Might Solve a Mystery, or Rewrite Hist'ry!

Might Solve a Mystery, or Rewrite Hist'ry!

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A Person By avatarhay Updated Dec 10, 2019


I fell into a world with anpamoricphoc animals??? Help!!! Wait a minute in know these ducks. I'm in Ducktales! By the time the shock settled in I had already been "adopted" into the Duck's family due to Scrooge's love of mysteries.  Not only was I handling being everyone's new play pretty but also dealing with Magica, who had threatened to keep me from returning home. Honestly though, that's fine by me I like it here. Let's do all the adventuring! I have a feeling once she finds that out, she'll be more than willing to send me home. That's where I'll draw the line! But for now let's have fun!

A/n: I messed with the time line and Magica's power a little. Not enough to be annoying hopefully!! There's a mixture of episodes and nonepisodes!! Enjoy 😉 

Disclaimer: Disney owns Ducktales because you know your girl would be confirming all the head canons and doing all the ships!