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Jimmy's Younger sister . by HappyKlinetob
Jimmy's Younger sister .by Maggie
hello there... my name is Kris and i go by ri and rieì And i am 21 I lived in new york city. I have a youtuber brother and His name is... Jimmy aka Mrbeast I had h...
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Flying - Wu Yifan x Reader by Spicy_IceCream
Flying - Wu Yifan x Readerby Cole
When Wu Yifan meets the newest manager of EXO, Neither if them know who the other one is. With she lead him back to his old band mate? How will they take it? Read to fin...
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RESIDIVIS [PCY] by SeptyWardani
RESIDIVIS [PCY]by Septy Wardani
[🔞TRUE STORY] Realitas seorang Ketua Basis 296 (Barisan Siswa), tawuran, musuh warisan, cinta, aborsi dan solidaritas persahabatan. °°°Gue pernah jadi seorang anak Raja...
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Trust || EXO by crystalliceyes
Trust || EXOby Park Chaerin
Running away from the hell and meeting a bunch of people whom she doesn't know. It was the most unexpected turn her uncertain life took. She starts to trust them with h...
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Boys Academy ✔️ EXO Fanfiction  by yoona_yona2791418279
Boys Academy ✔️ EXO Fanfiction by Yona_Taehyung
چی ڕوودەدات دوای ٥٠ ساڵ یاسایی ئەكادیمیا بگۆڕێت و كچێكێك بێت بۆ ئەكادیمیای كوڕان و لە ئەكادیمیاكە لەگەڵ كوڕەكان بخوێنێت ؟ جۆری چیڕۆك : كۆمیدی ، خۆشەویستی ، هاوڕەیەتی
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The Twins' Wife | ChanBaek FF by minkookiecake
The Twins' Wife | ChanBaek FFby ✨ aerial ✨
[ English Language ] on going Park Chan Yeol And Park Chan Yeon Are The Princes Of Elyxion Island. Their Youngest Brother Is Park Sehun. The Three Love Each Others So M...
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VISUAL TRIPLETS by candybyun94
Hanya cerita tentang keseharian si kembar tiga alias triplets Angga-Gio-Ata beserta antek-anteknya Bahasa amburadul Kuy cekidot kalo penasaran
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Knights of the night by KimSaeRon2003
Knights of the nightby KimSaeRon2003
A lost soul trying hard to find the reason of her own existence was lost in place where time decides your fate. With her hoping heart she tried solving her own mysterie...
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Interconnections by gucci_taehyung_bts
Interconnectionsby 방탄소년단
A very hard time for y/n after getting in between all she had to face in her life. Meeting someone who she never thought could make things different.. Well, Just like an...
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e.x.o. the mafia - sequel [exo x reader] by universaja
e.x.o. the mafia - sequel [exo x iyahyoo
book 1 can be found in my first account: @eahbernadette25 "is this really our end?" "don't ask me that. you choose this to end." After all the memori...
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A Gangster's Love by rishsmietch
A Gangster's Loveby rishsmietch
Read Niyo nalang po
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Encontro do Destino by JssicaKaroline100
Encontro do Destinoby Jessicabastos
Em desenvolvimento# Iniciado: 08/06/2020 sinopse: Vitória Dias, aos 26 anos, resolveu dar o primeiro passo para um de seus sonhos mais antigo: Conhecer cada pedacinho do...
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Obsession/ EXO'S 13th member by alexa_eclipse
Obsession/ EXO'S 13th memberby alexa_eclipse
She's really innocent and sweet very emotional and sentimental with her members, the media finds her a trouble maker in a good way Woosung 8# exo12 4#
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Walls Inside  by cloudxloeyy
Walls Inside by yeoponori
A girl who never believes in love but believes in hate A girl who never know what really happen to her to deserve all this in her life But the only thing she knew that s...
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EXO Fanchant by muxicydanxe
EXO Fanchantby 秀英
A guide to help EXO-L sing along with our talented boys. Bold is what you say Enjoy!💖 Requested by: @ShawtyRightHere Book Cover: @eungyu
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Elementals - OT12 Fanfiction by Spicy_IceCream
Elementals - OT12 Fanfictionby Cole
"Yes, superpowers actually exist," she sighed, for what seemed like the hundredth time that day, "How many times must I say this? Is it really that hard t...
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My Undertale art! by Kinda_Frisky
My Undertale art!by ☆゚.*豆芽儿☆゚.*
I TRY TO DRAW, OK?! I'M NOT GOOD AT IT. I drew some of the pictures in bed. I usually stay up till 4 :T Frisk is precious and must be protected at all costs :3 please do...
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შეიძლება ვიღაცას შენი ღიმილი შეუყვარდეს(დასრულებული) by KimHope88
შეიძლება ვიღაცას შენი ღიმილი შეუყვ Kim Hope
ისტორიაში მოთხრობილია გოგონას შესახებ რომელსაც იძულებით აქორწინებენ.მამამისს მისი მოშორება უნდა ამიტომ ვალის სანაცვლოდ შვილს აიძულებს დაქ2წორწინდესს
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Enemies at first (chanbaek) by chimmi123pabo
Enemies at first (chanbaek)by chimmi123pabo
"I hate you." "Thanks but.. I hate you more"
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