Reservation For Four by MaxElight
Reservation For Fourby MaxElight
( Continuation of Island of Imagithought.) The Gladstone Gala is known to be one of the fanciest and exclusive parties ever to be held in the town of Duckburg, a...
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The Secret Of Louie Duck by skye4everyandever
The Secret Of Louie Duckby Skye
I know I ship two of the triplets (Dewey and Louie) from Ducktales with Webby Vanderquack but I feel like Louie is the one most fitting for the roll. There were once th...
  • royalty
  • louie
  • prince
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Ducktales - This is Love (Debbigail) by Starskyer
Ducktales - This is Love (Debbigai...by Starskyer
In a moment of comfort, the unexpected happens, leaving Dewey and Webby surprised and confused in the middle of Webby's Sweet Sixteen. At first the pair try to ignore th...
  • disney
  • debbigail
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ducktales fan-arts or other stuffs by fritieroni17
ducktales fan-arts or other stuffsby Fritie Roni
just fanarts and ships
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My fanart and fanfics! by Cartoonlover233
My fanart and fanfics!by Cartoonlover233
Omgosh, I'm nervous about this but here we go.......This is my VERY FIRST time doing this type of thing on wattpad, thx to a friend who helped me find my way to this typ...
  • debbigail
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DuckTales x Reader(PROBABLY SLOW UPDATES) by -Chips-
DuckTales x Reader(PROBABLY SLOW U...by -Chips-
It's just oneshots with DuckTales characters...I won't do any lemons or limes. Only SFW. I also take requests. Just give me character(s) and plot. Like this: (character)...
  • huey
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Shelter (Ducktales 2017 X Reader One-shots) by Crystalstar2030
Shelter (Ducktales 2017 X Reader O...by TaraUrchin
  • ducksssssssssss
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DuckTales Life by GamerAzialle
DuckTales Lifeby thOMAS THOMAS
A bunch of randomness with our favorite ducks as they play fun games. AND SHIP WARS, this is not for someone who easily get triggered when he/she sees something against...
  • debbigail
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Brothers Conflict: Ema's twin sister- A Change of Hearts- SLOW UPDATE by Neko1290
Brothers Conflict: Ema's twin sist...by Shin-chan
Ema told her true feelings to her brothers- she only see's them as family. A little time after that, someone familiar showed up. The new stunning girl in the story. Ema'...
  • iori
  • kaname
  • hikaru
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Who Are You Now? by Shipping_Queen826
Who Are You Now?by Shipping Queen
...When all you have is thin air around you. Louie finds out that Dewey was keeping secrets about their mother. And Webby was in on it. Third and final installment in th...
  • ducktales2017
  • romance
  • louie
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A Ducktales Story by 3010246cj
A Ducktales Storyby 3010246
Caroline didn't know how she and her best friend found this world in their sleep, but they just know they have to help.
  • gander
  • lena
  • scrooge
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The haunted hathaways and school of rock crossover  by AmyNewton7
The haunted hathaways and school o...by Amy Newton
When the haunted hathaways and school of rock come together Tomika's secret is revealed. How will her friends react to it
  • ray
  • frankie
  • miles
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Secrets | Dewey duck x reader | by nepxtoons
Secrets | Dewey duck x reader |by ˗ˏˋflowersˎˊ˗
"she's a dangerous girl Dewey" "no! she is not nor never going to be evil!" "I'm sorry Dewey.." "y/n... no..."
  • donaldduck
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الاختلاف قد يقتلك  Z.M  by danya002
الاختلاف قد يقتلك Z.M by danya.02
ما مدى العداوة بين المستذئبين ومصاصي الدماء ؟؟ هل تتوقع أن تستمر للابد؟؟ برأيي ، لا أعتقد ذلك امير الملايين ، وامير مصاصي الدماء "زين مالك " يريد بشدة أن يزو...
  • niall
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Saved from suicide by leaper16
Saved from suicideby leaper16
Can Kelsey really be saved this time? WARNING contains content that can be triggering
  • niall
  • london
  • fanfic
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Ask and Dare my brothers and Me!!! (Huey, Dewey, and Louie) by Dewey_Duck
Ask and Dare my brothers and Me...by Dewey Duck
Come one come all to the one and only (Maybe not ONLY) Ask my brothers and ME!!! Huey- It's I Dewey. Ask my brothers and I. Okay, okay. GO AHEAD! COMMENT.
  • dewey
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Duck Talk (A Discussion on All Things Ducktales) by xanderwrites
Duck Talk (A Discussion on All Thi...by The Dude Mabel
This is a discussion on all things Ducktales 2017, topics like, after episode recap, characters, etc. Ducktales and It's Characters are owned by Disney.
  • donaldduck
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Webby x Louie tales  by Jenni_00f
Webby x Louie tales by Jen Jen
Just a few stories about this cute pair lol
  • 2018
  • ducktales
  • webby
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Baby sister (brothers conflict 2) by Philimena2254
Baby sister (brothers conflict 2)by Philimena
After Nina leaves for the camp with WIB
  • cuteness
  • conflict
  • dramtic
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Ducktales~ Brotherly One-Shots (Choose your path)  by Dewey_Duck
Ducktales~ Brotherly One-Shots (Ch...by Dewey Duck
This book will comprise (be made up) of BROTHERLY One-Shots. You will get to choose how the story ends. Example- At the end of chapter one, it says, "Go to the c...
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