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Falling for Mr Billionaire || book 2 ✔ by queensofsupreme
Falling for Mr Billionaire || queensofsupreme
"What?" I shouted dropping the phone as tears stream down my face. He can't be dead, no! The father of my child can't be dead. I cried switching the TV on. &qu...
because of you || poetry  by howaboutyesplease
because of you || poetry by thena 🌸
in which the words that dribble from my broken lips are for you
Only Mine (Peter Parker x Reader)  by iisome1writesii
Only Mine (Peter Parker x Reader) by iisome1writesii
Y/N Stark has gone through a lot in her 16 years of life. After a lot of convincing she's allowed to attend a public school for the first time! Who will she meet?
Choose (Taehyung FF)✔ by BTSFanfic149
Choose (Taehyung FF)✔by Jimin's GURL👑
Taehyung, a guy who is normal, living a happy life until he meets Y/n. A girl whose life is ruined and unhappy. She never felt what love was like. Taehyung fell in love...
Sander Sides Smut Basically   by Goddontwantme
Sander Sides Smut Basically by Goddontwantme
It's gonna get really gay It's sander sides and smut So like Gay
Analyze by Bana0Nana
Analyzeby Bana0Nana_Scout
This is a dekubowl story so basically everyone loves deku. Most of the ships will be with the boys. After Izuku's mother is murdered by his abusive dad, Hizashi, h...
Incorrect Transformers Quotes by Speedy__Prime_
Incorrect Transformers Quotesby Speedy
Exactly what it says in the title! Of course, there will be a few real ones ;)
Where is Izuku Midoriya by vk_dekus_dead
Where is Izuku Midoriyaby What am I doing?
Deku had always saw his and Todoroki's relationship as just friendly, but Todoroki wanted more. And what happens when our favorite dual haired teen can't stand seeing hi...
Sad Depressing Quotes by _lost_and_insecuree_
Sad Depressing Quotesby Caitlin
Just Some Quotes I Came Across That Explain How I Feel. None Of These Belong To Me. But Enjoy.
Misadventures in Groupchatting (among other things) by angrypretzelsticks
Misadventures in Groupchatting ( there's no more community gar...
(ON HOLD) Hop makes a group chat. everything escalates from there. (god its been fucking FOREVER since ive written anything approximating a chatfic but theyre REALLY FUN...
I'm Here For You - Jotaro Kujo x Reader by nbhdbxby
I'm Here For You - Jotaro Kujo x c a l i b a e . < 3
A quiet girl moves into the Kujo residence for protection and school. Will she fall for the infamous Jotaro Kujo? Modern Day Jojo FanFiction. [Started April 19th, 2020.]...
Langst by i_is_who_what
Langstby i_is_who_what
I don't know why I wrote this, but it's bad and full or angst Mild Klance Art is not mine. I do not own the characters.
Eric and Dylan Oneshots and junk by reb-is-an-aries
Eric and Dylan Oneshots and junkby erics-wifey😫🧚‍♀️
pleas send me any requests and most importantly enjoy!!!11!111!
Kissing scenes(jeid) by Jeidfanwhokills
Kissing scenes(jeid)by Jeidfanwhokills
ok, I literally just wrote this for all those kissing and obsessive jeid fans. have fun squealing. 😏 p.s. I squealed while making this It was awesome.. 🅹🅴🅸🅳4🅻🅸🅵...
You Got The Wrong Number, Kid by I-Larb-U-3000
You Got The Wrong Number, Kidby Gay Ravenclaw
Peter Parker accidentally texts Natasha Romanoff. That's all.
boy you're crazy;; -ysk by aqustd-
boy you're crazy;; -yskby s
Yoongi is a famous boy on instagram with almost 12.4k followers until another boy follows him and dms him something he was not expecting (c) aqustd- ;;: DONT PLAGIARIZE...
[]Roses, Blood, and Thorns-*[] SkepHalo by _Tack_Style_
[]Roses, Blood, and Thorns-*[] Hate it here
[Hanahaki Disease] [TW: Blood and throw up mentioned] If you're a6d, STOP READING THIS I BEG OF YOU! I'm cringe! :( Skeppy was livestreaming one day when all of a sudde...
Stone Cold - Jotaro Kujo x Reader. by nbhdbxby
Stone Cold - Jotaro Kujo x c a l i b a e . < 3
You struggle with communication, often coming off as stone cold. Will Jotaro Kujo be the one to help you communicate when he's just like you? Will he be able to understa...
You're Scaring Me by cheryypiee
You're Scaring Meby cherryy
NO LONGER ON HAITUS After Dipper got possessed by Bill, it seemed everything would go back to normal, well normal for Gravity Falls at least. But, nope. Dipper starts ac...