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So this is the story of Anidita. It begins from the day when Anirudh married Manorama so that he can bring bondita on right path. Bondita was hurted and dead inside. Bon...
His Lost Heartbeat  by Ssdevan
His Lost Heartbeat by Tanishka
PATI BABU!!!!. Her loud voice,filled with terror and pain rings in his ears .He looks up , only to find himself in the middle of the ocean , surrounded by the debris of...
Love Re-defined by mo041998
Love Re-definedby Thedreamer004
A complete AU . PLEASE DON'T BASH ME IF IT'S BAD. This is the first time I am attempting something. I have not copied it from anywhere. It's just a piece of my overactiv...
His responsibility Her love ❤︎( Completed ✔) by thescribbledhead
His responsibility Her love ❤︎( Thescribbledhead🦋
Hey guys , This story will start from manorma track !! This will be limited ch book !! I hope you will enjoy it ..It is all based on my imagination Happy reading ❤︎
Whispers Of Destiny  by vienna_tae
Whispers Of Destiny by vienna_tae
The characters are similar to the show Barrister Babu but the plot is different . An arrange marriage between ANIRUDH and BONDITA ! But what if it was against Bondita's...
Anidita : Match Made In Heaven by DhvaniMehta0
Anidita : Match Made In Heavenby Dhvani Mehta
Anirudh and bondita didn't nullified their marriage....... bondita was now a 17 year old beautiful teenager studying in her last year of school...... anirudh was now a 2...
Only Fools Rush In by RimiS2419
Only Fools Rush Inby Rimi
COMPLETED! Bondita is 19 and starting her college in Kolkata. The founder and headmaster of the college is her Patibabu himself. She faces a tough time keeping it a sec...
Bondita : Essence of My Life by DevaNandhini
Bondita : Essence of My Lifeby Freesoul
Starts From Manorama Track. A kid of 13 is standing amidst of chaos. Her new found love is murdered by her own birisstra babu. That sudden shock was huge. But its not le...
A Stone So Beautiful by s_nandini
A Stone So Beautifulby s_nandini
A continuation of the episode 229 of the show Barrister Babu where Anirudhh gives Bondita two options.The two being: 1.Opting for a hostel and moving out 2.Accepting Man...
anidita Ss by NiharikaMaarward
anidita Ssby Niharika Maarward
so os to aapna bhut sa padha hoga magar kabhi soch aagar os ki story kuch easi hoti krishna nagar ban gaya krishmay aagar krisha nagar vala kudh.ko hi virnada van basi...
Barrister Babu Fan Fiction by Ravikumarmadhumitha
Barrister Babu Fan Fictionby RAVIKUMAR MADHUMITHA
Just think of the world when annirudh gives divorce to bondita. Attempting to write a different story. I know you guys have seen many fanfiction. Just give a little time...
Anidita:MEDIATOR by prachiojha_27
Anidita:MEDIATORby Prachi Ojha
🥈-painful #4-babu #5-colors #16-anidita #17-aurrisht The story is from manorma track where anirudh gives two options to bondita and she chose to go to dalahouse!!!
This is as story on the current track that anirudh say yes to bondita for marriage and decides to move on
Hate or Fate by MissAnonymousTwiligh
Hate or Fateby Twilight_butterfly
hi huys Iam new here want to write my first on our anidita this will not like normal ffs.. peep into to know more..
Short stories of Anidita ❤️ by DhvaniMehta0
Short stories of Anidita ❤️by Dhvani Mehta
There will some short stories based on anidita..... each story will contain maximum 8 to 10 chapters..... some stories will be based on show and some will be my imaginat...
Healing my love 💕 by DhvaniMehta0
Healing my love 💕by Dhvani Mehta
guys plot will focus after Manorama's incident in their life.... here they will not get divorced.... bondita forgived anirudh for his deed but eventually distanced herse...
ANIDITA - THE BARRISTER COUPLE by aakankshajha8079
Story of Anirudh roy chaudhary and his wife Bondita roy chaudhary based in the town of Tulsipur in late 1920's . They were married when Bondita was 11 and Anirudh was 2...
Barrister babu-get ready to fight  by Saira_mickmack
Barrister babu-get ready to fight by Anamika Radhakrishna Nair
This will an imaginary story of the Greenwood track and eventually make this story interesting . Your love and support will always be needed and please do like it and co...
Barrister Babu by PrakritiBhattarai0
Barrister Babuby Prakriti Bhattarai
story of anirudh Roy chaudhary a barrister who married a girl bondita Das.Deu to some miss understanding he left her.Now,let's see how Destiny meet each other😊😊😊