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The Amazing Spider-Luz (Owl House AU) by Emperor_Drakkon
The Amazing Spider-Luz (Owl Emperor of Confusion
17 year old Luz Noceda had a life she loved. A family, friends, and a hometown she could always find out something new about. She could express herself in any way she wa...
Witches Among Humans (Owl House AU) by Emperor_Drakkon
Witches Among Humans (Owl House AU)by Emperor of Confusion
Luz Noceda was seen as the only human to become a witch in another world....but in this world? She is the only witch in a realm FILLED with humans. She's trapped there...
The Otter and the Cat by Jss2141
The Otter and the Catby Jss2141
A simple accident leads a young couple to change into animals with no known way to change back. Will they stay animals forever or will they find a way to return to norma...
One Week In L.A (Celebrity AU) by LumityStan24
One Week In L.A (Celebrity AU)by Jae
Amity is a famous actress and Luz is a huge fan. What will happen when the 2 cross paths in LA. they are 18 in this story PS. They are both human in this au
The Owl House Au Ideas and Oneshots by Jss2141
The Owl House Au Ideas and Oneshotsby Jss2141
Alternate Universe ideas for anyone to do if they are interested as long as they give credit to me. I WILL NOT BE DOING THEM MYSELF. I do not own the images provided. Th...
What If Luz had Godzilla's Powers? by KaijuLord54
What If Luz had Godzilla's Powers?by KaijuLord54
This is fanfiction depicting how the Owl House would turn out if Luz had Godzilla's powers.
Mama Eda AU  by Captain29thegamer
Mama Eda AU by Captain29thegamer
Mama Eda AU. Luz Noceda a ordinary girl dreams of being a witch and to reunite with her real mother until one day she follows a magic owl and is transported to a magic w...
Roommates (Lumity AU) by NWR109Burnet
Roommates (Lumity AU)by NoTopHatsAllowed
17 year old Luz Noceda never expected to go to Hexide High, one of the biggest schools in the country. She wanted to start over fresh after her bad experiences back at h...
Between Two Worlds by msheridamn
Between Two Worldsby Marlon
It's been 3 years since Luz went to the Boiling Isles. She got trapped in the human realm after the doorway back to the Boiling Isles was no where to be found. ⚠️Warning...
Coven {Lumity} by Pickachu_Kaminari
Coven {Lumity}by Noceda
Become a personal bodyguard for Amity? Yes please when Luz returns home at the age of 15 out of pure sadness and fear her mother sends her to a camp not the make her no...
The School Project - Beta Lumity by raine_waz_here
The School Project - Beta Lumityby Ray Hubble
This is a Beta Lumity thing, TRIGGER WARNING. ~ This has weed and cigarette's, abuse. Anyways- When Luz - the school stoner - gets partnered up with Amity - the teacher...
My girlfriend is a werewolf  by Captain29thegamer
My girlfriend is a werewolf by Captain29thegamer
Summary: Luz Clawthorne the sheltered adopted daughter of eda, has a life changing experience when she helps a green wolf from a trap
Rise of the Moon (Owl House AU) by OwlHouseFan826
Rise of the Moon (Owl House AU)by OwlHousefan826
LUMITY! What if Luz came across a glyph in the woods that cursed her into becoming a werewolf? This is the story of how Luz turned into a werewolf and how she struggles...
Your Highness~ [Lumity Fanfiction AU] by ChrysDoesGay
Your Highness~ [Lumity Chrys
A Broken Promise - Lumity by OwlGuyInASuit
A Broken Promise - Lumityby OwlGuyInASuit
Luz returns to the Isles after two years to find Amity dating a new girl but Luz feels something os off and Amity doesn't seem quite happy.
The Cat to my Bat (LUMITY STORY) by hearts4blight
The Cat to my Bat (LUMITY STORY)by jayleen
what will amity do when deciding if she wants to be with Luz or Zander? will zander leave hexside forever? what will luz do to control her feelings? this is a lumity st...
About The Roses | Lumity Soulmate AU by MiraculouslyyPanda
About The Roses | Lumity Ares is Annoying
COMPLETED ~ Luz always loved reading soulmate AU's on AO3 and Wattpad when she lived in the human realm. When Amity tells her that soulmates are real, Luz can't wait to...
The Owl House Groupchat by Fl0werboyyy
The Owl House Groupchatby 🌸FlowerBoi🌸
There are a bunch of these and I think they're super funny so I decided to make one. Also, the cover art is not mine.
Lumity Oneshots by Jthesnazzyman7
Lumity Oneshotsby Helpless Shipper
Some cute Lumity oneshots to make your day! This is just for fun, so my update schedule will be random. Includes: -GxG -Fluff -Some angst -NO SMUT -Some AUs If you have...
Heartbroken by snickerpersonal
Heartbrokenby snicker
Amity Blight had a strict childhood to say the least. Her family was prestigious and had a very strict way on how to act. Amity never got the freedom and life she wanted...