of Corona by AizaChaudry
In Times of Coronaby Aiza Chaudry
Magic... Time travel.... Trips down the memory lane: sometimes they only bring forth destruction.
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Euphoria (Disphoria) by thecosmicodyssey
Euphoria (Disphoria)by thecosmicodyssey
Palavras podem ser incrivelmente proféticas, como mensagens, avisos ou uma simples conversa que precisávamos ter conosco mesmos. Um sentimento preso que é finalmente pos...
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ars bene moriendi by laurenxwilson
ars bene moriendiby cześć
nie umiem pięknie żyć
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Mój wczorajszy płacz do księżyca by dzieckowszechswiata
Mój wczorajszy płacz do księżycaby dzieckowszechswiata
Gdy poczujesz się smutno, pomyśl, że patrzymy w te same gwiazdy.
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półki nieposkładane || poetry by Kamawanaide
półki nieposkładane || poetryby it's charley, not cherry
Czasami wyrzut myśli, opis stanów, sytuacji. Czasami historie miłosne, których nigdy nie przeżyłam. Czasami jeden wielki wrzask. Ale przede wszystkim kawałki mnie.
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Still alive by fadedflower94
Still aliveby fadedflower94
We came from different parts of the world, with different goals and different ways of speaking, but everytime when I was looking at them...I saw myself.
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melancholia by marinaismydaddy
melancholiaby sylvia torpeur
wiersze ktore sa ladne i jestem z nich dumna
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Melancholia | A Short Story by yijeoo
Melancholia | A Short Storyby yssachu
•melancholia a mental condition marked by persistent depression and ill-founded fears. Start: 2/22/20 End: 2/23/20 3:16AM Highest Ranking: #51 Misery (2/25/20) #4 Melanc...
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sylwy by paperanddust
sylwyby Julia
Obserwuje sobie świat, a potem go zabieram i układam w słowa.
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homophobia: poems by likeomigoshi
homophobia: poemsby ben
poems or maybe just me talking.
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Sometimes a Fantasy by schilonm
Sometimes a Fantasyby schilonm
Belle is a young woman who has to make up for her mother's unfulfilled dreams.
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Revèuse by IncredibleAres
Revèuseby Ishitv Vats
"Everyday we prepare a face, to face the faces we must face." TS Eliot this book will never end, it's a way for me to keep pieces of me safe.
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Kotek na płotku by Krzykmarzen
Kotek na płotkuby Lu_ka
Opowiadanie jest krótką historyjką o kocie, a kto z nas nie kocha kotów? Opis jest taki, że trzeba przeczytać opowiadanie :D Jest to historyjka pisania na szybko, poniew...
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Poetry  by Veenoo8
Poetry by Jvr
Poetry about life, love and death Note: copyrighted Please notify me if this work is being copied. Thank you.
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Solitary Wanderer by ZARRISHH
Solitary Wandererby ZARRISHH
And like the moon, we must go through the phases of emptiness to feel full again.✨
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Zwiędłe róże by child_of_chaos
Zwiędłe różeby A.M.A.S
ʀᴏᴍᴀɴᴄᴇ ɪs ᴀ ʙɪᴛᴄʜ ~ ᴘᴏᴇᴛɪᴄᴀʟʟʏ
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Baron's Notes by Crawdeloch
Baron's Notesby Deloch
Gothic / Historical: Having survived from his perilous journey into the Mortuary, a man is left with a curious notebook detailing various melancholic stories of extraord...
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Przemyślenia by WJ_poetry
Przemyśleniaby WJ
Tomik melancholii życia vol 1 może kiedyś będzie vol 2 tego nikt nie wie
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