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Symbiosis~Daughter of Venom by Fangirl_of_Anime345
Symbiosis~Daughter of Venomby Fangirl_of_Anime345
DISCLAIMER: THIS IS AN OC STORY! After Eddie Brock had become the villain Venom, he knew society hated him because he was constantly after Spider-Man. Because who would...
Toxin - The Deadly Hero (izumomo) by Cipher_301
Toxin - The Deadly Hero (izumomo)by Cipher 301
Izuku Midoriya was a struggling kid. His mom was dying, and his bullying continued to get worse. He was told as a little boy that he had a quirk because of his 3 jointed...
A Spider's Love by Jaden_Kazuto
A Spider's Loveby Jaden
Symbiote Male Reader X Gwen Stacy Aka Ghost Spider
Spider-Man; The Perfect Host. (Spider-Venom) by SymbioteSpider-Venom
Spider-Man; The Perfect Host. ( SymbioteSpider-Venom
The venom symbiote, attempts to rebound to its first host after being abandoned by Eddie,
𝕎𝕖 𝔸𝕣𝕖 ℝ𝕒𝕘𝕖 - Peter Parker and The Symbiotes by Lynx828
𝕎𝕖 𝔸𝕣𝕖 ℝ𝕒𝕘𝕖 - Peter Lynx
A group of four friends, Cayde, Alex, Jack, and Noah, don't think their life can get more complicated. Until it does when the group stumbles across the last four symbiot...
The Prototype, the Symbiote, The Scarab, and the E.V.O by adamabyss12
The Prototype, the Symbiote, The adamabyss12
The SCP world has been known for housing a number of supernatural entities for the sake of humanity's normalcy and to keep them safe. And there is no exception of these...
RWBY: Symbiotic Relationship (Yang x Futa Carnage oc) by Zillaworld
RWBY: Symbiotic Relationship ( ZillaWorld
I do not own RWBY or any of the characters. They all belong to RoosterTeeth Yang x Futa Carnage oc
toxic relationships (male reader with symbiote x fem venom/carnage/anti-venom by isaacdt
toxic relationships (male reader laughter
DISCONTINUED the symbiote powers are going to be from the original Marvel books (I don't own marvel or any other copywrite-able material) venom, Carnage, anti-venom are...
Venomous by Carnageking
Venomousby venom
Experiment 735 AKA Mark Tyson A human forced to bond with a creature known as a klyntar he is the only human to have successfully bond with the creature and live . Now f...
The Symbiote Saiyan Book 2: The Tournament Saga by Acrawft
The Symbiote Saiyan Book 2: The Crisis Among Infinite Darths
Last time on Book 1 of The Symbiote Sayian. Goku and Venom had met and joined Bulma on her quest to find the dragon balls. Together, with new friends/victims in the form...
We're both venom (Spiderman x venom) by Usecodeceedayy
We're both venom (Spiderman x Use code ceedayy
I don't know really Story I guess: Peter goes to a university after finishing school. He's faced a tragedy that resulted in Aunt Mays death. However, he doesn't know if...
Your a star or symbiote which every comes first by youarebeautifuloop
Your a star or symbiote which iloveyou
bnha x reader "Were all going to die" "Yeah thats just how life is" "You know what if this is all just a fanfict for everyone to read" &quo...
I was betrayed but I came back stronger by General620
I was betrayed but I came back General620
Traitor, how could this happen to our cinnamon roll What if his quirk was taken from him What if someone or something helped him come back stronger
Symbiote spiderman what ifs by aresdoo0667
Symbiote spiderman what ifsby Onn
short stories about the symbiote and Peter Parker
Inverted (COMPLETE) by CaGarrud
Inverted (COMPLETE)by C A Garrud
Ashley Everson had cheated death, but not on his own. After a miraculous recovery, he discovers he's not alone in his body anymore. Something lurks, whispering in his ea...
Child of Venom (My Hero Academia x Marvel) by hellsing2003
Child of Venom (My Hero Academia hellsing2003
Y/n is the daughter of Eddie Brock A.K.A Venom. After seeing her farther die right in front of her and having Venom bond to her they set out to get revenge on the ones w...
Spider-Man Symbiote Bonding Story's: (Spider-Venom) (Evil Symbiote) by SymbioteSpider-Venom
Spider-Man Symbiote Bonding Story' SymbioteSpider-Venom
Short story's of the Venom symbiote bonding with its First True Host. These story's have the symbiote being evil, unlike my other one, which has the symbiote being good!
The Spectacular Spider Man: 'Love and Danger' by TheWritingMidget
The Spectacular Spider Man: ' theTypingAvocado
What if Peter stayed with Liz at the end of season 2? Would she find out that Peter is Spiderman? How would she react that her boyfriend is in danger every night? How wo...
Demon in the Frame (Male symbiote researcher reader x RWBY) by lastshot58
Demon in the Frame (Male The Adagium Subjugate
Your family was abusive, and your life was hell. Your misery came to an end after running away, and being adopted by Carlton Drake(Who is less of a douche in this fanfic...
Incorrect Aavengers Headcanons: Part 1 by buchananbottoms
Incorrect Aavengers Headcanons: Flash Bastard
Wellcome to the marvel pit of feelings (tm) we have popcorn on the right and the screaming/crying room on the left. (Some of these come from popular Tv shows, I don't wr...