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Malfunction (DBH Connor x Reader) by brains_over_brawn
Malfunction (DBH Connor x Reader)by brains_over_brawn
You are Detective (y/n) Anderson, the daughter and partner of Lieutenant Hank Anderson. Until a string of android related homicide cases start popping up more frequently...
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DBH x Reader by youneverknow22
DBH x Readerby Youneverknow22
Y/N Anderson. Daughter of the famous Hank Anderson and detective. Take the plot twisting adventure with Y/N and Hank, maybe a certain android will join. This story is ba...
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Hank's special girl || Detroit Become Human by Stella-Quinn
Hank's special girl || Detroit Stella Quinn
Stella was the sweetest kid everyone liked, she helped others and treated everyone the same but that all changed when her brother Cole died, that changed the caring girl...
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S o f t w a r e  I n s t a b i l i t y  ☆Connor X MaleReader☆ by BrxkenLovee
S o f t w a r e I n s t a b i l ♡L o v e l y♡
You're a male detective who works for Connor and Lieutenant Anderson Life is messed up sometimes ☡Contains cursing, suicide, lgbtq☡ If you don't like any listed above th...
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Conner and Hank in Detroit by ShadowX1200
Conner and Hank in Detroitby ShadowX1200
Yes, I know. Such a creative name for a story. Anyway, this story is about Connor and Hank facing daily tasks together. Random things happen.. So.. 😂 There may also be...
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DBH Connor x Reader by AJ-Cat_Gonzaga
DBH Connor x Readerby Chibigo
You are a very smart detective and deviant hunter in Detroit. In most of your missions, you've been accompanied by an android, an RK800. You've been partners for as long...
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I AM ALIVE (Connor X Reader) Detroit: Become Human by Nova-Waves
I AM ALIVE (Connor X Reader) Nova-Waves
Y/N is a woman who has been working for the Detroit Police for many years. She's an Investigator/Detective who always works alone, also following the mystery as to why A...
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Connor: Become Human by CarinaCherub
Connor: Become Humanby CarinaCherub
This is a Detroit: Become Human fanfic!! ⚠️ It's full of spoilers if you haven't played / watched the game; I highly recommend doing one or both of those things if...
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Blue Blood - A Detroit Become Human  Story  by unknownbeing-mp4
Blue Blood - A Detroit Become Lost
Hank's passing had hit Connor harder than he thought was possible for even an android, but that's the 'fun' of being deviant is feeling pain you really didn't fucking wa...
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Detroit: Become Human Oneshots by _I_AM_DEVIANT_
Detroit: Become Human Oneshotsby _I_AM_DEVIANT_
This will be a small compilation of Oneshots/Scenarios/Imagines that come up in my head during work. From Hurt/Comfort, Fluff to x Readers, you will find almost anything...
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тwo ѕιded [Connor x Android Reader] by tht1awkwardfangirl
тwo ѕιded [Connor x Android Reader]by flygirl.j16 .
What if CyberLife wasn't the only company who attempted to make androids? Unfortunately their business didn't last long and that left one android out of the ordinary fro...
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I belong to you, Lieutenant! //Connor x Hank\\ by catshitsack
I belong to you, Lieutenant! // kittii litter
A few months after Markus' successful android revolution was carried out, many androids have started fresh and begun to build a new lives for themselves. Unfortunately f...
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a collection of art || itsbycallapie by itsbycallapie
a collection of art || jericho
art by me, jericho
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Deviancy - Connor xreader - (becoming human)  by becominghumantrash
Deviancy - Connor xreader - ( 👽
A new android to the team is quite a new addition. Seeing how Hank has adapted to Connor, will he take as much notice to her as he did Connor? Will Connor take much int...
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