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A Pilot's Love by SKKJustin
A Pilot's Loveby Justin Irons
Yanderes x Male Pilot Reader
Girls' Frontline: Fighter's Honor by CallsignCoder
Girls' Frontline: Fighter's Honorby CallsignCoder
Rogue paramilitaries, shadowy death cults and cute girls with guns. This isn't what these two Emmerian pilots signed up for. And where did everyone get fighter jets from...
The Undying Ace (Ace Combat Pilot x Infinite Stratos) by C____A____T
The Undying Ace (Ace Combat Douglas
Lieutenant Commander Y/N Pasternak, formally known as the leader of the Strigon Team, he was one of the best Aces in history. He fought valiantly for his home, facing an...
Osea in our world by nacolitomahawk
Osea in our worldby NacoliTomahawk
A few days prior to the attack of Kingdom of Erusia on the Osean Federation,the entire Osea was gone in an eye-blink,along with the space elevator,without a single trace...
Where The Hell Am I? AND WHY AM Yellow 13
(Y/N L/N) was just your average southern student. He was a rotational on the American Football team, he had a pretty big house in which he plays game's all the time with...
To The Heavens and Beyond(Trigger oc x azur lane) by Gab9102
To The Heavens and Beyond( Gab9102
After years of service in the Osea Airforce, our main character callsign "Trigger" finally retire from his service. Famous for his effort in the Lighthouse War...
male ace combat ace pilot x azur lane by BlagojPejov
male ace combat ace pilot x azur LEADING THE FEDERATION OF SOU...
blagoj foulke otherwise known as solo wing pixy is the most dangereous ace of the belkan air force during a mission against the osean federation he was teleported to a d...
Ace Combat 7: Nevermore  by Maximilian_Thermidor
Ace Combat 7: Nevermore by Maximilian_Thermidor
What if when trigger arrived at Zapland instead of an F-15C waiting for him it was a ADF-11F prototype. Will the events change, will he be able to save more lives with t...
The Crowned Mercenary [Project Wingman Reader x Azur Lane] by C____A____T
The Crowned Mercenary [Project Douglas
Y/N Sparda, or as his teammates and the world know him... Monarch He was a good man, fighting for what he thinks is right despite being a Mercenary. As his journey proge...
Final Action: USS John C. Stennis CVN-74 (Azur Lane fanfic) by Site_undetected
Final Action: USS John C. Artemis 1 "Orion"
"I know everyone's back story...time to turn it upside down and change them." There's a new debate on the heels of the push to rename U.S. military bases named...
ace combat 7: project destroyer Completed by lockheedhenesy
ace combat 7: project destroyer lockheed henesy
2 years before the events of the lighthouse war, death of a underdog ace/ younger brother of cipher shocked ustio. osea acknowledged their cry & decided to begin new pro...
Project Top Gunman: Ace Combat by ReadArch417
Project Top Gunman: Ace Combatby Readarch417
This is a Ace combat x Project Wingman and Top Gun crossover story which all three are set in the same universe. First the events of Top Gun happens then Ulysses, later...
azur lane skies unknown: G one Completed  by lockheedhenesy
azur lane skies unknown: G one lockheed henesy
after the events of volume 3. takao's past caught up to her mysterious creature of origin from where she & other kansens orginated. azur lane is back on their feet fight...
azur lane skies unknown: fool scales (roonXtalisman) by lockheedhenesy
azur lane skies unknown: fool lockheed henesy
almost every ship girl faction is at another side of the world participating a event fighting a new threat that appeared. 4 ship boys returns for another new mission. ro...
sailor moon skies unknown (usagiXoc) Rewrite by lockheedhenesy
sailor moon skies unknown ( lockheed henesy
after a break up with momaru. usagi had to deal with grief. She had a dream about boy back in the silver millennium who became a pilot that was there since beryl attack...
Armored Girls (Slice of life/Fate fanfic) by NA-213456
Armored Girls (Slice of life/ INF- Info not found
Ok so. . . . I watched a lot of YouTube about Armoured Core. . . . . Then I went onto Google. . . . You can see were this is going. Anyway, just wanted to make a story a...
brave witches: skies unknown Completed by lockheedhenesy
brave witches: skies unknown lockheed henesy
cipher demon lord of the round table & gryphus 1 southern cross aka nemesis meets 502nd. what new adventures awaits for them.
azur lane skies unknown: shimmering blue Completed  by lockheedhenesy
azur lane skies unknown: lockheed henesy
akagi & kaga asked erusean ace ronin awacs crux to escort their fleet led by shinano to iron blood/strangeral coalition base. however they stumbled upon a secret sakura...
azur lane skies unknown: weaver's omen by lockheedhenesy
azur lane skies unknown: weaver' lockheed henesy
tower of migard is acting crazy. Zuikaku & cipher is caught in the middle of a mess with Ulrich & meta gneisenau. what comes next find out.
azur lane: skies unknown side story: new ship boys Completed by lockheedhenesy
azur lane: skies unknown side lockheed henesy
between the events of volume 2 & 3 ayanami, san diego, z23, long island warspite retrofit encountered a unknown signal. attacked by sirens. what does siren want sunked...