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Saved By My Two Dads by __peaches__28
Saved By My Two Dadsby Peaches
Two strict fathers and their three amazing kids living their everyday lives in Redondo Beach, California. When one day one of those fathers found a little lost girl. Wha...
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Dad Bods {ManXMan} NaNoWriMo 2018✔ by Spotlight_
Dad Bods {ManXMan} NaNoWriMo 2018✔by Spotlight_
Sidney Quinlan is the 35-year-old father of two, the loving husband of a stay at home mom named Janet. He works as a dentist at his own office and has his own parking sp...
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Be Mine (ForthBeam) by haroomee
Be Mine (ForthBeam)by haroomee
Time flies sure fast. The then Engineering Moon is now a father. Yes, Forth, the successful engineer is now a father of a three years old daughter. He is willing to do a...
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Treasure Hunt [ BoyxBoy - Book 1 & 2!] by KeltikFaith
Treasure Hunt [ BoyxBoy - Book Cheyenne
-- Book 1 & 2 -- Book 1: Dalton McKnight was used to to playful teasings from his eldest brother's rowdy group of friends; but when the alcohol is over done, "play...
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F I N E|| A BenJey Fanfiction by noiceeedudeeee
F I N E|| A BenJey Fanfictionby An Actual Red Lemon
When Jey and Benji have children, one specifically, will have a special journey. I do not own them...t-they are people.. but..I can (at the very LEAST) have smut referen...
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TEETH by JuneValentine
TEETHby June
He was created to rule, trained to kill, and never forgets the ones who cross him. Lennox Armstrong is on the forefront of the war between his past and his present. With...
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Family drama~ BTS family fanfiction~ by Pink_Spinach
Family drama~ BTS family PinkSpinach
Kim Namjoon and Kim Seokjin, powerful gay icons in Korea live the perfect life. After a technique allowing men to carry children was developed, the couple brought three...
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Adopting Mickey by chrisfuckingevans81
Adopting Mickeyby Sara Distine
This is an AU. Louis just found out he couldn't get pregnant. With Harry not being born with the right parts. And Louis's parts not working well enough and his hormone...
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Grier-Dallas by InternallyInvisible
Grier-Dallasby InternallyInvisible
In which Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier are married and have 2 kids. 1 from a past relationship. 1 adopted.
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Falling Smaller (slow updates) by unexpectedkiddo3
Falling Smaller (slow updates)by unexpectedkiddo3
Brayden, Dakota and Jake had been best friends since grade school. They did everything together, and that meant applying to all of the same colleges senior year. They...
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The Golden Boy's Sons [Under Revision] [Drarry AU MPREG] by Katrina_Ashton
The Golden Boy's Sons [Under Katrina Ashton
No one knew, only Blaise and Pansy knew everything. It happened a 2 years before the final battle. We were just experimenting. But, we didn't use proper protection and I...
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The Lovechild - book 1 by TheOriginalMrsHoran
The Lovechild - book 1by #NotMyPresident
This is the first book of the "lgbt" series! It's a spin off of gay is okay and I've decided to make stories similar to that one but for all letters in LGBT...
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Jasmine  by Phersephon
Jasmine by The Wishmaster
it's hard enough being a "bounty hunter" but it's even harder for the duo under the codename Jasmine who not only have to worry about trying to not get caught...
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Pride Rules by kingsoopersdotcom
Pride Rulesby pumpkinspiceboi
Mason is an 18 year old gay boy starting college, he came out, and is now being treated like an outcast, until he finds a group of friends called the "queerio's&quo...
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Family roleplay by -broadway_geek-
Family roleplayby 🎭
This rp does have two dad's. If you don't like it, then don't join
• childhood ? • by ughmorefanfics
• childhood ? •by ya' mum 💕💢
adopted!phan au "Lion you won't leave me here right ? no matter if you get a family ?" "I promise bear, we are like a package they have to get both of us...
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Adopted By Cricky by miwband
Adopted By Crickyby Bri
What happens When Jasmine gets adopted by her favorite people Read to find out! P.S THERE IS NO DIRTY STUFF IN THIS BOOK
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Family by maddiemadden
Familyby DD_Dancer💕
Julianna loves her family very much. She has two younger brothers, Austin who's in 5th grade and Callan who's in 1st grade. She is going to be a sophomore and loves to d...
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Life and Death by tinymacee
Life and Deathby daughter of chaos
dear diary, i hate you and this is stupid. - kevin ~•~ dear diary, i'm dying. help. - jordan ~•~ ambiguous happy ending. whatever that means. coming out on january 26, 2...
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