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Goosebumps by zoedelfia
Goosebumpsby Bella Morte
Scarlet Cooper just wanted a normal life, a fresh start from her life in New York. But what did she get? She got werewolf's, abominable snowmen, evil garden gnomes and o...
Night of the Living Dummy by Glustercv
Night of the Living Dummyby Glustercv
Amy's dummy Dennis has lost his head and creepy things starts happening as if the dummy came to life which causes her into a lot of trouble with her parents and her sist...
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Slappy's Master Plan by GoosebumpsMovie
Slappy's Master Planby GooseBumpsMovie
Hey Wattpad, So you all know Goosebumps, right? And R.L Stine? Well I’m Slappy. I am the real mastermind, and on October 16th, it will be my turn to tell a story. It’s...
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Goosebumps: Revenge of the Invisible Boy by jonc16
Goosebumps: Revenge of the jonc16
The monsters are defeated. Slappy is gone. Things are finally beginning to move back to normal in Madison, Delaware. Well, as normal as they could be, when the town host...
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The Blurs by JulieAffleck
The Blursby Julie Affleck
Life goes from strange to terrifying when eleven-year-old Gavin sees things no one else can see, things that move so quickly they're only a blur. What Gavin does not kno...
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Don't Forget Your Glasses by LaurenCheerio
Don't Forget Your Glassesby Lauren Quiriault
School trip. Broken-down bus. Forgotten glasses. Creepy hotel. Nightmare. **************************************** So this is just a short-story that I wrote when I w...
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Who You Calling Dummy? by ElizabethTennant
Who You Calling Dummy?by Katie
Mary Williams receives a ventriloquist dummy on Christmas day.It seems like a pretty cool gift,until mysterious thing start happening.Crashes in the middle if the night...
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What Scared You As A Child? by GoosebumpsMovie
What Scared You As A Child?by GooseBumpsMovie
The Goosebumps Movie is now available on Blu-ray! To celebrate, we asked some of Wattpad's creepiest creators what scared them most as a child! Was it monsters under the...
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Our Twisted Fate by RomanceStoryTeller
Our Twisted Fateby Daydreamer <3
Hunter, a mischievous boy, and his family move into a house in front of a girl his age named Holli. From the start Holli hated the trouble maker and his ways. After one...
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Scary Stories by ranooshkhalid2
Scary Storiesby Rana K. Ibrahim
Those are short scary stories that I hope you'll enjoy... :): P.S. **All rights reserved **Not all stories are originally mine **Credits are given if mentioned
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Whom You Go Home With [3rd Runner Up of the Scary Date Contest] by DawnStarling
Whom You Go Home With [3rd Dawn Starling
A Oneshot spooktacular story for the Frightful Romance Writing Challenge. 3rd Place Winner in the Scary Date Contest. Ranking: #525 on 10/13/15
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The Goosebumps Movie Sleepover by TheMeganProductions1
The Goosebumps Movie Sleepoverby Mrs. Fangirl
Megan and her two roommates, Chloe and Savannah, are invited to the Goosebumps Movie Sleepover Event. It's were people go in their pajamas and they arrive at 10 pm 'till...
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Goosebumps  The Movie One-shots(DISCONTINUED) by GoogleIRL101
Goosebumps The Movie One-shots( GoogleIRL101
Owner of the movie/books : R.L Stine Goosebumps books have been open and sewed to the real world. May some monsters what to protect you from danger Even if Slappy the...
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Sad Stories- Warning! May Cause Goosebumps,Crying and Sadness. by Alopexa
Sad Stories- Warning! May Cause Caitlyn
Everyone has their own story that could make chills run up your spine, and tears gather in your eyes. This book is a collection of different stories that have been found...
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Yandere Slave[Slappy x Reader] by fujoshi56
Yandere Slave[Slappy x Reader]by madam creepypasta
[SLAPPYXREADER] You are Slappy's slave (the movie universe) and you are also a Yandere for him. He doesn't know your affections toward him and you do not plan on him eve...
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Halloween Special! (Candy Transformation) by TwoTailedMoon
Halloween Special! (Candy TwoTailedMoon
Things go badly for a teen who steals his brother's halloween candy.
A Short Horror Story: The Little Boy,  The Girl, and the Footage by jr_91213
A Short Horror Story: The Little jr_91213
I have nightmares sometimes, and I'd like to share some with you, as I turn these nightmares into short horror stories.
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Slowly Falling For the Bad Boy by OkTohPush_Lablab
Slowly Falling For the Bad Boyby OkTohPush_Lablab
Samantha Pearl Anderson is the only heiress of the world's best hotels and resorts. She's the shopaholic kind of girl and likes to go out with friends, She never had a b...
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