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The Pine Siblings  by Zinshi
The Pine Siblings by Zinshi~
Dipper, Tyrone, and Mason are triplets attending school in Gravity falls along with their sister Mabel. The pine siblings were at a café discussing some stuff until they...
Ask Or Dare the Cipher Family (again) by CipherFan35
Ask Or Dare the Cipher Family ( CipherFan35
I lost my other account. But we still get to see the demons in a Mabel sweater. Just please ask or dare them and these time I'm going to be making a book about these lov...
Zero Falls (Season 2)-CONTINUED by EmberTheStorian39
Zero Falls (Season 2)-CONTINUEDby EmberIsHere
The continuation of my Zero Falls book from my old account. To learn more about it, please look it up first, before reading this
the power of a dorito (Billdip) by shadow-travel
the power of a dorito (Billdip)by PigeonKing
imagine this: Ford is mad at dipper for getting the rift taken, and Mabel is mad at him for leaving his backpack there in the first place, then Stan is mad because he al...
Zero Falls: Season Two by EmberTheStorian
Zero Falls: Season Twoby EmberTheStorian
After surviving various monsters, power hungry demons, and mindblowing discoveries, the Cipher are hoping to have a normal rest of the summer. However, 'normal' and Zer...
I Miss My Brothers by Rosemaryy17
I Miss My Brothersby Rose
Three words Billdip Willdip Killdip
Fight Falls (yaoi) by Lukedonia
Fight Falls (yaoi)by Lukedonia
-EN PAUSA- Los gemelos pines mejor conocidos como él dúo maldito fueron eviados con su tio abuelo stan a un pueblo lejos de la civilizacion y las peleas callejeras d...
Twisted Redemption (Zero Gravity x Fight Falls) by fallingunDawn
Twisted Redemption (Zero Gravity Dawn Falls
After the collision of the universes of Fight Falls and Zero Gravity, Kill found his chance of bringing back the Weirdmageddon. Unlucky he was that Zero Gravity also had...
☆[Entre Dimensões]☆  by Darmoon_Rebaixado
☆[Entre Dimensões]☆ by Billyziip
(<N/A: ah cara.. eu não quero fazer isso pela a SEXTA vez consecutiva, então, faz favor e leia pra descobrir.>)
Killdip/Billdip/Willdip oneshots by EveyDaffern5
Killdip/Billdip/Willdip oneshotsby Evey Daffern
Killdip, Billdip, Willdip oneshots! I'll take suggestions and I will do smuts.
Escape (Willdip fanfic) DISCONTINUED by Yaoi_Is_Life_2958
Escape (Willdip fanfic) Yaoi_Is_Life_2958
(Discontinued) While Dipper and Mable are at a show Will steals Journal 1 and 2. He gives them to Gideon and Pacifica. All he asks for in return is for them to summon h...
Ask or Dare Gravity Falls by DeathGale
Ask or Dare Gravity Fallsby Sky Dawn
This is an ask or dare for Gravity Falls. The main characters are Dipper Pines, Mason Pines(Fight Falls), Tyrone Gleeful(Rev. Falls), Bill Cypher, Kill Cypher(Fight Fall...
Cipher Soulmate by Khloe_Levette
Cipher Soulmateby Khloe
When you turn 16 a tattoo might appear on your arm , the tattoo means you are one of the cipher soulmate. What will happen if this tattoo appears on Dipper? Read to find...
Killdip/Willdip/Billdip ask and dare by WillCipher319
Killdip/Willdip/Billdip ask and Evster1
Ask the famous couples dares and questions! (Kill x Tyrone) (Will x Mason) (Bill x Dipper)
Inevitability of a forsaken prophecy  by Zinshi
Inevitability of a forsaken Zinshi~
Dipper's nightmares seem to worsen with each passing year. This has been occurring since last summer til now. With college in his hands, he's unable to focus on both his...
Fight Falls + Zero Gravity by fallingunDawn
Fight Falls + Zero Gravityby Dawn Falls
Honouring the creators of Zero Gravity! Bill x Fight Falls! Dipper and Fight Falls! Kill x Zero Gravity! Dipper, here are one shots with my head canons. Zero Gravity bel...
billdip willdip killdip by Haileyvlinder
billdip willdip killdipby Hailey vlinder
hello this is my first story so pleas dont Judge me. i have Dyslexie and this is my secend language so sorry for any mistakes
Gravity Falls by Little_Devil_Aster
Gravity Fallsby LittleDevilAster
Characters do not belong to me nor does Gravity Falls! This will have peoples art in this and memes maybe so that will not belong to me.
fight revers and gravity falls school AU (remake) by anime_weeb-kun
fight revers and gravity falls anime_weeb-chan
hi so i think i might give up on this book with the other mha books so please give me hate full comments T-T
My Queen by norasaki029
My Queenby Akira007
bill won against the pine family and rule the world.........but he need a queen to be beside him........guess who? . . . . . . .warning:slow update and maybe short chapt...