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For my Queen (Gears of War Reader x RWBY) by __Neopolitan__
For my Queen (Gears of War Dennis R.
Near the End of the Locus/Lambend War, Queen Myrrah ordered her highest General and King Y/N to lead his Crimson Brigade and a reawakened Riftworm into the remaining dry...
RWBY x Gear (Velvet x Reader)  by Sessylu75
RWBY x Gear (Velvet x Reader) by Sessylu75
Not many knew that there was once a second Rose. Y/N L/N formerly known as Y/N Rose disappeared at the age of four mysteriously. His body was never recovered so they all...
Y/N rose of the cog by Doragonkami4000
Y/N rose of the cogby Doragonkami4000
Y/N Rose was adopted by Rose/Branwen/Xiao Long family, and was having a nice loving family until one day they stopped and started to abuse him. After years of abuse he r...
Lost In The War (Gears of war Fan fiction) ON HOLD  by NoahGeddes
Lost In The War (Gears of war Noah Geddes
You were going to die, you knew it. or so you thought. But just in Time you meet delta Squad #2 in Gears of War
marcus fenix reader x rwby by Misterobayashi
marcus fenix reader x rwbyby Misterobayashi
The man, the myth, the legend I make no legal claims to rwby or gears of war, they belong to rooster teeth and the coalition and I fully encourage supporting their work...
Me, my Big Brother, A Multiverse, and Azathoth by Damnedbob
Me, my Big Brother, A Jean The Horse
a brother/sister story of getting dragged into a pocket universe at the mercy of an eldritch being with rock, games, space, and a touch of rick and morty. note- all char...
Carmines of Remnant (Gears of war X RWBY.) by SpartanOfLegendary
Carmines of Remnant (Gears of GhostOfShawn
Anthony carmine was killed by The Sniper from the Locust . He was been shot by headshot. Benjamin Carmine was killed from the Nemacyte. But Clayton was still alive, And...
RWBY Reacts: The Jaune-iverse by Dredgen_Hope
RWBY Reacts: The Jaune-iverseby The Drifter
I know, I know... This is overused... But I decided to do one myself, as I've recently re-watched one of the AC Unity trailers... But there will be other Universes in th...
RWBY Harem x Sparda Male Reader by sambamhaw
RWBY Harem x Sparda Male Readerby sambamhaw
Found on the doorstep of the Rose/Branwen/Xiao Long family, Y/N Rose was raised with love and dreams of attending Beacon with his sisters but what happens when he finds...
Saviours of Remnant (Male Reader x RWBY x OCS) by sambamhaw
Saviours of Remnant (Male Reader sambamhaw
You are just a simple 19 year old boy who has always hated the normal life, you never made any good friends expect for eight people named Hutch, Nikita, Tiffany, Toni, C...
Locusts arc Reboot by Ironprime100
Locusts arc Rebootby Ironprime100
jaune arc gets bullied in school because of his fake transcripts so he leaves and gets injured and ends up in the underground where the locust live
My OC book by SniperSwagged
My OC bookby DreamingDragons
I do no own anything but my OC. The OC from different variety made by me. Feel free to use them for your stories just make sure to give the credit to me for the OCs. If...
Kingdom Hearts: Keyblade of Speed and Time by sambamhaw
Kingdom Hearts: Keyblade of sambamhaw
(Taking place on the Grand Magic Games and the start of Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded) Devon and his friend meet an unlikely friend from the future named Arcturus Farron who h...
Story of the Akrid and Entity 303 by Unnamedblockpad661
Story of the Akrid and Entity 303by Koji Garcia
Who is Entity 303 (unknown god seen in Genshin Impact's opening cutscene)? This short story will find out...
Gears of war x male reader (highschool dxd x gears of war) by reddragonemper
Gears of war x male reader ( reddragonemper
You get attacked by a devil in Texas you unlock a power and move to Japan for your uncle to train you see what happens when you meet a cute white hair girl and a cute bl...
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Carmine X Male Reader  by Theoddspacemarine
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Carmine X Theoddspacemarine
Its what it the title says, I don't own Gears of War or any of the art or fanart in this book
gears of war x rwby  by walle001
gears of war x rwby by walle001
You are a cog soldier and you supposedly died in a firefight against the powerful locust horde. However life seemingly gave you a second chance and you wake up in a fore...