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Paine Time of Anarchy by painebook
Paine Time of Anarchyby J B Durbin
Book One in the Paine Saga. A CIA-manufactured plague bio-engineered to attack coca plants mutates and destroys food plants worldwide. Michael Paine Martin, the son of...
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UN Real Paine by painebook
UN Real Paineby J B Durbin
Book two of the Paine Saga. The plague that destroyed billions of people is over, but a more insidious plot is hatched, one that threatens the privacy of everyone on the...
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SC: Strong is my Will by MichaelMangual
SC: Strong is my Willby Shattered Citadel
An Indian Army Captain is captured by the alien enemy of humanity known as the Huellok and undergoes torture and mental manipulation. A story set in the Ascension War fr...
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Star Wars: Heir to the Sith (Part 1) (#Wattys2018 shortlist) by tomc100
Star Wars: Heir to the Sith ( TS Church
Shortlisted for the #Wattys2018. In the final hours of Emperor Palpatine's reign, newly promoted Captain Pina of the Star Destroyer Reaver is sent to quell unrest amids...
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Christmas Kisses In Space by PollyConnor
Christmas Kisses In Spaceby Polly Connor
Captain Jon Honorbright is a widower, a father, and the captain of a humble little transport shuttle spacecraft, over in a far-flung corner of the galaxy. He's a middl...
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The Teragoid Incident by bobfox141
The Teragoid Incidentby Robert Foxx
The crew of the GRS Wanderlust is on their way out if nothing is done! They have to save themselves, their ship, the sector and the whole OutSystem Navy. Have cool relat...
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Star Wars: Heir to the Sith (Part 2) by tomc100
Star Wars: Heir to the Sith ( TS Church
Fleeing the planet Farsalt after its violation by the Empire, Princess Ella Malquet finds herself immersed amongst the Rebellion. Only beginning to understand her true h...
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Kahari : The Scarab Reign (PART ONE) by DeanKutzler
Kahari : The Scarab Reign (PART Dean Kutzler
Power across the known universe vanished. Billions of galaxies left in the dark, crippling worlds-forcing people to fight for survival. No one knew why or how. Then the...
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Redemption: Intervention Series Book One by JasonKucharik
Redemption: Intervention Series Jason Kucharik
(Set in the universe of VOK, Intervention tells the store of Earth's downfall. ) I was sent here to correct a grave mistake. One born from an equal combination of intel...
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Pearl of the Stars: Kronos (A Pearl of the Stars Short Story) by AngusEcrivain
Pearl of the Stars: Kronos (A Angus Ecrivain
Following the events that took place in Pearl of the Stars, the Kronos is left stranded and alone, her crew in very real danger.
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Tevun-Krus #16 - Military SF by Ooorah
Tevun-Krus #16 - Military SFby Ooorah! - Tevun-Krus: The #1...
This month, the Tevun-Krus crew take on the epic Military Science Fiction. Do we do it justice? Come take a look at the awesome short stories! We've even got an article...
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Spiral of Fate: Winter Ashes by scintillate09
Spiral of Fate: Winter Ashesby Scintillate
A short story about a girl named Meera as she battled against her own fate and the fate of others during a time of war.
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Alpha Capella by elveloy
Alpha Capellaby L.V. Lloyd
The invaders fired without warning. The space station exploded in a soundless ball of flame, incinerating the Patrol ships as they scrambled to launch. Lasers burned swa...
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Contingency Alpha by HostileIntentions
Contingency Alphaby Hostile
If aliens come in peace, then why do they always shoot first? It is the year 2843. Humanity has long since left its homeworld and expanded into the stars, forming an eno...
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Apogee by GSJennsen
Apogeeby GSJennsen
"Its leaders believe the Alliance is powerful enough to be both-a democracy on election days and a dictatorship on every other day-but they're wrong. No government...
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Unit 37: Rescue at Kilter Field by WilliamLaws
Unit 37: Rescue at Kilter Fieldby William Laws
Earther forces have begun appearing deep inside New Terran space, raining terror on every planet, settlement, and facility they can find and killing millions along the w...
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A Simple Fall by LapsApnow
A Simple Fallby Laps A-P
When Starships die, thrown from the battlefields of space like discarded rags. No one ever pays heed to the poor souls trapped inside those falling vessels. No one ever...
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MacKinnon Chronicles: Redux by MattTrinh4
MacKinnon Chronicles: Reduxby Matt Trinh
Tragedy strikes in the Euphrates system, where millions are dead, and billions will soon follow. On the other side of the galaxy, Maisie MacKinnon has decided to return...
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Into the Black: Birth of Legends by nothatdude
Into the Black: Birth of Legendsby Anthony Pinkett
A squadron of trainee pilots who only want to make their mark. A secret experimental weapons platform at the heart of a wide ranging interstellar conspiracy. A galaxy on...
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💁♀️Mother's Hand [SciFi Audiobook] by Tim
💁♀️Mother's Hand [SciFi Audiobook]by Tim Johnson
1984 meets Blade Runner in Mother's Hand. [Audiobook included] For fans of Dark Mirror and Westworld. Set in a crumbling dystopian future our world is ruled by the a...
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