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Attracted To You by khati17
Attracted To Youby khati17
Chloe Park, a rookie in the kpop industry, but whose fame is rising non-stop, meets the freshly voted best actor of the year, Song Joong Ki. Their first meeting on the...
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Always by minrin_ss
Alwaysby Bangsie (韓多様)
#1 descendantsofthesun as of 9.30.19 (A Song Joong Ki Fanfic) I'll always love you. Even if you forget about us, I'll make you fall for me over and over again. It's you...
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Twice High School Host Club (Twice/Iz*one x reader) 2 by Shirei01
Twice High School Host Club ( ㄴSY_R_ELㄱ
After Song (Y/n) [Your name] and (Y/n)'s half sister Bae Joohyun [Irene] leave Seoul, Korea to live in Tokyo, Japan with (Y/n)'s biological father Song Jong Ki, (Y/n) li...
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SPARTACE Secret by xolblink
SPARTACE Secretby sooyaaa
Everything are perfect at first. She was fine, he was fine. Everything was fine. Their love grows stronger each day they express their love to each other. Till one momen...
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SpartAce I: School Love Affair by mongji23
SpartAce I: School Love Affairby mongji23
While Jong Kook ventures the uncertain trails of scars and bruises, Ji Hyo endures the burdens of everyday spotlight and unwanted restrainment. Eventhough they are paci...
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SpartAce II: Today more than Yesterday by mongji23
SpartAce II: Today more than mongji23
The path they had taken lead them away from each other, making them forget their beautiful past that had somehow ended up with pain and had changed them. As they now ta...
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Is it Possible? (EDITING) by ERMI77
Is it Possible? (EDITING)by #UNIVERSE
"Tell me now mum! Now! He's a sleep and you know it's a bad idea to disturb him while sleeping. Why can't you tell me mum? Why?! Why?!" "Ji Hyo please...
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Korean One Shots {COMPLETED} by sunshine5151
Korean One Shots {COMPLETED}by Sunshine
All your Korean actors and K-Pop stars one shots here! I add music in the background to set the mood as much as I could so please play it before you start reading. Enjoy...
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I Would Do Anything For You by riendonghae
I Would Do Anything For Youby Lee Rien
It's been 2 years yet the scar Moon Chae Won has caused Song Joong Ki's heart was never healed. When they meet again, he was already a famous and successful actor like w...
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"Sorry for everything....."Jong Kook said as a tear left from his eye, "I'm not expecting you to forgive me, but I hope you'll be happy." She cried...
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Song Ji Hyo, let's date...for real! by litlew
Song Ji Hyo, let's date...for real!by litlew
[Seoul, December 2015 ] Lee Dong Wook and Song Ji Hyo are really close friends. Or at least that's what they claimed to be. What if they are actually more than friends a...
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SPARTACE Secret 2  by xolblink
SPARTACE Secret 2 by sooyaaa
When a Prince and a Princess got married, does it always be happily ever after? Through all the misery. Their love become stronger each day. Well, maybe because of one s...
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 | Spartace FF | My Personal Bodyguard | by Bangtan_76
| Spartace FF | My Personal Kim Kwan Min
Just read and you'll know!
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Parálisis del sueño by Jet_Ski
Parálisis del sueñoby Xai
Paz Sueno, a girl from an orphanage who kept dreaming about a boy when under sleep paralysis.
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Mr.Genius Meets Ms. Stupid by princesscelin
Mr.Genius Meets Ms. Stupidby princesscelin
Mr.Genius meets Ms.Stupid Inspired by : Its started with a kiss and Playful kiss
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NICE GUY FanFic 'After and Before' || Chaeki FF by MethaAlanaSailormoon
NICE GUY FanFic 'After and Before' Metha Alana Sailormoon Winche...
I CHANGED THE GENRE SINCE I WANT A ROM-COM. Hahaha… You won’t see any tears because I want so many happiness and just like what Maroo wants, a normal date with Eungi. No...
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Mr. Kim Jong Kook |ON HOLD| by xolblink
Mr. Kim Jong Kook |ON HOLD|by sooyaaa
Kim Jong Kook * 35 years old * CEO of Kim's Holding * Have a girlfriend named Yoon Eun Hye * Kang Gary's no.1 enemy and his cousin * The most arrogant person in the worl...
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[C] Running Man High -EDITING by _AuthorL_
[C] Running Man High -EDITINGby Author L
Running Man High. A school in which only the top and wealthy students can attend, but every year five lucky 'commoners' get to join the school free of charge. And when S...
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You Are My Cinderella (Super Junior) by teukkieda
You Are My Cinderella (Super Lee Donghae
If you see Haera, you will just think that she is only a university student. yes, she is just an ordinary girl in her university while Heechul is the most handsome,rich...
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Forgotten Past- Descendants Of The Sun by Wintersora
Forgotten Past- Descendants Of Sora
Everything was perfect in the eyes of three childhood friends Shi jin, Mo yeon, and Dae young. They have now achieved their dreams that they have wished for since they w...
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