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Are You Loyal? [Lust!Sans x Reader] by Fandomz_Fanboy
Are You Loyal? [Lust!Sans x Reader]by Remus Hisahoshi
Your boyfriend was just caught cheating on you. You got mad at him for buying a prostitute and fucking her, so he threw you out. To compensate with this loss of the guy...
Sans AUs x Reader: Boyfriend Scenarios by GameGeek03
Sans AUs x Reader: Boyfriend Luna Moore
Sanses included will be...Classic, Swap, Fell, Swapfell, Ink, Error, Dream, Nightmare, Dust, Killer, Lust, Horror, and Fresh. Please be aware that the pronouns used for...
lust X error 18+ by chara_the_bean
lust X error 18+by :)
a destroyer and a lusty boy. error has felt alone sitting in the void. always and lust has felt alone... only used for sex in his Au... a simple slut they called him. bu...
>Worthless< [BloodLust] by Lusty_Sinner
>Worthless< [BloodLust]by Matt
Lust is depressed and horror hates him.and Lust is abused by nightmare. Cross is the only friend Lust has. Will Lust become friends with Horror once again? Or not? Read...
"Mama sans" by Apollo_Jeez
"Mama sans"by Apollo
y'all love mama noot noot? WELL TOO BAD BECAUSE IT'S SANSES TURN TO BE LIKE HIM. ahem. let's get on with the summary, the sanses got turned into kids, and they all wer...
I'm Lust's Kid...  by UnderTaleHyperFixed
I'm Lust's Kid... by UnderTaleHyperFixed
I died then was reborn, however I'm reborn as Lust's Kid. There is only one thing I care about, and that's my new Mother. I'm going to protect them if it's the last thin...
Nightkiller for life  by DroopingWillow
Nightkiller for life by Willow tree
After the truce with the star sans everything's been boring. Killer got bored of reading his book and goes for a walk. When walking he finds nightmare sitting near the...
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(RP) Sanscest, Papycest, Fontcest (FOREVER OPEN!!!) by ErrorSans_AU
(RP) Sanscest, Papycest, Error Sans
read the title Come join me and our amazing adventure through the many Ships and even many Multiverse AU's like DreamSwap and NaJ No sweat! I hope you all come and have...
Just Strumming Along || {Reader x AU! Sans ((and some Papyrus's!)) } by galaxcoffee
Just Strumming Along || {Reader ✨☕️
When (Y/N)'s grandma passes away, she moves in her grandma's beach house in Oahu with her ukulele. But what happens when she plays that ukulele by the sea and a "po...
Broken dreams  by amy3223
Broken dreams by Amy.Rose
Hi sorry I'm not good at describing so... Dream always had Nightmares and cut himself but never tell it to his friends but no one know specially nightmare know that hi...
I didn't sign up for that shit by l_LunarEclipse_l
I didn't sign up for that shitby 𝕷𝖚𝖓𝖆𝖗
If someone had told the Bad Sanses a week ago that they would not only have an unwanted vacation but would also have turned into children, they would have dusted them of...
Revelation  by Iightshadow
Revelation by lightshadow
The star sanses see their secrets discovered little by little by the bad sanses. The characters are not mine, only the story.
MythicalTale by PandoraShadow
MythicalTaleby Xy
Welcome to this sketch comic I'm doing about Error THIS IS A FORCED GOD OF DESTRUCTION FGOD (c) Harrish6 All art belongs to me (UniverseCipher/CometCipher) I will make...
pj's nursery  by xi-star
pj's nursery by Moony_Owl
I decided that I would remake this and make it cute! paperjam is a sweet skeleton that owns a daycare with kids with different and chaotic personalities, who knows what...
Horrorlust story by JalenaFoxy
Horrorlust storyby JalenaFoxy
Sup my Brotato chips! Dis story is about horrorlust and it has SIN in it. Hope ya enjoy, My Brotato Chips
 ∆•Bad Sanses One Shots•∆ {Request Open!} by imkinddasus
∆•Bad Sanses One Shots•∆ { ItzKillerSans
Request anything as long as it's not -crossmare (personally don't like it) -other than bad sanses (duh) -errormare (no) -dreammare (hell naw) Tq for understanding. Fluf...
AU Sans One shots! by Cobrawarrior
AU Sans One shots!by Imtired
Sanscest, Sans X Reader, Frans and Chans oneshots!!
Underlust Sans X Reader by LinaTheWriter
Underlust Sans X Readerby Jack Stauber
[[UNFINISHED]] No lemons. Surprised? I thought so ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Quick backstory: Lust has stopped f---ing people. He is done being played with like a toy. One day he sees...
Dream Sans by StuffOfMaker
Dream Sansby StuffOfMaker
I Am Sorry For Existence. Angst. Depression. Self Harm. Bad Stuff. Super Gay Shit. I'm Also Pretty Gay.
Sancest oneshots, ships, shitposts, and headcanons! mostly error by kibawolfy13
Sancest oneshots, ships, Call me Nathaniel!
hhhhhhhhhh...... I'm so sorry. This will be a side project to help me with motivation. When i have no motivation for other stories I'll come here and write. that being s...