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Mech Universe by thaultrabeast
Mech Universeby Thaultrabeast
This is a story of mechs giant awesome ones this is set in a universe where mech combat is the only largely acceptable combat join five aspiring mech pilots rise to glor...
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Pokemon (completed 2/2) by Captainleon_English
Pokemon (completed 2/2)by CharmRing_English
A robotech ship will suffer an alien attack, and to ensure the survival of the people in the colonization mission, it will have to take drastic measures. Among them, the...
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Uta-Macross: Smartphone Deculture Translations by Gin_Deculture
Uta-Macross: Smartphone Gin_Deculture
As stated in the title, this book will be about the translations I do from the game Uta-Macross: Smartphone Deculture. The game is in japanese, so I translate it to engl...
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Macross Delta x AKB0048 OC's by Nasuki132
Macross Delta x AKB0048 OC'sby Nasuki Sora
After finally restoring Akibastar to it's formal glory took some years, but sadly not with out a price. The DES made an unkown alliancewith an unknown probably new enemy...
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The black veritech (completed 17/17) by Captainleon_English
The black veritech (completed 17/ CharmRing_English
A Retelling of the saga against the Zentraedi, from Lieutenant Jr Knight's point of view. It also covers what happened after the battle of Dolza in South America that is...
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Macross 30: Voices Across The Galaxy (Fanfic) by --WordBlade626--
Macross 30: Voices Across The Robert
2060 AD. One year after the war between the Macross Frontier fleet and the Vajra, the galaxy is settling back into peace. But a discovery on a backwater colony planet co...
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Past Shadows by AmeWolfChild9
Past Shadowsby Ame Wolf Child
Después de una catastrófica guerra en la cual parte de la población humana fue eliminada los sobrevivientes que quedan ahora deben casi convivir con el enemigo y para ev...
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Bohemian love by Botan-Minamino
Bohemian loveby Ruedi
Gamlin persiguió a Basara por la galaxia, cuando da con él en un planeta desconocido, lo encuentra cantando en un bar. Los sentimientos afloran, el alcohol parece jugarl...
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Battle after the battle by MikhailRamendik
Battle after the battleby Mikhail Ramendik
Macross Delta fan fiction With Mikumo free and Roid dead, some might think the war was over. But King Heinz lived, and could potentially still use the same words on Miku...
Stormfront by Anomander
Stormfrontby Claudiu
In the year 2562 civilization on Earth has collapsed. It did not come as a surprise. The year 2565 sees the launch of humanity's first Ark towards the endless void of s...
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La Saga Fisher by AloisBFisher
La Saga Fisherby Alois Fisher
Ambientada dentro del universo expandido de Robotech, desde la Guerra Civil Global a la Tercera Post Guerra Robotech (con los Invids). Ex piloto del Skull, rival de Rick...
Into the Black: Birth of Legends by nothatdude
Into the Black: Birth of Legendsby Anthony Pinkett
A squadron of trainee pilots who only want to make their mark. A secret experimental weapons platform at the heart of a wide ranging interstellar conspiracy. A galaxy on...
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Macross 7 The power of the Word Force (completed 16/16) by Captainleon_English
Macross 7 The power of the Word CharmRing_English
A civilian, Utis otonashi embarks on an adventure to follow in the footsteps of controversial singer Neki Basara, the problem is that he can't sing!
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macross Delta: Ash Like Snow by owen2su
macross Delta: Ash Like Snowby gundam fan
ESL quanta in Macross dimension
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Enrapture by SalvationRed
Enraptureby SalvationRed
the Varja will stop fighting. for a price.
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Sayonara no Tsubasa- A Second Wish by phoenixwarrior
Sayonara no Tsubasa- A Second Wishby phoenixwarrior
A fanfiction that tells the events after the ending of Macross Frontier: Sayonara no Tsubasa, this story tells the story of Ranka and Sheryl, both fighting to find the p...
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Trying to Fly by Kiari-namiro
Trying to Flyby Kiari-namiro
Shiori has a pretty normal life as a high school student. She has friends, and overprotective older brother, and a part-time job. Two job actually. And one of them she...
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Albatross: Origins of an Empire by brittenymiller76
Albatross: Origins of an Empireby Britteny Miller
The art of deception consistently yields negative consequences... and is infinitely destructive when directed toward the purity of an individual's own identity. This is...
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Macross V (Macross Frontier/Delta x Voltron Legendary Defender) by Kaname_REi
Macross V (Macross Frontier/ REi
(Mainly a Lance Mcclain x OC/Reader x some Keith Kogane......with a hint of Klance--THIS IS MY FIRST POLYSHIIP) Merodii Lee, member of the famous idol unit Walküre, t...
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