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Heavy Burdens 《Completed》 by Aysline
Heavy Burdens 《Completed》by Aysline Mc Grath
👑Winner in the Firework Awards 👑Winner in the Kiletta Awards 💎2nd place in the Ohanna Awards 💓 Best Cover in the GAwards 💓 Best Cover in the FallenAngelAwards 💍...
  • historical
  • regalawards2018
  • suspense
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Delta Force Love by JStarr86
Delta Force Loveby JStarr86
Alexandria and Will met when they were part of the same Special Forces Delta Force Unit. Even though it took her awhile to make the guys see her as an asset and not a li...
  • teller
  • jax
  • hunnam
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Frontier Fantasy by charlottescarletwolf
Frontier Fantasyby Charlotte Wolf
Jason Momoa FanFic Definitely not suitable for all ages. Some personal kinks/fantasies/bdsm.
  • declinharp
  • frontier
  • jasonmomoa
In My Heart (frontier) by WhiteWolfLife
In My Heart (frontier)by Cookies and cream
Nina Smyth is living in London with her brother, Michael Smyth. Nina is a really sweet girl and loves her brother to death. But one-day Nina, Michael, his girlfriend C...
  • woods
  • declan
  • declanharp
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She's His (Frontier Fanfic) by KT-Jayne_1R
She's His (Frontier Fanfic)by Katie-Jayne Arnold
Declan Harp was a very dangerous man, who was by no means to be trusted. He was ruthless and loyal to none...well none except her...his love, his life...she was the one...
  • loyalty
  • cree
  • tribal
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New Earth 6 by krazydiamond
New Earth 6by Kristin Jacques
'Firefly meets Battlestar Galactica'. A merchant's daughter is captured and sold into slavery. A genetically modified survivor of an alien attack scours the gal...
  • space
  • future
  • colonization
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Catching Fish by AshyLoo2
Catching Fishby AshyLoo2
~Highest Rank: #257 in Historical Fiction~ America has just became stable again, and families are moving all over the Louisiana Purchase--Including the Mill family, who...
  • girl
  • emily
  • historical
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Valiant by JordanWSims
Valiantby Jordan Sims
Unexplored vales. Dangerous beasts. Relics of an ancient society. Untold riches to be discovered. Glory. Fame. Fortune. The call of adventure beckons kindred souls from...
  • norse
  • thriller
  • youngadult
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El Nuevo Gerrero De La Luz De Kuoh by Darkered
El Nuevo Gerrero De La Luz De Kuohby Darkered
Hyoodo Issei un estudiante normal siendo el menor de su hermano que es posee el booster gearl sus padres que son miembro de una facciones deciden entrenarlo dejandolo en...
  • digimon
  • frontier
  • gerreroslegendarios
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BADASS|DECLAN HARP by ladivinaemilia
Torrii Brown, little sister of the Brown Brothers and mastermind of the Low River Company, finds herself wanting to get revenge on the leaders of the HBC. But she'll nee...
  • frontier
  • harp
  • declanharp
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Catching Fish (Revision) by AshyLoo2
Catching Fish (Revision)by AshyLoo2
Years after a devastating plague hits Philadelphia, Emily and her family are swept away by her father to an unknown and unforgiving landscape. But when Emily realizes th...
  • historicalfiction
  • arapaho
  • wyoming
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His Wife  by HobbitLover1234
His Wife by Theresa-Marie Armstrong
Rayen is the wife of notorious criminal Declan Harp. Together Rayen & Harp will stop at nothing to destroy Lord Benton and the Hudson Bay Company.
  • tribal
  • nativeamerican
  • declanharp
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The Energy of a Chosen Teen in a New World by Digi707
The Energy of a Chosen Teen in a Digi 🌟
Okay so this is a Digimon Frontier reader insert, it's not that good and it's probably super cringey but it's about you, you are a 14-year-old girl named Y/n L/n and wel...
  • adventure
  • xreader
  • romance
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Digimon Frontier by gamerkid334
Digimon Frontierby gamerkid334
?????? All spirit art belongs to Xelku9 on deviant art
  • kouji
  • zoe
  • frontier
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Declan Harp's grey wolf(written by TMNTsmashpizza) by tmntsmashpizza
Declan Harp's grey wolf(written 5H@D0₩/Boom
Declan Harp,feared and known by all some say his cruel some say his beyond that but most don't know his backstory then there's yacoda but to everyone its just Coda,half...
  • death
  • mixed
  • frontier
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Ask and Dare the DigiDestiends by ThePokemonLover
Ask and Dare the DigiDestiendsby ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I'm your host today, my name is Anime! This is my Ask and Dare book Digimon Edition! You ask and dare the Digidestiends from seasons 1-4. Watch Anime mess with the Digid...
  • dare
  • random
  • ask
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Sleeping beauty by magmag1999
Sleeping beautyby magmag1999
A Takouji version of the Sleeping beauty fairy tale
  • takuya
  • takouji
  • digimon
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Digimon The Movie by warriorfox279
Digimon The Movieby Kurama
It's going to be a little different in this story
  • digimon
  • digitalmonsters
  • frontier
The Highland Frontier by Rumble_Fish
The Highland Frontierby Olivia Duffy
"The carpet of forest, rolling hills and the loch branching the streams like the branches of an old oak was truly a sight to behold. Many small rivers giving life...
  • highland
  • lassie
  • loch
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The Lost Warriors (Digimon Frontier) by DerpyPatamon
The Lost Warriors (Digimon GoomyGuy
We all know the story of the Legendary Warriors, correct? Well, I guess you can say this is just like that. But you'd be lying. This story is nothing like Digimon Fronti...
  • digimonfrontier
  • frontier
  • originallostwarriors
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