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The Mystery's of Clan McDuck! - A Ducktales Big Sister AU- by Georgiawritez
The Mystery's of Clan McDuck! - Georgia
__________________ ♡︎~A Ducktales Season 1 Rewrite~♡︎ Selene Duck lives a very normal life. She has a good friend group and decent grades. She lives with her Uncle Donal...
Amhrán Na Farraige (Ducktales 2017) by wolfchibi27
Amhrán Na Farraige (Ducktales 2017)by wolfchibi27
Saoirse is an orphan living in Duckberg's orphanage before meeting an armoured duck on a dark and stormy night by faith. The only item was an ancient shell that belonged...
The Collection of DuckTales One-Shots by SpoiledTruth
The Collection of DuckTales SpoiledTruth
This book hosts a collection of one-shots I've written on Tumblr. I don't own Ducktales, Disney does.
Little Louie  by I-heart-baby-sonic
Little Louie by LittleOne
Louie is a little and when he has a accident while playing a game his uncles find out. Will they accept him or not. Read it to find out. Louie is 13 years old but his li...
Webby Vanderquack...or is it McDuck? - Season One, Episode One by Asgardianprincess101
Webby Vanderquack...or is it Asgardianprincess101
What if... Mrs. Beakley once had an older adopted sister named Aria. She helped to raise Della and Donald, and along the way fell in love with Scrooge McDuck. What if s...
Who Cares What Happened to Mr. Duck? by AhyokaADyolf
Who Cares What Happened to Mr. MaDella Prower
It's been a year since "The Last Adventure", and life has gone back to normal for the Duck family- "normal" being subjective, of course. Unfortunatel...
In the Money Bin (Ducktales x Human!Child!OC) by Pink_Journal
In the Money Bin (Ducktales x Blank
(On Hold) (Re-writing) Long ago there was a time when humans and anthropomorphic animals all lived together when humans are powerful magic users, some say even more powe...
Ducktales: Donald's Daughter by SciFiGirl253
Ducktales: Donald's Daughterby SciFiGirl253
Diane Duck has traveled all the way from New Duck City to meet her father...Donald Duck. For eleven years she's grown up with her mom, Daisy, without any mention of her...
Kenai Webby (April) Vander Duck Jr by darkglitchduckjdrake
Kenai Webby (April) Vander Duck Jrby Official Fire Wing Mc Duck
JUST SWITCHED ROLES AND FULL ROLE PLAY!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Scrooge and drakes family go on a disney world vaction  by webbyducktales2017
Scrooge and drakes family go on webbyducktales_
Darkwing's family goes on vaction with scrooge mc ducks family! And they going on rides d staying in a hotel for christmas!! Enjoy everyone! :)
The Rise and Fall of F.O.W.L. by backgroundshipper
The Rise and Fall of backgroundshipper
The sequel to The Chronicles of Emilie Duckman series,F.O.W.L. returns four years after said series,when the family is torn apart.But can the reunited to take down F.O.W...
"ጠልጕቿ ዐሁዪ ሠልሃ ነዒሁልዪቿ!" by Laughing_Variant
"ጠልጕቿ ዐሁዪ ሠልሃ ነዒሁልዪቿ!"by Danyssa
ል ዕሁርጕ ፕልረቿነ (2017) ዪዐረቿየረልሃ
DuckTales One-Shots (You Choose The Ending) by Amethyst_8XM
DuckTales One-Shots (You Choose Amethyst_8XM
Hello! This is a one-shot book where you choose the ending! I'll explain how everything will work in the first part of this book! This is not my idea! I am crediting the...
Magica returns  by webbyducktales2017
Magica returns by webbyducktales_
Scrooge mc duck enemy returns to steal his number one dime and use it to rule the entire world! But will Scrooge and the gang stop Magica before it's 2 late?
First Meeting  by backgroundshipper
First Meeting by backgroundshipper
When Fenton decides to introduce Flora to the Duck/McDuck family, she worries how they'll react to her. Commission for Flora from the Ducktales Amino Flora belongs to t...
A Delpad Wedding  by backgroundshipper
A Delpad Wedding by backgroundshipper
It's the day of Launchpad, and Della's wedding, and it's taking place on a plane!While it's prefect for them,there are some people who are skeptical about it,especially...
Ducktales Drawings Woohoo  by FTRSfangirl
Ducktales Drawings Woohoo by That Insomniac
My drawings there just a bunch of bad sketches I do because I'm really bored or got inspired so don't expect too much detail Warning there are a lot of drawings and spoi...