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Obsession Of Your Love by _Lightray
Obsession Of Your Loveby Light_ray
Sanchana Sisodia is the daughter of the famous Lawyer of the city of Jaisalmer. Like her father, she has also dreamt of becoming a Lawyer but her dreams were shattered w...
Namal By Nemrah Ahmed ✔ by NovelisticBrownie
Namal By Nemrah Ahmed ✔by Character Ideas And Sketchs f...
Namal Novel Character Ideas Only Pictures.
Miss Thick by enhlesa101
Miss Thickby Minenhle Nkosi
INFJs - Advocates by Silvermask7
INFJs - Advocatesby Diamond rose
If you don't know what type you are take this test- The Advocate personality type is very rare, making up less than one percent of the po...
The Life of a Muslim Girl Living in a White Country by HeadintheClouds_001
The Life of a Muslim Girl Living Heba
Hello. The Life of a Muslim Girl Living in a White Country is an anthology exposing the islamophobia I and many others have faced/could relate to, especially when residi...
The Wedding Clock  by __Solobird__
The Wedding Clock by K S ✨
A cantankerous and obsessive voice intruded gaining the attention of the entire crowd " Stop it !! " Aakarsh Rathore. Up from the mandap he took off the gar...
Veiled Hearts: Love, Laughter and Unexpected Moments by ShwetaModani
Veiled Hearts: Love, Laughter Shweta Modani
Story is based around the life of Laura a advocate and Frank a architect. Their love, secrets and ideal relationship which faces it's own struggles.
The Law We Abide In  by Jiyu_1441
The Law We Abide In by Jiyu_1441
Hero, or Defender of the Law? Villain, or Barrister? Lawyers, or Students? Friends, or Lovers? ... or maybe both? read to find out, on 'The Law We Abide in' . . . . This...
A day in the life of my adult son who has cerebral palsy, Richard Rhodes by Advocacy-for-all
A day in the life of my adult Advocacy-for-all
Jamie Rhodes shares what a day is like for her adult son, Richard. Richard has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, is non-speaking, and is legally blind. Despite all of this, R...
Best income tax lawyer in Lucknow | When to hire a tax attorney by rahul1rahul
Best income tax lawyer in rahul1rahul
A tax attorney is a specialist in tax law, offering legal counsel and representation. Their main responsibility is to provide individuals, companies, and organisations w...
A tribute to women's resilient  by Tiffany602143
A tribute to women's resilient by Tifany
This poem reflects the ongoing struggle for gender equality and women's rights. It highlights the disparity and invisible chains that still exist despite claims of equal...
At the Bottom of the Closet by callanpoe11
At the Bottom of the Closetby Christopher Allan Poe
The son of a closeted lesbian couple in the 80s inadvertently sets off a tragic chain of events by revealing the truth about their relationship.
The Feminist Advocates (On Hold) ✒️ by RuthieEbun
The Feminist Advocates (On Hold) ✒️by Ebun
**This work is on hold because I want to focus on one book at a time** They were four friends who aimed at nothing but, to fight for the right of women. They would do an...
To My Alters: I'm Ready For You by Tinyness95
To My Alters: I'm Ready For Youby
This will be a collective of letters to my alters so that they know... I'm ready to meet you. And to the rest of you who have embarked with us on this journey, thank you...
Mental Health Advocacy by ResilientBella
Mental Health Advocacyby Laura Annabelle
Mental Health is so important. So important that we all as equal individuals must do our individual parts to not only educate but also all the other parts to not only br...
The Con-Artists by aiz9046
The Con-Artistsby _ ꪖ.ꪑ _
🏆 2nd Place Winner in Mystery Genre of 'The Peerless Introverts Awards' 🏆 2nd Place Winner in Mystery Genre of 'The Rose Awards 2020' 🏆 Runner Up in Mystery Genre of...
The Truth about the Carriage Industry by Crazy_teen15
The Truth about the Carriage ultimate._.fangirl
This is primarily focused on Charleston's carriages because that's where I am. I'm unfamiliar with how NY works but many of the things I talk about might apply to all ar...
Joshua Hunt Fitzroy Island - What Creative People Gain from Self-Acceptance by joshuahuntfitzroy
Joshua Hunt Fitzroy Island - Joshua Hunt Fitzroy Island
If you are a person that works in a creative field, there are a lot of challenges that you have to face. However, one of the biggest challenges that you have to face is...
Leo Mongillo - Attaining a Peaceful and Favorable Separation by leomongillolaw
Leo Mongillo - Attaining a Leo Mongillo Law in Toronto...
After all these years of staying together as partners, when life presents tough choices like a divorce, it would be unfair to get separated on bad terms. The separation...