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Rogue by L0VEandLUST
Rogueby lofi-loser.exe
An eighteen-year-old renegade with her whole life ahead of her might've finally found a place she can call home. 兵 Enomoto Akira has been on the run from her homeland f...
Quiet Farewell (JOONGDOK)ORV by szarcasml
Quiet Farewell (JOONGDOK)ORVby Sami
Kim Dokja is sick, really sick. He can't bring himself to tell his family and Yoo Joonghyuk Sneak Peak Kim Dokja swayed as he walked his mind was racing. How would he sa...
 Prankster Kitsune by MyAnimehub
Prankster Kitsuneby MyAnimehub
Naruto has split Personality the name of other Personality is Kitsune who love pranks. Don't take this seriously this fic is just comedy t=nothing more so don't try too...
The Memory Keeper (Naruto Fanfic) by slasheRR
The Memory Keeper (Naruto Fanfic)by no thanks
The bandages that covered his face in life have fallen away, all incinerated and hanging loosely around his neck. His face is completely destroyed. Unrecognizable. The s...
Deviant Blood by RevyRogue
Deviant Bloodby Reviana
Stories of blood bathed battles and killer warriors was nothing new to his kind. They thrived in what others would bow down and cower to. He was hired, along with comrad...
Running Free by SoKeefe2022
Running Freeby ZZ
What will happen if a horse shifter is born from two regular horses? What happens when -after she shifts- she's stuck as a human with no way to return to her furry self...
Vegaspete: Blood Ties 18+ by Valenciavept67
Vegaspete: Blood Ties 18+by Darklost
"I had no idea you'd drop your act so damn fast," Vegas said, his voice dripping with a mixture of amusement. I couldn't help but widen my eyes in disbelief, m...
ramblingz ramblingz ramblingz by ASHY_BOY_BANDUzz
ramblingz ramblingz ramblingzby BANDU
idk, me just rambling abt whatever. may sound crazy lolzz
The Worst One: Esperanto Branwen  by AdrianGonzalez558
The Worst One: Esperanto Branwen by KiraaLinks
"Y/N, you lived your life in such a farce. Thinking you could clean up the mess of the blood you spilled. Of the blood stains before you. This new family will help...
Naruto: wrath of Naruto  by simphiweisking
Naruto: wrath of Naruto by simphiweisking
After being his with the five elemental seal Naruto in given a gifts that will ensure that his destiny is fulfilled and goes t his home land to learn how to properly uti...
Bite The Bullet by NarutoAddict
Bite The Bulletby NarutoAddict
He stares at me with a practiced glare, and I respond with a wide smile, only for him to struggle in holding his contempt in place before he smirks back. "Exactly;...
Grojband Season 2!!!! by Nomie132
Grojband Season 2!!!!by °•☆Naomi☆•°
[Written: 2021 - 2023] What do you do when you're bored out of your mind and regret deleting an old book? Welp, that's the reason this book exists. I'm redoing my take...
Corey X Laney One Shots by DJ_pon3zzz
Corey X Laney One Shotsby
Some Corey x Laney (Corney) one shots! Leave requests if you want a specific one :D (only fluff) Started: October 17th 2022 Completed: - 🏆 #4 out of #521 in kin! 🏆 #1...
Whistlesong's Kin  by Aspenbriar99
Whistlesong's Kin by Aspenbriar99
What's it like to grow up never knowing your blood kin? Whistlekit believes that her life is perfect. She was adopted by two of the bravest, strongest warriors in Thund...
Before She Did by Murdong
Before She Didby Murdong
For around a week, Trina has found Laney as her new target for bullying. Unfortunately, Laney is more emotional than she usually is, and it's really embarrassing when it...
Mythical Survival Guide - The ultimate mythical OR human guide to survival. by FelixIsScreaming
Mythical Survival Guide - The FelixIsScreaming
learn how to defend yourself, sneak around, hide anything, survive in the wild, get through school and more, made by a mythical for everyone and anyone. the goal of thi...
Grojband&Newman one shots  *because i can* by LaneyxoLove
Grojband&Newman one shots * LaneyxoLove
Grojband and Newman one shots, mostly gonna be Corney and Larrie. *i don't own Grojband*
enamorada de un asesino by Michelparrales
enamorada de un asesinoby Michelparrales
si quieres saber algo de esta historia entra y descubrelo
States Of Love  by Kinna177
States Of Love by Kaung Kin Htet
Bl boy romance school love