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My Christmas miracle: Scrooge (2022) x Fem by monicaS2010
My Christmas miracle: Scrooge ( Wondering why I'm too lazy
Scrooge is a grumpy man who hates the seasonal Christmas joy and is met with three ghosts of the Past, present, and Yet to come along with his wife Y/n Scrooge. She was...
Destiny - A Ducktales Fanfic by MagentaMisery
Destiny - A Ducktales Fanficby MagentaMisery
Part 1 of the 'Louie Gold' series. One mistake, He had one small error and apparently his 'family' turned his back on him! Well Louie was done with his family who cha...
Ebenezer Scrooge x Oc(Completed) by SpaceQueen238
Ebenezer Scrooge x Oc(Completed)by SpaceQueen238
So I decided to do a Christmas book so yeah Warning male x male if you don't like it then please leave. And I love this movie so much! So why not make a book about it. ...
Ducktales {Big sister AU} by Jollyisor
Ducktales {Big sister AU}by Jollyisor
*SOON TO GO UNDER COMPLETE EDIT* So this story's idea was inspired by @Jirukon so things might seem a lot like their book. I promise to do my best to not copy how they p...
Collision by ChoirGal000
Collisionby Shush
Andria is a twelve year old foster kid, bouncing around from home to home. At least until she suddenly wakes up in the world of her favorite TV show, Duck tales. With th...
Scrooge McDuck x Reader: Love in Duckberg by butlersforlife4141
Scrooge McDuck x Reader: Love in butlersforlife4141
X Reader story with Scrooge McDuck (2017 reboot)
The Family I Needed  by Kim_the_Rabbit17
The Family I Needed by Kim_the_Rabbit17
Charlotte has been living with Donald and the triplets a few months after being saved from the streets and has remained in the same spot since her arrival: the couch/kit...
YOUR MARRIED?!?! by undertakercoffin
YOUR MARRIED?!?!by undertakercoffin
In scrooge's office the triplets find a wedding picture of scrooge getting married to someone?!! and with the help of webby they try to uncover who is the one married to...
Ebenezer Scrooge x Reader by S4m0H4m
Ebenezer Scrooge x Readerby Sammy<3
I decided to make this, as everyone is simping over this man(including me) and I need something to do! Please comment, it really help with ideas when I have writers blo...
Scrooge Mcduck x Reader (Ducktales 2017) by Mary102s_arts
Scrooge Mcduck x Reader ( Mary102Friends
(Y/N)(l/N) move in Duckburg and started a job as Scrooge Mcduck's maid. And started to have feelings for Scrooge Mcduck. will (y/n) confess her feelings to him? Does Scr...
Until I Found You [A 'Scrooge: A Christmas Carol Fanfic] by KarunaGogoi
Until I Found You [A 'Scrooge: A Shh! Yes, I'm Nxde
"I would never fall in love again untill I found her" I said "I would never fall unless it's you I fall into" I was lost within th...
Look to the Stars by Kim_the_Rabbit17
Look to the Starsby Kim_the_Rabbit17
Ever since the Shadow War, everything had gone back to normal with the family growing closer together. Charlotte had really grown out of her shell with Scrooge's help. S...
Ducktales X Male reader/OC by Shadow_Ninja51
Ducktales X Male reader/OCby Shadow_Ninja51
follow the exploits of Scrooge McDuck and his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie along with their Father Jason duck as they travel around the world solving mysteries and rewr...
Legacy - A Ducktales Fanfic. by MagentaMisery
Legacy - A Ducktales MagentaMisery
Part 2 of the 'Louie Gold' series. 7-months after the Kovax debacle, Louie and his gang are after their next big score. Though it seems Louie has been keeping secret the...
The Adventure of a Lifetime by Kim_the_Rabbit17
The Adventure of a Lifetimeby Kim_the_Rabbit17
With the invasion over and Lunaris defeated, everything was getting back to normal. At least, that's what Charlotte thought. F.O.W.L., the Fiendish Organization for Worl...
DuckTales: 2017- Touching/Cute/ Funny Moments by Agent_Random
DuckTales: 2017- Touching/Cute/ Strangle005
These moments are not going to be from the show. I am simply making them up. Just as the title says. I hope you enjoy! Feedback and suggestions are very welcome.
The Legendary Louie Gold (A Ducktales Fanfic) by AnimePokemonWorld
The Legendary Louie Gold (A ꧁☪匚卂尺ᗪ匚卂卩ㄒㄖ尺 卩ㄖҜ乇爪乇ㄖ山☪꧂
Louie had always been the one to blame for family mishaps. Sure, it was his fault with the Time Tub incident, but that doesn't mean EVERYTHING is now his fault when some...
Ducktales Retold: The Life Of Aiden Fauntleroy  by Jozar143
Ducktales Retold: The Life Of Joseph Cirrone
I made my own fanfictional character from the 1987 ducktales and the 2017 ducktales versions, a only eleven-year old human boy with a magical amulet similar to Lena's am...
(*COMPLETED*)New Beginnings: A Ducktales Debbigail Fanfic by AutumWrites
(*COMPLETED*)New Beginnings: A AutumWrites
One night, Dewey leaves the manor after learning a harsh truth Della has been hiding from him out into a stormy night. Only one thing also happens that night, Dewey is f...
Ebenezer Scrooge x reader by Yona_Senpai
Ebenezer Scrooge x readerby IM A CLOWN F^CKER 😩
Uh I don't really have a description for this. It'll go like the 2022 movie goes with some slight changes to add you in it !! I'm writing This mainly for myself as there...