EXO Reactions ♡ by unicornbaekii
EXO Reactions ♡by Lena ♡
Reactions & Scenarios of EXO!! ^^ Every reaction has the name of an EXO song so I guess there will be lots of reactions ♡ [OT12? OT12.] Started: 04/11/2017 Ended: 16...
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Exo Boy×Boy Smut 2 by Spooky_Yeoldetort
Exo Boy×Boy Smut 2by Alexa
Book number two of my smuts! Chapters made at your request! Probably some fluffs I like those too. Lots of kinks, cussing, and sex of course. Cause what's a smut book wi...
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Scenes | k.v by hobigelic
Scenes | k.vby sub hobi。
❝ will you smile for me? ❞ implied bottom!taehyung ©hobigelic
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Kisah seorang gadis kampung dengan seorang ustaz yang baru balik dari mesir. Percintaan mereka adalah sesuatu yang indah tapi banyak rintangan yang dilalui bersama. Ki...
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exo fluff imagines by xiusmiles
exo fluff imaginesby ☁️
exo fluff imagines and preferences to hopefully make you smile! 💓 member x reader and ot9 included (: thank you for reading! 🌸
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Drunk_p.c.y × b.b.h (Completed) by karen_liu
Drunk_p.c.y × b.b.h (Completed)by 💫𝓼𝓪𝓽𝓾𝓻𝓷𝓼 𝓫𝓪𝓻𝓼💫
Real_pcy has started following you <> started- 8/13/18 ended- 10/3/18 ♡
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Adopted By EXO by Kmethebop
Adopted By EXOby joey
Yea adopted stories are cool but have you read an adopted story on crack? Aka a complete mess. *warning* Extremely cringy and an absolute mess -Enjoy this fan fic writt...
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oh, baby girl | kim minseok by OnlyWhenIWalkAway
oh, baby girl | kim minseokby 🌸 charlie 🌸
In his household, family ties were stronger than freedom. He was going to die a virgin, but his parents intervened. Now, he had to tend to his wife who was 13 years youn...
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Trapped // exo x reader by Sleepychen
Trapped // exo x readerby N ♡
Cover credits to @THEGUK _______________ You're just an average school girl, trying to fit in. Only problem was, this was an all boys school. You mysteriously catch the...
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walk on memories :: an exo roleplay  by loonbug
walk on memories :: an exo ♡♡♡
" we walk along this excited path together, covered in stars shining white, before the sleeping world reflected clearly, in your eyes opens its eyes "
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Kpop Smuts X Fluff by exo_chanbaek_12
Kpop Smuts X Fluffby 💜🌸👑Crystal👑🌸💜
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(♢)²PERSISTENT ┊ChenMin;; ⇢Omegaverse. by legendaery_
(♢)²PERSISTENT ┊ChenMin;; ⇢ spooky danidae
〘SEGUNDA TEMPORADA DE ²INSISTENT NECESARIO LEERLA ANTES DE LEER ESTA〙 «Es divertido como los papeles cambiaron, ¿No? Siempre encuentras una forma de ...
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salt and sky • minseok x jongdae  by abnegative
salt and sky • minseok x jongdae by abnegative
[ongoing] Jongdae is living a happy but lonely life. He never expects to have it turned upside down when he encounters a strange but beautiful creature one night when th...
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ATTENTION // CHANBAEK  by 1t-was-like-a-movie
ATTENTION // CHANBAEK by exo is my life
In which Chanyeol's ex won't leave him alone 🐢 there is no schedule so updates are random!! ‼️chanbaek and chansoo‼️ ⚠️WARNINGS⚠️ -CURSING -SEX -SLIGHT CHILDHOOD TRAM...
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EXO Reunite by exo_rider
EXO Reuniteby rider
[ COMPLETED ] * "You still love me, right?" "Until forever." * Sehun had gotten into a car accident. When the rest of the members heard it, they rush...
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Little Kitty • ChanBaek by jongdick
Little Kitty • ChanBaekby ☆ցҽօ
stoic business man, Park Chanyeol, is convinced he doesn't need anyone to share his less than humble abode with. however, his subordinate, Kim Jongdae, thinks otherwis...
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My Love (XiuChen) by Spooky_Yeoldetort
My Love (XiuChen)by Alexa
Minseok grew up in a small town, not too many friends but he liked it that way. As he grew up he began to realize that girls didn't appeal to him, only men did; Well one...
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➹ EXO Preferences | ot12 | Accepting Requests by jasmine321151
➹ EXO Preferences | ot12 | *_~Jasmine~_*
❝Let's go back to our Neverland . . . Our memories are still there All our laughter, smiles, Everything's still there I am your eternal Peter Pan❞ ...
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playboy  // chanbaek [chanyeol+baekhyun] by kaisooqt
playboy // chanbaek [ bby!
"i always saw him. i never thought that he would see me in that type of way..." in which chanyeol is a 27 year old business man, who has been lonely most of h...
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I am NOT your fan | EXO CHEN by daemarshmallow
I am NOT your fan | EXO CHENby Dae❤️
[ACTIVE & ONGOING] "Excuse me?" Jongdae started, interrupting the icy atmosphere between the two of us. What does he want again? "What? Do I have to greet...
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