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Hold Up, I'm An Arsenal Bird Now?! by TheDoomGamer666
Hold Up, I'm An Arsenal Bird Now?!by TPMaestro
A soul of unknown origin has been reborn into an Arsenal Bird, named "Arbiter." In a world of fantasies and imagination, how will the citizens of this beautifu...
The Undying Ace (Ace Combat Pilot x Infinite Stratos) by C____A____T
The Undying Ace (Ace Combat Douglas
Lieutenant Commander Y/N Pasternak, formally known as the leader of the Strigon Team, he was one of the best Aces in history. He fought valiantly for his home, facing an...
Man & Machine (Infinite Stratos x Male Reader) by Mobius117
Man & Machine (Infinite Stratos Mobius117
Infinite Stratos. A monumental leap in technology, where one could use an exosuit frame to fly higher and faster. The general rule was that only females could pilot them...
Ace Combat: Stricken Soul by Musashi311
Ace Combat: Stricken Soulby LadyDimitrescuEnjoyer
This story follows the perspective of a young Erusean fighter pilot from his flight training to when he joins the Erusean Air and Space Administration's Sol Squadron and...
Ace Combat 7: Nevermore  by Maximilian_Thermidor
Ace Combat 7: Nevermore by Maximilian_Thermidor
What if when trigger arrived at Zapland instead of an F-15C waiting for him it was a ADF-11F prototype. Will the events change, will he be able to save more lives with t...
Reincarnated As North Carolina (DISCONTINUED) by Dekko744
Reincarnated As North Carolina ( Yellow 13
So Some random Dude get's Isekai'd as North Carolina
Kestrel's Journey by WillisAw
Kestrel's Journeyby General Kestrel
After the sunk of the OFS Kestrel. He was given a second chance to revive in the world of Azur Lane. What will he do? Can he save all the ship girls, even from both side...
Ship Family by RCN-1138
Ship Familyby Rookie
One moment you were sleeping in your room depressed for a number of reasons one thing that always help you looking up at the sky more specifically the planes and Jets th...
The Super-Sub Carrier (Azur Lane x Alicorn Male Reader) by Rick_N_Rollen
The Super-Sub Carrier (Azur Lane Rick_N_Rollen
So, I decided to try a Azur Lane x Cell story, but I already ran out of ideas, and this had a bunch of votes to do this. So naturally, I decided to give the fans what t...
A Pilot's Love by SKKJustin
A Pilot's Loveby Justin Irons
Yanderes x Male Pilot Reader
Girls' Frontline: Fighter's Honor by CallsignCoder
Girls' Frontline: Fighter's Honorby CallsignCoder
Rogue paramilitaries, shadowy death cults and cute girls with guns. This isn't what these two Emmerian pilots signed up for. And where did everyone get fighter jets from...
Queens blade: skies unknown Completed by lockheedhenesy
Queens blade: skies unknown lockheed henesy
unknown entity brought an entire newly osean fleet lrssg & 118th to another world. what will happend next
Ace Combat 7: Backseat Driver by GordyGordiant
Ace Combat 7: Backseat Driverby chris b
Trigger: the ace of the Lighthouse War. But what if you flew a two-seater in the game? Who is that sitting behind you? This is the one-shot story of the pilot with Three...
Area 96 by Stalker768
Area 96by Stalker The Folf
A war is brewing between two fur nation's. One nation believing humans are a scourge of the world. And the other believes that humans are an invaluable resource of mili...
Summoning the Kingdom of Erusea by _Daen_
Summoning the Kingdom of Eruseaby Daendels
1 August 2019, Usea, Strangereal On Usea, there's a country called as the Kingdom of Erusea. This country is well known for its Industry and Militarism. After the Contin...
Azurlane: Future Prosperity by Porsche-san
Azurlane: Future Prosperityby Porsche-San
[This Story will not be Based on the Anime and Main Story of Azurlane. This Story is in my World View with Characters you love interacts all the same.] When the winds of...
Whatever it takes  by Maximilian_Thermidor
Whatever it takes by Maximilian_Thermidor
Line Ark the last surviving city state in a dystopia of corporations and a polluted Earth. The United States of America the last surviving democracy in a world on the br...
Blue Butterflies: THE ROUNDEL WAR 🦋 by 3Ace_SinLines
Blue Butterflies: THE ROUNDEL TheThreeStrikes
{BACKGROUND HISTORY} The Roundel War was a mysterious and unexplained War, that was a news article in the sinking of USS Enterprise. (CVN-65.) On July 26, 2007. It was c...
The Rise of Aurelian Federation by James-501
The Rise of Aurelian Federationby ItsErisGaming
An alternate history and alternate future where a certain nation that changed South America and maybe the world forever
senran kagura new link: skies unknown  by lockheedhenesy
senran kagura new link: skies lockheed henesy
world of shinobi are about to meet strangeral earth's deadliest fighter pilots. osea's newest fleet on a search & destroy mission hunting down a unprecedented enemy duri...