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Prisoner for money (Fack)/ W @WhiteSh4adow by Fackisreal12
Prisoner for money (Fack)/ W Losver134
Finn Wolfhard, 17 anni, è il mio migliore sicario di Los Angeles.Un giorno riceve l'ordine di rapire il figlio di un importante miliardario, che gli ha rovinato la vita...
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The Missing Ring || Woojin x Hyewon by LeeYongbok_21
The Missing Ring || Woojin x Hyewonby LeeYongbok_21
It is supposed to be Hyewon and Woojin's wedding tomorrow but Woojin lost her ring. Can Woojin find her ring before their wedding?
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A Tale Of The Mob by The-Toasta14
A Tale Of The Mobby The-Toasta14
The Mafia is a fun place. At least it would seem. Meet a mob family knit tight and ready to go. The cast is original, and I would like to just enjoy writing a story of t...
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Food for Friends- A Klance Feel-good Story by CanonShipPrincess
Food for Friends- A Klance CanonShipPrincess
Keith is a struggling college student. Lance works in a food bank for extra credit hours towards his major: social work. When Keith can no longer make ends meet, he turn...
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Idea Bank by dovbtful
Idea Bankby Harlie Kaye
I have so many ideas going through my head, so i'm going to write them all down in a "journal" for you guys. Vote on the ones you want me to continue. The ones...
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My Life In Code by writeon27
My Life In Codeby Ansley
Passport? Check. Book of maps to every country in the world? Check. The world's best treasure hunting dad and the most incredible stepmom? Check. My amazing boyfrie...
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rookie mistake | ksj ✓ by shownunus
rookie mistake | ksj ✓by ❦
she met him at a bank robbery.
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❝I love your stupid, charming self.❞ • In which childhood best friends realize their feelings for eachother while trapped in a world of danger and excitement. • @ MUCHA...
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Dark Tidings by KenMagee
Dark Tidingsby Ken Magee
What happens when ancient magic collides with the internet? One thing is certain, modern life will never be the same again. A thousand years ago, a young thief, Tung, an...
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Millions || Gerard Way by Electric_Revenge
Millions || Gerard Wayby Official Electric Revenge©
'Alright ladies and gentleman, this is a robbery and if you want to make it out alive I suggest you get against that wall right fucking now!' ~~~ I've got ADHD, problems...
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SURRENDER   I   La casa de papel by faithincuteness1
SURRENDER I La casa de papelby sienna
and she embraced the chaos as it painted her life with purpose. -JH Hard In which a former soldier gets recruited to become...
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My two and only by sscreativityworld
My two and onlyby S
It's a romance, it's a story about family, friendship. Mariposa has been living without her family for a long time, until she suddenly had to take over her baby twin br...
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The girl who sold her virginity. by SamanthaLace
The girl who sold her Samantha
[Previously "Sold my virginity to a hot billionaire."] Mia O’Connell has had a hard life. Her mother is a drug addict, her brother is a drug dealer and all she...
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Painting Murders - (A Sherlock fanfic) by Tinytotsmc
Painting Murders - (A Sherlock Tinytot
Everly Sapphire is struggling through life. Her mum's gone; her dad's wrapped up in a drinking problem, trying his hardest to be the best he can be even though he's sick...
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Employee of the Year by DmitriRagano
Employee of the Yearby Dmitri Ragano
Temo McCarthy works in the call center for Passion Financial. He spends his days "dialing deadbeats", convincing broke, desperate customers to pay their overdu...
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enamorada de un asesino by Michelparrales
enamorada de un asesinoby Michelparrales
si quieres saber algo de esta historia entra y descubrelo
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criminal love (saurtis fanfic)  by chavelitarevera
criminal love (saurtis fanfic) by Saurtis Fan girl >.<
taurits is a robber with his friends yuki,grian and chan and there boss Yakuza.they are the top robbers noone can catch them even the police.The police are trying to fin...
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Money 'N Go by edlookinfresh
Money 'N Goby edlookinfresh
Phoebe and Jared are two partners in crime, inseperatable. Once they're both together, both of their skills combined... the crimes they're able to escape are incredible...
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Ways to join Illuminati secret cult WHATSAPP +4915216890041 by mariusspirit666
Ways to join Illuminati secret mariusspirit666
ILLUMINATI WORLDWIDE!!! Do you want to be RICH and FAMOUS? Do you want the world to recognize you and listen to you when you speak? Do you want to be in Power and Contro...
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The Ruthless Asian Heist.(Imperial Bank Of Japan)   by ShubhamVer
The Ruthless Asian Heist.( Shubham Ver
The man enters into the bank, just before closing time. 16 people were inside including customers and bank workers. He got everyone's attention and explained he was a go...
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