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Remnant's light of hope. (A Gundam X RWBY X Male Reader story) by Balasubas19
Remnant's light of hope. (A Raizer
6 people chooses a different path to protect everyone from the dangers of Grimm. Even with their semblance, it wasn't enough. With their advance technology on their side...
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Neptunia: Ones And Zeros by XanaShadow
Neptunia: Ones And Zerosby Xana Shadow
Something much more dangerous and older than the deity of sin is threatening to return, and a mysterious warrior appears with no memory of who he is, can he help the CPU...
A Soul for my Mechanical Soulmate by KanrishaN3K0mata
A Soul for my Mechanical Soulmateby Kanrisha N3K0mata
Nepgear, Neptune's little sister, is a geek whenever it comes to robots. what would happen if she finds a robot that makes her happy? help Nepgear and the girls in getti...
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tenchi muyo war in geminar x gundam Pilot  by ironbloodangel
tenchi muyo war in geminar x barabtos
a fallen gundam pilot and the four havenly dragon awake together the dragon listens to the boys commands they find themselfs in a world they do not know
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IS: Shadow Wolf The Hero by LewisRobert
IS: Shadow Wolf The Heroby Lewis Robert
He was once a ordinary boy and who dream of a being super hero. And his dream come true when he died in a car accident and met a man who gave him a ability​ to be a supe...
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War at Sea (maleGundamPilotReader x Azure lane) by Haise_Sasaki_Soul
War at Sea ( #ThisWorldisDelicous
Dreaming of saving people while serving as a soldier, Y/N built a suit made of mixed metals experimented by himself and created what he calls a Gundam. Now with his new...
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A Noble Runaway {Orga x Reader} by _xLilyx
A Noble Runaway {Orga x Reader}by xLilyx
(YN) (LN) is the only child, and daughter, of the oh so distinguished (LN) family. She's always been a well behaved child and done what she is told, even if it's not to...
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an IS story: white devil  by gundambanshee
an IS story: white devil by gundam epyon
a male pilot who seems to be related to tabane and houki and is extremely skilled but cold and uncaring at the same time. find out more by reading
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Gundham Tanaka X Reader by SamarraMari
Gundham Tanaka X Readerby Samarra
Gundham X Reader. Non despair AU. Enjoy ;)
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Sentimental Warmth | Anime Short Stories by Sphinxvi-ir
Sentimental Warmth | Anime Short Uchiha Airi
Let me blow you away with my words. Features 1. Adaptations of canon events- introduction of OCs, borrowing of world concepts, slight twists of the canon scenes, offeri...
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Sing to burn and cut throws the future (male oc gundam x symphogear) by Zerodragon4
Sing to burn and cut throws the Saber
This is a world where female rain supreme over the males but when unknown life forms come and destroyed the peace as the years go by some thought these life forms will e...
Iron-Blooded Devil by Haise_Sasaki_Soul
Iron-Blooded Devilby #ThisWorldisDelicous
Who said magic can't create wormholes strong enough to drag someone and something to their world. Credits to @TimmyShadowKing for the amazing cover!
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danganronpa x top Male reader. by Nathaniel_Rei
danganronpa x top Male Nathaniel Rei
yeeyee fuckers I highly dislike how little there are of these. so I wanna make one please leave request if you have any
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Fake It [Soudam Fanfic] by LivingLikeKillers
Fake It [Soudam Fanfic]by 🥀🦇R͓̽h͓̽i͓̽🦇🥀
Disclaimer: I do not own 'Danganronpa', any characters from the franchise, or the cover art. Full credit to the original owners. ~ "Care to take a wager, Kazuichi...
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The Great Book Of Gundam by TheEmeraldLegend
The Great Book Of Gundamby TheEmeraldLegend
Ever wonder what goes on inside The Ultimate Breeder's head? Well, now you can find out! Read the logs of Gundam Tanaka and find out the logic behind his crazy antics! H...
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The burning IS  by blastercrow
The burning IS by blastercrow
I do not on infinite Stratos nor gundam
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The Destin Rose (neglected Oc male reader x Rwby ) by blastercrow
The Destin Rose (neglected Oc blastercrow
I do not own gundam nor Rwby they are own by their respected owners
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Kaiju Gundam by TimmyShadowKing
Kaiju Gundamby Tim Gibbons
A Male Reader X Gundam Ironblooded Orphans
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Misheard {Souda X Gundam} by NagitoXBagel
Misheard {Souda X Gundam}by NagitoXBagel
Souda has been going to Hope's Peak for a while, and everything has been going perfect. He has friends now who don't betray him, he has average grades, and even a crush...
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• soudam drabbles & one shots • by serenitaa__
• soudam drabbles & one shots •by wig: snatched
I love this ship a lot,,, I daydream one shots of them a lOT,, h
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