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𝖌𝖔𝖑𝖉 by Peach-Top
𝖌𝖔𝖑𝖉by 𝖘𝖈𝖗𝖔𝖔𝖌𝖎𝖊
╭┈─────── ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ- ╰┈➤ gold . . . ⇢ ˗ˏˋ louie met a boy who's surprisingly related to doofus, but as the two get closed, louie slowly has a crush on him. ࿐ྂ ...
Following My Destiny - A Louie Duck Fanfiction by ryandeathsadboi
Following My Destiny - A Louie Ryan Death
°Louie Duck, or as he is now called, Louis O'gilt is a runaway and a heister. Why did he runaway? Read to find out! °Inspired by: 'Destiny' by @MagentaMisery and 'you...
The Pyromaniac Chemist (Louie x Oc) by I_hav_no_life
The Pyromaniac Chemist (Louie x Oc)by Yami G.
We all know how the story of Ducktales goes, but what if Gyro Gearloose, the mad scientist of McDuck Industries, had a daughter? And what happens when this particular gi...
Ducktales: Abandonment by TheHardie-Boy
Ducktales: Abandonmentby TheHardie-Boy
Three year old Clarissa Duck was there to see everything. The launch of the Spear of Selene, Donald leaving, the family being torn apart, and Scrooge's descent into isol...
Kitten| Louie Duck x Reader| by PhoenixFire2305
Kitten| Louie Duck x Reader|by PotatoDuckling
Warning: V E R Y slow updates (Y/n) West-Cabrera is a tanned duck. The daughter of a great adventurer,Thomas West. She just so happens to also be related Fenton Cracksh...
Duck Tales x oc by Hydranga2
Duck Tales x ocby Misaki
Duck Tales but with oc. Meet Elanor or Ella if you will. She isn't related (blood wise) to the family but she is a big part of it. Ella was found by Donald passed out ne...
Habits by BacktrackSoCasually
Habitsby BacktrackSoCasually
Marina Duck is many things. She's the eldest of the Duck siblings and the only niece to Donald Duck. She's fair, just, incredibly loyal, and can be a bit cheeky. But ove...
Ducktales 2017: Gizmoduck's/ Fenton's Duck Of His Dreams (DISCONTINUED)  by wolfchibi27
Ducktales 2017: Gizmoduck's/ wolfchibi27
Maria Rose is the niece of famous adventurer Scrooge McDuck. She was adopted by Donald Duck shortly after Della went missing becoming a big sister to the triplets. Maria...
Oh phooey- I traveled through time?! [DuckTales] by somePandalol
Oh phooey- I traveled through somePandalol
We all know and love young Donald, right? So what if he gets to see what an amazing duck he is going to become after unknowingly traveling through time? Let's daydream t...
"Youngest" Duckling by Pink_Journal
"Youngest" Ducklingby Blank
Meet Isabelle Duck a.k.a. Izzy Don't get fooled by her lazy attitude she's actually quite hardworking and when you pushed enough buttons she will explode. Throughout her...
Chloe- Little Sister AU (DuckTales 2017) by AnwynB03
Chloe- Little Sister AU ( AnwynB03
A week before her triplet eggs were to hatch, Della laid another. She disappeared a few days later, leaving Donald with 4 eggs to worry about. The 4th egg hatched a mont...
Ducktales X Male reader/OC by Shadow_Ninja51
Ducktales X Male reader/OCby Shadow_Ninja51
follow the exploits of Scrooge McDuck and his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie along with their Father Jason duck as they travel around the world solving mysteries and rewr...
Louie Duck x Male! reader by CL0V3RRRRRRR
Louie Duck x Male! readerby Sprout
IM ACTIVE AGAIN!! bascially just the title. Reminder!! Reader is male!! lmao luv u guyss
The F.O.W.L. House (DuckTales x The Owl House) by DominicCaruso36924
The F.O.W.L. House (DuckTales x LA Devotee
After the Ducks find out about F.O.W.L's plot against them, Scrooge sets up an emergency bace camp in another dimension called the "Boiling Isles." But this pl...
Yandere Toons x Reader (Headcanons & Scenarios) by yandere-toons
Yandere Toons x Reader ( yandere-toons
A collection of yandere works starring characters from 9 (2009), A Song of Ice and Fire, American Dad!, Animaniacs, Batman: The Enemy Within, Better Call Saul, Blue Exor...
The Family I Needed  by Kim_the_Rabbit17
The Family I Needed by Kim
Charlotte has been living with Donald and the triplets a few months after being saved from the streets and has remained in the same spot since her arrival: the couch/kit...
Look to the Stars by Kim_the_Rabbit17
Look to the Starsby Kim
Ever since the Shadow War, everything had gone back to normal with the family growing closer together. Charlotte had really grown out of her shell with Scrooge's help. S...
Collision by ChoirGal000
Collisionby Shush
Andria is a twelve year old foster kid, bouncing around from home to home. At least until she suddenly wakes up in the world of her favorite TV show, Duck tales. With th...
DuckTales Reader X: New friends in Duckburg by mIlkshake185
DuckTales Reader X: New friends Syd The Disney Kid
After moving to DuckBurg, you as a kid help your family earn extra money by playing music on the sidewalk, until one day, when four other kids come along, and your life...
For Every Action, There is an Equal and Opposite Reaction by CartoonsAreGreat
For Every Action, There is an CartoonsAreGreat
In this story, Huey Duck ends up on the moon with his mother, Della Duck. He grows up there and learns how to survive in that environment, all the while wanting to get t...