Secrets IV by xxakanexx
Secrets IVby Cher
Some things are better left unsaid.
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Tearfully Reckless  by demiwitch1
Tearfully Reckless by Emily M.
《Avengers and Harry Potter Crossover》 《Book 4 of Series》 Emotional baggage is hard to put down, but Kendra Barton is determined to do so, for her fourth year at Hogwarts...
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kinky ; draco malfoy  by toxic_lemons
kinky ; draco malfoy by Alicia
❛If there was one thing that we knew about Draco, it was that he had the worlds biggest daddy kink❜ ⓒ [goblet of fire] [dracomalfoy] but it was okay cause she was...
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FOURTH by Oh_Hell_Nawh
FOURTHby Oh_Hell_Nawh
I only heard a few words since the phone went crazy with static. Unable to understand what the caller wanted me to know, I stayed on the phone a little while longer ou...
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Conflict (sequel) by Darkening-Skies
Conflict (sequel)by Helloooo
The Fourth Shinobi War has begun. Uzumaki Asami is taken from her resting place and forcibly placed on the battlefield as a reincarnation. Not knowing what's going on...
  • asami
  • war
  • mito
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Voicemail by CatchThese1000Hands
Voicemailby Tati
The third and final book in the Wrong Number series.
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A Book On Art That Might Suffice (4) by _JayExists_3
A Book On Art That Might Suffice ( Jay the Art Block
Well...we made it this far... (20/6/18-ongoing)
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never leave me ☾harmione  by chickengirl02
never leave me ☾harmione by ☾newt ☾
A world full of lies. That's what Hermione Granger sees. A world full of ridiculous, unneeded lies. She had hope that they would win the war. After she went into hiding...
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Art and Randomness (book 4)  by SunriseShine88
Art and Randomness (book 4) by Soft hours~
Drawings and random stuff || BOOK 4! I can't believe we have reached a fourth book.... This has more tomato goodness and more trash. As usual, I'll post my drawings a...
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The fourth Maynard (5 years later) (sequel) by Maybe_SDMN_XIX42
The fourth Maynard (5 years later) M.J❤️🦄🦋🦁
It's been 5 years, Conor is 29, Jack is 27, Anna is 21 and Delilah is now 18. The Maynard's, also known as the 4 most popular YouTube siblings in the world. At 29, Conor...
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The Destiny of A Dragon Rider [SLOW UPDATES] by avifauna
The Destiny of A Dragon Rider [ g.
BOOK FOUR. The war has begun. No longer is there a chance of peace in the world of Faye and her loved ones. Faye is now four months pregnant, and she's prepar...
  • fighting
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The Fourth Holmes by AcousticArtist
The Fourth Holmesby Kayla
I was born when Sherlock was 16. Mycroft was 23. Eurus, who I never met, was 15. From what Mycroft has told me, I'm glad I didn't meet her, too. I was never close to Myc...
  • sherlockholmes
  • stevenmoffat
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Doctor Who Chatroom (Classic and new) by AllonsyRapunzel
Doctor Who Chatroom (Classic and Rosie Lovegood
Chatroom with all the companions and Doctors! Not all at the same time though. Hope it's not too terrible! They do get better towards the end so please don't judge a boo...
  • susan
  • tardis
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The Molester Man Is Coming by Mackenzie_the_loser
The Molester Man Is Comingby Pity party show
Used to dread English class, because he would be waiting too touch me. Why I didn't say anything until now hurts me. He didn't have to do that. I was in forth grade and...
  • true
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The Fourth Quagmire by WarriorsLife6226
The Fourth Quagmireby WarriorsLife6226
This story does NOT crossover with my other ASOUE story. The cover girl is the Fourth Quagmire. Charlotte Quagmire.
  • quagmire
  • quigley
  • baudelaire
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I Want My Heart Back | ForthBeam (2Moons) by anonymous_writtings
I Want My Heart Back | ForthBeam ( anonymous_writtings
"O u r I n s t a g r am R e l a t i o n s h i p" This'll just be a cuteness overload
  • fanfiction
  • thai
  • bromance
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TMNT and Disney crossover (book 4) by LeslieHowell021
TMNT and Disney crossover (book 4)by Leslie Disney diva
After the gang rest on the second earth, they must team up with Mickey Mouse to stop the mind control serum inside the ogres. They must find these ten items • The Lost P...
  • hiro
  • tmnt
  • adventure
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#ThirdWheel by maktwopointoh
#ThirdWheelby MaknCheez
Maybe, being the third wheel isn't so bad? Especially if there's a Fourth...
  • wheel
  • gayfriend
  • homosexual
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En Pointe. by Ierewifi
En Tachyon
Grace is impartial to good and evil. Can eyes bind the truth, unbounded?
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