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Coco Bean [Sanders Sides Analogical AU] by DewdropStudios
Coco Bean [Sanders Sides Droplet
Pastel!Virgil and Punk!Logan, along with high school au Virgil di Angelo is a pure-hearted, innocent and anxious senior in high school living with his older brother, Rem...
Difference by SimplyAThought
Differenceby simply.a.thought
Everyone looked like Thomas since he's their host. Just some look a little different, especially the dark sides. Even the former ones. For example, Remus has white in hi...
Coffee, Pastries, And Honesty- A LAMP Sanders Fic by QueenComplexes
Coffee, Pastries, And Honesty- A LissaIsTryingHerBest
Imagine a world where everyone has a soulmate. Someone who is guaranteed to always love you without any restraints and will always be by your side. Now imagine being one...
Reincarnation?  // analogical love story//  by Udderly-Upset
Reincarnation? // analogical snek
Logan dies from a terrible accident, but comes back as a black cat, only guessing to him is reincarnation. Surprisingly after a long journey he finds himself in the care...
Not Your Ordinary Family {Sanders Sides cat AU} by DewdropStudios
Not Your Ordinary Family { Droplet
I'll be using Deceit's real name Janus (Deceit), Patton, Remus, Roman, and Logan are feral cats living in an abandoned barn. Life was simple and quaint until Janus come...
The Melting Pot Complex by KnittedKneeHighs
The Melting Pot Complexby KnittedKneeHighs
'Looking for quiet roommate.' 'Located in quiet area.' 'Apartment has previously received noise complaints.' Virgil groaned and tossed his phone onto his bed, burying hi...
Not Your Typical Ghost Story by GiveMeMyOwn
Not Your Typical Ghost Storyby 💜💜Kam💜💜
Remus and Roman Garcia are twins and have always been inseparable. They've also always been polar opposites, but not even that could stop them from doing anything and ev...
No More Tears by applej_juice
No More Tearsby applej_juice
Aucturita is a person who contains superhuman abilities or powers. A Infirmi is a person who does not have any power. In this world it is very common for people to have...
The Swan Prince {Sanders Sides Analogical AU} by DewdropStudios
The Swan Prince {Sanders Sides Droplet
Prince Virgil and Prince Logan are betrothed at a young age, their parents, King Thomas and King Patton, were dead set on them falling in love and being wed. They were t...
It's Not Normal - {Analogical} by -A_trash_can-
It's Not Normal - {Analogical}by Literally Garbage
"It's not normal Lo, he shouldn't do that to you!" "It isn't?" ------------------------------ Logan never fully understood feelings, so Patton, as hi...
You're Not Broken, You're Human by HeckinWeirdo
You're Not Broken, You're Humanby M0thman
Trigger Warnings- Blood, Death (Only In Dreams), Badly written panic attacks, Deceit (Snek) ⭐️COMPLETED MY DUDES⭐️ I suck at descriptions so here's what's in this story...
Deceit's Game by morallyGreyNightmare
Deceit's Gameby Grey
Deceit has wormed his way into the family. The others now all respect him. But they shouldn't have let their guard down. What is going to happen when he works to get rev...
Melodies (Analogical) by SinglePringlePatton
Melodies (Analogical)by Re
Virgil has a panic attack and Logan comes to see what's up. When he can't seem to get Virgil to calm down, Logan lets him in on one dark, embarrassing, beautifully-sound...
Elemental Enemies [COMPLETED] by TazerTavez
Elemental Enemies [COMPLETED]by TazerTavez
1 villain against 3 Hero's, a story for everyone to remember for the rest of their lives. He's been abused, broken, unloved but what happens when Virgil loses his cool...
Welcome to the Real World (poly Sanders/LAMP) by Phand0mIsEverywhere
Welcome to the Real World (poly awkward and scared
"What's happening?" When the sides wake up in the real world, with little to no memories or knowledge of the others and Thomas what happens? They are living se...
Everything's Okay When Your Hands In Mine by billythepenguin
Everything's Okay When Your billythepenguin
Human AU... Well mostly human Virgil isolates himself out of fear, only letting his childhood friend Patton close. This it until he meets a quiet nerd and can't help bu...
Thomas is Analogically Royalty {A Royalty And Analogical Fanfiction} by BlehIsATermForStupid
Thomas is Analogically Royalty { ★❦Logan Fangirl❦★
Logan passes out and shatters his glasses, Virgil helps him by taking care of him, Logan pays back the favor when Virgil has a panic attack and he tries his best to calm...
Sanders Sides One Shots by mind_writing
Sanders Sides One Shotsby 𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓮
I take requests! (But I only do the ones I want) (no smut btw) Reviews: @romans_sash: "The stories are so well written and always make me smile. Love every single o...
Monsters  (Analogical & Royality) by MoonGazer215
Monsters (Analogical & Royality)by Dontdeleteuracct
A shapeshifter, a vampire, a fairy, and a werewolf become roommates after trying their hand in the human world. The only problem is, they all think they are the only mon...
Pounding Hooves, and Thunderstorms {Sanders Sides Horse AU} by DewdropStudios
Pounding Hooves, and Droplet
Janus, Remus, and Virgil all come from different backgrounds and are different breeds, none belonging in the wilderness. But despite their differences in breeds and form...