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Galvanic mechamorphs x mass effect (Ben 10 x mass effect crossover)(Adoptable) by WilliamSimmons4
Galvanic mechamorphs x mass William Simmons
The Galvanic mechamorphs were living they're peaceful lives on galvanic B, the moon that orbits Galvin prime. Suddenly a rift composed of unknown energy and sucked in th...
From Commander To Teacher by Winters-Reaper
From Commander To Teacherby Winters-Reaper
Y/N L/N has been with Jane Shepard ever since your childhood even when both your parents worked for the alliance you both still always ended up seeing each other again...
Saga of the Bridgers-Year 5 by Ganel750
Saga of the Bridgers-Year 5by Ganel750
The Death Star has been destroyed. While the Coalition celebrates, Ezra and Jaral return to Lothal, to spend some time with their family and introduce Luke to the ways o...
The Spectres of Remnant (RWBY x Mass Effect) by Countrywide22
The Spectres of Remnant (RWBY x Countrywide22
Lance Rose, oldest Brother to Yang and Ruby, was a guy who loved the wide open world around him so much....he joined with the Alliance when he turned 16. He then returne...
Mass Effect One Shots by TurtleForkLiam
Mass Effect One Shotsby Meg
A collection of Mass Effect one shots! Most are with Garrus Vakarian, but there are others mixed in there! I haven't updated in a while, but I will post more stories as...
Star wars x Mass Effect Crossover by SpartanLeader
Star wars x Mass Effect Crossoverby TheArbiter
Ezra sacrifices himself to take Thrawn and his ship away from Lothal to give his people and his family a fighting chance. An unknown ship and crew stumbled upon it they...
Assuming direct control. (Mass Effect x Male Reader.) by HallowedGrimm
Assuming direct control. (Mass HallowedGrimm
"This war's brought us pain and suffering and loss. But it's also brought us together--as soldiers, allies, friends. This bond that ties us together is something th...
Team neighborhoods: Crossover by Captainrex2177
Team neighborhoods: Crossoverby -=[o.W.n]=- Captain rex
In the middle of the street where two fortress one was Our World of Alliance Defense and the other side the Union Academy. Two teams where team O.W.O.A.D and Team U.A. t...
Story Ideas  by BlackgodDragon
Story Ideas by BlackgodDragon
since I have too many ideas, I wanna put them somewhere
Spectre 117 (Halo & Mass Effect Story) by SonicJoe88
Spectre 117 (Halo & Mass Effect Son Joe
(Inspiration from DinoJake's "The Last Spartan") Seven years... Seven years since the Master Chief saved the entire Galaxy. After the whole incident on the Ark...
Mass Effect :: Spartan Intervention by Void-Shark
Mass Effect :: Spartan Interventionby Oats
Spartan VII's, top of the line armour, weapons, and training... Meet "Ulz" Z-101, one of the first Rakshasa Class Spartan VII's. Now he's gone missing, and the...
Mass Effect Arks by Shadow_trooper
Mass Effect Arksby Shadow_trooper
Not an ark game cross over, an idea of sleeper ships that are found, they are from an alternate dimension, and they change the history of the Galaxy.
Mass Effect: The Undead Spectre [Mass Effect x Overlord] by GamingLichdom
Mass Effect: The Undead Spectre [ GamingLichdom
In 2148 CE, humanity discovered an ancient technology on the planet Mars known as a 'Mass Relay'. With it, they began exploring new reaches of the galaxy and expanding t...
Audax Novus by ConnorStanfill
Audax Novusby will
A Halo-Mass Effect Story
Honour In Sins | Garrus X Reader | by Fluffy_spacepanda
Honour In Sins | Garrus X Reader |by ❤️❤️🥰
You are my last hope, My last chance of sanity, Can you save me? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ " Garrus, I'm a monster like no other. I have been consumed by darkness a...
Hello there! I offer, what I hope are insightful, helpful, and informative OC reviews within the following fandoms: Marvel, South Park, Doctor Who, and a few others. As...
The Bureau of Multiverse Affairs by RedFrontWriter
The Bureau of Multiverse Affairsby Red Front Writer
Recruited by the mysterious Lutece twins, a band of heroes are sent on a mission to hunt down the sinister Professor Moriarty as he attempts to become the greatest crimi...
The Multiversal Playthrough by SamukaiGaming
The Multiversal Playthroughby Kai Crabtree
One day a powerful being grew bored and after observing all the reaction theaters out there he decided to do something similar and so using a large chunk of his powers...
commander arc of the system alliance.(on Hold) by cruzsifico
commander arc of the system Cross Juarez
The fake transcript was not the only that Jaune was keeping to everyone except for the arc family, professor ozpin, port, glynda, ironwood, winter, and team cvfy that J...