ethereal (k.l.) by writingkian
ethereal (k.l.)by maddie
"my role in her life was to be her anchor, but i doubt she knew that she was mine, too." ••• kian lawley fanfiction disclaimer/trigger warning: this fanfictio...
  • romance
  • caylen
  • wattpride
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Apartment 18-f  (Kian x Reader) by GabbyLawleyyy
Apartment 18-f (Kian x Reader)by GabbyLawleyyy
Every day it's the same thing. You come home from work and shower and then listen to the loud screaming of Kian Lawley and his best friend Jc Caylen fighting and probabl...
  • apartment
  • kianlawleyfanfiction
  • notcompleted
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Intoxicated I Love You // Kian Lawley [a.u.] by ChasingMoran
Intoxicated I Love You // Kian blurryface
she was the drug. he was the addiction.
  • fiction
  • fanfic
  • o2l
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The Kian Effect [Completed] by sweetsucc
The Kian Effect [Completed]by pimp s
In which a young girl is thrown into a whirlwind of trouble when she gets involved with the town's bad boy. © sarah Disclaimer: I wrote this shit when I was legit 11 yea...
  • fanfiction
  • lawley
  • badboy
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Kian and jc's sex slave  by elelhig157
Kian and jc's sex slave by elelhig157
When a girl who has lost her mother and gets abused by her father, when she gets sold too two of the most dangerous people called Kian and jc. Will she like them. Or wil...
  • lawley
  • slave
  • kian
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Jian Smuts And Imagines by whiskeyhood
Jian Smuts And Imaginesby whiskeyhood
Well title explains most of it There will be smut and fluffy imagines
  • jc
  • jian
  • gay
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Kian Lawley Imagines by fanfictionersss
Kian Lawley Imaginesby em and m
Pretty self explanatory. Requests are open :)
  • wattys2k15
  • imagines
  • lawley
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Kian Lawley Imagines by KeyuhnNJaysee
Kian Lawley Imaginesby Cailey🦌🎣🇺🇸
Imagines of Kian Lawley
  • completed
  • kianlawley
  • romantic
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Our Love (Kian Lawley) by fallxndestiel
Our Love (Kian Lawley)by d 🍒
When Nicole Brookes meets famous youtuber Kian Lawley, they instantly fall madly in love with each other. Kian made a bad decision on the way and regrets it. He tries to...
  • teen
  • kianlawley
  • internet
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bet | e.d (book 1) by palmdolans
bet | e.d (book 1)by ZO
"I bet you can't make Skye fall in love with you." "Skye? As in the Skye that hates my guts?" "Mhmm." "Bet."
  • lawley
  • jackgilinsky
  • fanfiction
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Instagram /kian lawley  by aalexus
Instagram /kian lawley by ~Alexus~
Insta story
  • kianlawley
  • online
  • drama
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perfect | kian lawley [COMPLETE] by -e-liz-a-beth
perfect | kian lawley [COMPLETE]by elizabeth
"I know I'm supposed to be mad at you. But you're looking really cute today." [partial instagram] [oc x Kian Lawley]
  • youtube
  • kian
  • lawley
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mine. - lawley by kuwonusgucci
mine. - lawleyby ❝ mel ❞
  • jc
  • kianlawley
  • socialnetwork
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Bad Boy Kian ( A Kian Lawley Fanfiction ) by Cristinahbu
Bad Boy Kian ( A Kian Lawley Cristinahbu
Kat just moved to California with her mom. Starts a new school. What happens when she meets kian? The school's bad boy?
  • bad
  • kianlawley
  • sampottorff
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My girl | Cameron Dallas  by atshae
My girl | Cameron Dallas by SHAE
Just two teens in love
  • highschool
  • dallas
  • jackjohnson
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JC's little sister(Kian Lawley fan fic) COMPLETED  by rd123__
JC's little sister(Kian Lawley R
*COMPLETED*Jc caylens little sister Rilee, aka R to some people, kitten to Kian sometime.... Jc and his best friend Kian, sense 1st grade always picked on Rilee, jc cuz...
  • romantic
  • youtubers
  • caylen
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They are Jian by amatorial
They are Jianby daddy
jian (kian and jc) one-shots, short stories, and song based stories. i'll take requests. ©2016 amatorial
  • amatorial
  • kian
  • jc
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Dead End, A Jian Story // Book One, Complete by ColorMeJian
Dead End, A Jian Story // Book Sailing Ships
Book One // B1 ••• "Are you sexually attracted to me?" Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuckity fucking fuck. The lie detector was still hooked up to me. Stupid fucking Buz...
  • jian
  • boyxboy
  • love
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please, stay // k.l by fangirl138
please, stay // k.lby :))
"please.. stay"
  • love
  • lawley
  • youtube
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Jian Rant by LQWEEN
just read and take notes ?☕? Plus bonus one shots
  • knj
  • jccaylen
  • boyxboy
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