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Spider-Man: Venom Bonding Storys by heyitscarce
Spider-Man: Venom Bonding Storysby Spider-Venom
These are some story's of venom bonding to Spider-Man. These are not connected.
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male reader life in spiderman by bigblue564
male reader life in spidermanby bigblue564
you were just a normal student In High School until one day when you were walking threw the city a big loud explosion making you fall on to the ground and look to see a...
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The Symbiotic Tale: Carnage And Izuku by Voxiter
The Symbiotic Tale: Carnage And Zolar
Being quirkless was shit. But soon I was bonded with my friend. Now I have to stop the evil brother. ZZXZ ( I dont own shit only the plot of THIS story)
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Symbiotic relationship by GasMaskedWriter
Symbiotic relationshipby GasMaskedWriter
Izuku wanted to be a hero. It's all he ever wanted to do with his life. And Venom wished to survive. Despite being in the lowest rung of it's species. Together they just...
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The Symbiotic Hero: Toxin by SymbioteUser702
The Symbiotic Hero: Toxinby SymbioteUser702
All Izuku Midoriya ever wanted was to be a hero that would save people with a fearless smile just like his idol: All Might...but he wasn't born with a quirk...he was bor...
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It's Not A Parasite by Jokers_gurl3
It's Not A Parasiteby Azazel_Minerva33
Barely a day before his departure to Hogwarts for his first year, Harry decides that he wants to take a walk. His situation at the Dursley's had become dire, and Harry k...
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RWBY: Symbiotic Relationship (Yang x Futa Carnage oc) by Zillaworld
RWBY: Symbiotic Relationship ( ZillaWorld
I do not own RWBY or any of the characters. They all belong to RoosterTeeth Yang x Futa Carnage oc
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Reticent Monsters (Ultimate Spider-Man - Cartoon) by OfficialUSMWriter
Reticent Monsters (Ultimate Mystery_Name
"Well, well, well, what have we here?" Crossbones leered, looking down at Peter in interest. "Did Octavius actually manage to capture you, Spider-Man?&quo...
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Inverted (COMPLETE) by CaGarrud
Inverted (COMPLETE)by C A Garrud
Following a miraculous recovery from a deadly crash, Ashley Everson discovers there's something else now inhabiting his body with him, only there's a small problem: neit...
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A promise to be better- Winter X male reader  by robbiewazup
A promise to be better- Winter X All Hail Megatron
Y/n Ironwood, son of the genius weapons inventor Anthony Ironwood, made a promise to himself, a promise to be better than he was, to ensure no one else would ever die be...
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Symbiotic Freeze (Abused Reader X Winter) by RyanJersey
Symbiotic Freeze (Abused Reader Ryan Jersey
Y/N was the adopted brother of Emerald in which the entire family abused him him, mentally and physically. Y/N then ran away to never return, until he was found by somet...
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Rose [Flash Thompson x Reader] by allalalalaa
Rose [Flash Thompson x Reader]by allalalalaa
After the events of the Infinity War, some of the earth's greatest superheroes have vanished out of thin air. Now it's up to the new generation to step it up and stop th...
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A Spider's Love by Jaden_Kazuto
A Spider's Loveby Jaden Umbra
Symbiote Male Reader X Gwen Stacy Aka Ghost Spider
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Y/N Midoriya had always been Quirkless just like his sister Izumi Midoriya. Y/N swore always to protect her. But one day Y/N finds two blobs in his father's closet. One...
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Venomous by Carnageking
Venomousby venom
Experiment 735 AKA Mark Tyson A human forced to bond with a creature known as a klyntar he is the only human to have successfully bond with the creature and live . Now f...
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The Gaming Monster of Remnant(On Hiatus) by SwordAir
The Gaming Monster of Remnant(On Ori
Here is a story about a boy who is more human than anybody, while being less human than everyone could possibly be. This is my first RWBY story, and I have not watched t...
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Toxic Kill by SymbioteUser702
Toxic Killby SymbioteUser702
In a world with a corrupt Empire, only the most powerful people are able to wield weapons called Imperial arms. This story is about a boy named Y/N who has lost everythi...
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Pure Agony (Peter Parker x reader)  by julestheyeeter
Pure Agony (Peter Parker x reader) by ♕jules♕
He was "normal" and she wasn't.
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The Prototype, the Symbiote, The Scarab, and the E.V.O by adamabyss12
The Prototype, the Symbiote, The adamabyss12
The SCP world has been known for housing a number of supernatural entities for the sake of humanity's normalcy and to keep them safe. And there is no exception of these...
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Toxic Hero:RWBY Harem x Abused Male Toxin Reader by CrimsonSector87
Toxic Hero:RWBY Harem x Abused Crimson
On Remnant, there are these four academies in the four kingdoms that train future Hunters and Huntresses for the protection against these dark, murderous creatures calle...
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