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Chat (Prinxiety) by notafeeling
Chat (Prinxiety)by Mek
Thomas has added Sir Prince-A-Lot, anxious mess, Hi I'm Dad and Logically Thinking into the chat. - will eventually feature prinxiety and maybe logicality.
sanders sides oneshots :D by Swearingparrot
sanders sides oneshots :Dby 𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕪𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕣
i've been told these are the fluffiest sanders sides oneshots on wattpad- read my book "1-to-2 shots" for the sanders sides oneshots i'm really proud of with m...
Sanders sides agere oneshots by illogical_lies
Sanders sides agere oneshotsby illogical_lies
This is my first time writing about age regression so if I wrote anything wrong, I apologize. 😅 I mostly write about agere Janus because he's my comfort character and I...
Broken Planchette ~ Prinxiety by PrevailedPrince
Broken Planchette ~ Prinxietyby Roman Relyea
When a sleepover turns sour, Virgil Reed finds himself hit with the biggest miracle. His first 'Friend', the new kid in town Roman Black. From most hated to popular and...
BloodBond~Prinxiety by PrevailedPrince2
BloodBond~Prinxietyby Roman Relyea
Virgil Grim, a hunter mage from one of the big hunter families, has the unique ability to retain Vampire venom in his body after he's been bitten, giving him powers clos...
Sanders Sides x Reader Stuff by PeacefulLavender
Sanders Sides x Reader Stuffby Ginger Bread~
so this is just a book with Sanders Sides x reader stuff, Please remember you are special! have an incredible day. I do not own sanders sides (obviously), and I do not...
~sanders sides ship one shots~  by enbyqueen23
~sanders sides ship one shots~ by Em
•Sanders sides one shots, all ships welcome (no remrom, no sweet home Alabama on THIS Christian Minecraft server) •Requests are welcome :) •I update at least once a we...
The PUR-fect Curse by PrevailedPrince2
The PUR-fect Curseby Roman Relyea
(Cover Made By @Winstermagic ) (Written based off a prompt from Vpow4life) In a fit of anger, Roman goes out and get's himself cursed. Now he's stuck being cared for by...
No Never Yes||Prinxiety|| by BadIdeasAreHere
No Never Yes||Prinxiety||by With You I'm Always Home
Virgil had his own life, his own group of mismatched, odd friends. Roman had his clique and his power. The two were about to collide in one big mess. High School/Soulma...
Sanders Sides Smut by Theatre_Nerd01
Sanders Sides Smutby Theatre Nerd
This is yet another: Sanders Sides Smut book! I take requests and I will update when I can. I am sorry if it's cringy or the updates are slow. Please forgive me. I do ta...
Our Song ♡Sanders Sides♡ by ineedofsleep
Our Song ♡Sanders Sides♡by Nik
(cover art by @_All_Hail_Rat_God The soulmate song. When people are born, they have a song that only them and their soulmate know. Roman Kingsley is just a simple boy t...
Virgil Storm : Pirates  by royallyqueer
Virgil Storm : Pirates by Nyx
Platonic Moxiety, Prinxiety, and Logicality. Roman is the prince of pirates. Logan is his first mate. Virgil is a slave on an enemy ship along with Patton. What happens...
Lily by PrevailedPrince
Lilyby Roman Relyea
Virgil Lily, Prince of Lillium, never really had a 'normal' life. He was housebound and treated differently... although that was because of his magic. Locked away until...
TextPal by PrevailedPrince
TextPalby Roman Relyea
Virgil Grey was given an assignment from is Sociology teacher Mx.Jones. It was their version of a penpal but with a phone instead. After being late to chose a number Vir...
The Melting Pot Complex by KnittedKneeHighs
The Melting Pot Complexby KnittedKneeHighs
'Looking for quiet roommate.' 'Located in quiet area.' 'Apartment has previously received noise complaints.' Virgil groaned and tossed his phone onto his bed, burying hi...
We Can be Heroes {Sanders Sides Superhero AU} by GiveMeMyOwn
We Can be Heroes {Sanders Sides Su...by 💜💜Kam💜💜
Logan, Roman, and Patton are best friends and the best team of superheroes in the city. Together they have stopped hundreds of crimes and captured several villains. The...
Roman One-Shots by WorldOffStoriesOn
Roman One-Shotsby WorldOffStoriesOn
Mostly angst one-shots because I love angst. I love bottom Roman, so these will be bottom Roman. (Fight me) To all you sinful creatures, I don't write smut. The begin...
Bad Rumors by PrevailedPrince2
Bad Rumorsby Roman Relyea
Rumors spread like wildfire. Maybe that's why Dee took stock of them like currency. Rumors... Secrets... Just information in general, It'll get you far with him. He's a...
Can I Fly Too? | Sanders Sides | Prinxiety by Harper_TheLoveQueen
Can I Fly Too? | Sanders Sides | P...by Harper
Everyone here has their own pair of wings they are born with. It can be the same color, or it could be different colors. Roman has beautiful red wings, though he can't f...
Folder 0073 by TheRandomPenguin
Folder 0073by Poof
[SANDERS SIDES HUMAN AU] A collection of files from the "Recover and Reform" project, led by Doctor Logan Berry.