Deviant Blood

Deviant Blood

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Reviana By RevyRogue Updated Mar 28, 2015

Stories of blood bathed battles and killer warriors was nothing new to his kind. They thrived in what others would bow down and cower to. He was hired, along with comrades to protect and server a powerful man. Only man was weak, to drawn to power, that they seemed to turn on even the most loyal of...dogs.

Without warning the Lord turned his blade to the ones he asked for loyalty and thus started an even fiercer war. It raged for summers, before the leader of the beasts so many have called Immortals, had seen enough of his comrades die. 

Entering the sleeping chambers of the Lord, swore to killing him if he should seek more death to his people. Ready to leave such a dark place, he found a light amidst the misfortune. So fragile, petite and innocents dripping from a mess of dark curls. 

He would teach this child the truth, correct all the lies that had been told and strengthen a new bond to be born. What he got over the summers, was not what he was expecting.

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cuteCats2016 cuteCats2016 May 12, 2018
just commentary on the titles, "King" would be used to describe the King of France; since Rome is an Empire at this point, it would be an Emperor, such as Emperor Augustus. However, there were kings of Rome in its early history, before the Republic.
riobreeding riobreeding Dec 02, 2017
I always love seeing the copy right thing at the beginning of a book bc most of the time it means it gonna be good
JTB_0075 JTB_0075 Dec 04, 2016
It looks as though there's an error on the book cover. The word "Deviant" is misspelled, unless that was done purposely.
cliuin cliuin Dec 04, 2015
The king is so high on his on stupidity that didn't observ the fact War is riding Death .Or the king just need his had moved from a dark place of his North side to see the afcts .
JASA4422 JASA4422 Oct 14, 2014
I have to be honest, I'm concern that I will like this story when I'm still waiting to know what will happen to Ember and Dean but I love your stories so here I go...
April_December April_December Oct 03, 2014
Wow! This will be a great read. Only one chapter yet I'm hooked and on the edge of my seat waiting for the next update!!!