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The Owl House Texting Stories by DolphinWaffle
The Owl House Texting Storiesby DolphinWaffle
Yeah I don't know- The Owl House characters text each other and it's chaotic. None of the character belong to me! Hi. It has been many, many months since I last update...
Changeling Witch by DragonWriter77
Changeling Witchby Lizly
Hunter Noceda has always firmly believed that the best way to go about life is to be yourself. But when you're a queer kid with a single mom and a love for the macabre...
The Magic that Brings us Together (Lumity) (Soulmate Au) by ASRIELDREEMURR12832
The Magic that Brings us Natalie
In Luz's and Amity's potion class, they were working on a new potion that finds the user's soulmate. As soon as the user and their soulmate figure out about the bond the...
Owl House: The Owl's Wing by LucarioTheOne777
Owl House: The Owl's Wingby LucarioTheOne777
This story is inspired by the AU created by by Twixstari on Twitter. MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR SEASON TWO Part 1: Luz had failed to save Eda from the petrification spell and...
Peter Pan? (Lumity/the owl house fanfiction) by CHILLs_Studio33015
Peter Pan? (Lumity/the owl house CHILLs_Studio33015
•Season [1] and [2] •Lumity, alright. •This is like the Book 'The Devil', the only difference is that both books are different. They're not the same thing, took my time...
You Will Be Found                   (A Lumity AU) by SmoothDuck7
You Will Be SmoothDuck7
All her life, Luz Noceda has felt hopeless. Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum and an anxiety disorder, she has always struggled to socialize with others. This has made her...
Lumity Oneshot Book! by Kakoshi_Hatake
Lumity Oneshot Book!by Kakoshi_Hatake
I decided before I make a multi chapter story, I practice writing about these two. The chapters will not be connected unless said otherwise.
Royally Rebelling - A Goldric Story by Goldric_4_lifE
Royally Rebelling - A Goldric Storyby Kay_22
The prince of the golden kingdom, Hunter Wittebane has been forced into an engagement with Emira Blight. He plans to keep his distance but things don't go to plan when h...
Between Two Worlds by msheridamn
Between Two Worldsby Marlon
It's been 3 years since Luz went to the Boiling Isles. She got trapped in the human realm after the doorway back to the Boiling Isles was no where to be found. ⚠️Warnin...
On thin ice by unluckycharm0_0
On thin iceby Oh wow...sports🌈
Lumity human au First owl house fanfic so bear with me😭😭 May be some slight mature content but nothing too extreme Well who knows😁 I do not own the owl house or it'...
Back And Here To Stay (Lumity Story) by Wibbit2020
Back And Here To Stay (Lumity Wibbit2020
Credits to hermes52 on divineART, I used their photo to draw the body of the cover of this book. I'm saying this now so people don't yell at me. Amity Blight and Luz Noc...
Mama Eda AU  by Captain29thegamer
Mama Eda AU by Captain29thegamer
Mama Eda AU. Luz Noceda a ordinary girl dreams of being a witch and to reunite with her real mother until one day she follows a magic owl and is transported to a magic w...
Business {Lumity} by Pickachu_Kaminari
Business {Lumity}by Noceda
luz Noceda the human world for the most powerful or a blight which is considered very powerful in the boiling isles. Luz is Amitys assistant. well one of her many assist...
Tell the gays on the third floor to calm down by disaster_top
Tell the gays on the third floor catboi_ali
Amity is a simp, Luz is too nice for her own good and Boscha needs to stop touching what isnt hers. Basically a group chat au with the owl house characters
I Promise I Won't Let Go * COMPLETE* by PeaceandSteve
I Promise I Won't Let Go * achy/asher
When you get to attach to something you love, there's no way you'd want to leave it behind. For Luz, going back to the human realm was the hardest thing to do. She neve...
Time to Shine by SmoothDuck7
Time to Shineby SmoothDuck7
In the four years since she left the Boiling Isles, Luz has had a rough go of it. The portal was destroyed, and she hasn't had any way to see the people she loves. Her f...
Life's Return by AquaFlare101
Life's Returnby AquaFlare101
After four years of being back in the human realm, Luz Noceda finds herself able to return back to the Boiling Isles she once called home herself. But what awaits her th...
Owl Descendants by MattieG246
Owl Descendantsby MattieG
One day at the Isle of Bonesborough, Luz Noceda is turning 18 and is in the line to be the next queen of Bonesborough. Before she turns 18, she has one wish she wants, w...