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The Owl House Texting Stories by DolphinWaffle
The Owl House Texting Storiesby DolphinWaffle
Yeah I don't know- The Owl House characters text each other and it's chaotic. None of the character belong to me!
About The Roses | Lumity Soulmate AU by MiraculouslyyPanda
About The Roses | Lumity Ares is Annoying
COMPLETED ~ Luz always loved reading soulmate AU's on AO3 and Wattpad when she lived in the human realm. When Amity tells her that soulmates are real, Luz can't wait to...
Business by Pickachu_Kaminari
Businessby Pickachu_ Kaminari
luz Noceda the human world for the most powerful or a blight which is considered very powerful in the boiling isles. Luz is Amitys assistant. well one of her many assist...
Between Two Worlds by msheridamn
Between Two Worldsby Mara
It's been 3 years since Luz went to the Boiling Isles. She got trapped in the human realm after the doorway back to the Boiling Isles was no where to be found. ⚠️Warnin...
Amity's Journey to the Truth by Jss2141
Amity's Journey to the Truthby Jss2141
Some family secrets can tear a family apart. I do not own this franchise or characters. Collaboration with: JonathanAlexander985/Darth Nominatis#6023 on Discord
Back on the boiling isles  by Abbie_yellow
Back on the boiling isles by Yellow
Luz comes back the boiling isles 4 years later because her mom made her come home now she is back and everyone is a little different from before especially Amity Blight
Miss Perfect Meets Bad Girl by Sad_Boi_XP
Miss Perfect Meets Bad Girlby SAD_BOI_XP2124
Disclaimer:I do not own anything Warning:This story might contain Cursing, Violence and Sexual content and drama. Description- Amity Blight attended a party that was bei...
Mama Eda AU  by Captain29thegamer
Mama Eda AU by Captain29thegamer
Mama Eda AU. Luz Noceda a ordinary girl dreams of being a witch and to reunite with her real mother until one day she follows a magic owl and is transported to a magic w...
The Owl House Incorrect Quotes by DolphinWaffle
The Owl House Incorrect Quotesby DolphinWaffle
I found all of these on the internet and an incorrect quote randomizer so if they're wrong it's nOt mY fAulT! Anyways enjoy!
The owl house one shots by Nicky_Tricky
The owl house one shotsby Eggio
Hello welcome to my book Where we have: The big gay The parks done with everyone's shit Luzbians Blightsexuals More gay The Owl House Did I mention ✨g a y✨ In the islse...
Lumity <3 | The Owl House by umbre114_st4nd
Lumity <3 | The Owl Houseby umbre114_st4nd
All events take place after season 2, episode 5! Amity just so happened to decide to kiss her closest friend one day and let's just say it escalated. She had feelings f...
Owl House: The Owl's Wing by LucarioTheOne777
Owl House: The Owl's Wingby LucarioTheOne777
This story is inspired by the AU created by by Twixstari on Twitter. MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR SEASON TWO Part 1: Luz had failed to save Eda from the petrification spell and...
The best year of my life: A lumity school au by ChimKook897
The best year of my life: A Marc
Luz Noceda: The best player in her volleyball team; Unlike her sportsy look, she's just a big adorkable and nerdy weeb! Amity Blight: All A's student; Loves to read and...
What If Luz had Godzilla's Powers? by KaijuLord54
What If Luz had Godzilla's Powers?by KaijuLord54
This is fanfiction depicting how the Owl House would turn out if Luz had Godzilla's powers.
Tied To You by Wibbit2020
Tied To Youby Wibbit2020
This is the same magical Boiling Isles you know, but... Everybody has a red glowing string around their ring finger. Once a person and their soulmate share their first k...
Lumity oneshots✨ by lil_blight
Lumity oneshots✨by ✨⚡️💖L I L💖⚡️✨
Hi this is a series of fluffy oneshots of Lumity my ultimate comfort ship. Luz was confirmed to be Bi and Amity is a confirmed Lesbian. My gay babies deserve the world �...
Witches Among Humans (Owl House AU) by Emperor_Drakkon
Witches Among Humans (Owl House AU)by Emperor of Confusion
Luz Noceda was seen as the only human to become a witch in another world....but in this world? She is the only witch in a realm FILLED with humans. She's trapped there...
The devil [1] (Lumity/the owl house Fanfiction) by CHILLs_Studio33015
The devil [1] (Lumity/the owl CHILLs_Studio33015
•Only Season 1 •This is FANFICTION •I like Lumity, how about you? •Also now going to AO3, but is still in work at the moment I flushed, my heart was racing as the music...
The Owl House:Castles AU  by another_fanfic_kid
The Owl House:Castles AU by ✋😗🏵️✨
Luz left the boiling isle 3 years ago,lately she got strange feelings like,she needs to go back.When she did return,she couldnt belive her eyes.
Rise of the Moon (Owl House AU) by OwlHouseFan826
Rise of the Moon (Owl House AU)by OwlHousefan826
LUMITY! What if Luz came across a glyph in the woods that cursed her into becoming a werewolf? This is the story of how Luz turned into a werewolf and how she struggles...