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survival by RingingBell
survivalby RingingBell
Declan Harp is no stranger to misfortune, pain, and survival. So after his fiasco in Fort James and narrowly avoiding death, he's sent North for better hopes of recovery...
[Discontinued] Aira Judai Yuki Adventures by EleftheriaYuyaCielo
[Discontinued] Aira Judai Yuki εїз ❀ ʟɪɴɑ ❀ εїз
❌DISCONTINUED BEING REWRITTEN ❌ Meet Aira Judai Yuki, who is a new Slifer Red student at Duel Academy and the holder of two powerful decks that she created. Aira is a gi...
Revue Starlight Oneshots by Shun-chan0824
Revue Starlight Oneshotsby
Some random stories that come to mind. Or some things I want to write about. Or something else entirely. Well, Give it a shot and read some. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any...
The Energy of a Chosen Teen in a New World by Digi707
The Energy of a Chosen Teen in a Digital Simp
This is a story about you, you are a 14-year-old girl named Y/n L/n and well like many others you were intrigued by a message and accepted a role in the Digital World. A...
Hearts of War [Being rewritten] by TheGamerMarine76
Hearts of War [Being rewritten]by TheGamerMarine76
An IMC Pilot who lost his family, friends, planet, and even his way gets trapped on a hostile planet with an enemy Pilot who he helps and in return is rewarded a better...
Heavy Burdens 《Completed》- - by Aysline
Heavy Burdens 《Completed》- -by Aysline
👑Winner in the Firework Awards 👑Winner in the Kiletta Awards 💎2nd place in the Ohanna Awards 💓 Best Cover in the GAwards 💓 Best Cover in the FallenAngelAwards 💍...
Mail Order Bride and The Mix-up (A Western Romance Book)(COMPLETED) by ashleywalt
Mail Order Bride and The Mix-up ( ashleywalt
Sometimes being a mail order bride means uncovering secrets you'd rather leave hidden... Belle Reid ran away from her old life only to find her new one lacking. Her abus...
Centurions of the Eastern Frontier by Garthedes
Centurions of the Eastern Frontierby Jacob Burkart
Follow the missions of the magical special forces unit on the frontier of the Empire of Aeneas as they deal with bandits, demons, rival empires and gods.
Lavier ~Young Love~ by DancyDiamond365
Lavier ~Young Love~by ✨Reki’s_OfficialFan✨
This story is a fan fiction on a show called, Spirit Riding Free! The kids are 14. This is a love story of Lucky and Javier.
When Calls the Dream by BoxofMiracles
When Calls the Dreamby Box of Miracles
I love Lucas; Lucas Loves Elizabeth. I love Nathan; Nathan is also in love with Elizabeth. Instead of a love triangle, we have somehow stumbled upon a love rectangle, an...
Land of Fantasii  by Jinx_Morganstene
Land of Fantasii by Jinx Bird Morganstene
It's sophomore year for the four Cosmic-renowned heroes of Silver Crow Academy and midterms are around the corner. However, the president has tasked the four friends wit...
Sparrow 《Completed 》-- by Aysline
Sparrow 《Completed 》--by Aysline
Third book in my Frontier Series. This follows the storyline of season 3. Well kind off. Not a stand-alone novel! You will need to read Heavy Burdens and Black Wolf i...
Digimon Tamers & Frontier: Unidos by FranciscoGomez458
Digimon Tamers & Frontier: Unidosby Francisco Astudillo
Cuando los Señores Demonio reviven a un enemigo poderoso los guerreros legendarios contarán con la ayuda de nuevos amigos en esta aventura.
Digimon: Colisión de mundos by FranciscoGomez458
Digimon: Colisión de mundosby Francisco Astudillo
Las fuerzas de la oscuridad finalmente mandan a un hábil y fuerte guerrero a luchar contra los jóvenes elegidos, cuando la situación se vuelva insostenible, elegidos, ta...
Midnight Blue (Book #3) by JulieGranger
Midnight Blue (Book #3)by Julie Granger
Victoria Spencer is determined to bring Martin Cooper to justice for the murder of her mother, Belle Stanton. Cooper's past has come back to haunt him.Cooper is prepare...
An Endless Tale [Digimon Frontier] by ThePokemonLover
An Endless Tale [Digimon Frontier]by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
One hundred years have past since anyone saw the Legendary Warriors, who were locked away after the previous owners sealed away a great force that costed them their ener...
Gates X Male Reader by Theoddspacemarine
Gates X Male Readerby Theoddspacemarine
I don't own the Titanfall franchise or any of the art or fanart in this book)
Western: Revenge at Snake Bend (#1, Texas Frontier Riders Historical Romance) by powellbooks
Western: Revenge at Snake Bend ( powellbooks
He thought the war was over... it was just getting started. Confederate war hero Clayton Wallace earned a taste for justice on the battlefield. But... his taste for reve...
Lewis and Clark by _jcxcx_
Lewis and Clarkby Jasmine
Tbh you can't tell me Lewis and Clark didn't fuck at least once during their whole expedition
Rise of the sacred angel(Lucemon's revenge) by IzumiScarlet14
Rise of the sacred angel(Lucemon' Izumi Scarlet Orimoto
I do not own the cover photo!!!!! BOOK 1 . . . ~ Prologue ~ More than two years ago Takuya Kanbara, Koji Minamoto, Koichi Kimura, Izumi "Zoe" Orimoto, Tomoki...