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JC's little sister(Kian Lawley fan fic) COMPLETED  by rd123__
JC's little sister(Kian Lawley R
*COMPLETED*Jc caylens little sister Rilee, aka R to some people, kitten to Kian sometime.... Jc and his best friend Kian, sense 1st grade always picked on Rilee, jc cuz...
  • romantic
  • friendship
  • lawley
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JC's younger sister ~k.l by arigrier7
JC's younger sister ~k.lby Ari
JC lives in California with his best friend Kian. What if his younger sister comes to visit. Will she fall in love with Kian or will Kian fall I love with her. Will some...
  • caylen
  • lawley
  • kianandjc
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Kian and jc's sex slave  by elelhig157
Kian and jc's sex slave by elelhig157
When a girl who has lost her mother and gets abused by her father, when she gets sold too two of the most dangerous people called Kian and jc. Will she like them. Or wil...
  • lawley
  • slave
  • kian
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Inked || Kian Lawley by aestheticlawleys
Inked || Kian Lawleyby ☺️
"He is like a drug and I got addicted." aestheticlawleys 2016©
  • youtube
  • caylen
  • o2l
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lines | knj & friends by lexandsam
lines | knj & friendsby lexandsam
[līn] noun (1): a state of agreement or conformity We thought just because we're roommates we could just walk into everyone's lives, but there's a thing called lines. R...
  • jccaylen
  • roommates
  • love
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youtube // kian lawley by mixedfeeelings
youtube // kian lawleyby l.b
@kianlawley: love you bbygrl @athenaking normal/social media
  • kianrlawley
  • love
  • kianfanfic
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All I want is to love- Kian Lawley fanfic by youtube_is_my_life_
All I want is to love- Kian youtube_is_my_life_
All I want is to love someone and have them love me back. But I constantly get screwed over by Dbags and A*sholes. Until I came across this tall very good-looking boy. H...
  • kian
  • youtubewhy
  • youtube
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Nightmare. (HS.2) by mansatamj
Nightmare. (HS.2)by Badass
-Te fui infiel Kian.-Dice con los ojos cerrados. No podía verle la cara mientras le decía tal cosa. Sentí como la respiración de Kian se detenía. Sus manos abandonaron m...
  • kian
  • secretos
  • kara
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Crying (Shawn mendes) by gameofmendes
Crying (Shawn mendes)by gameofmendes
I hear a sobs from the bathroom stall next me and there he was.
  • sizzy
  • shawnpeterraulmendes
  • shawn
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Who's Kian Lawley? || Text Messages. by ZaynsBedroom
Who's Kian Lawley? || Text Poppin' Zayn-ax
@KianLawley liked your photo. 1h @KianLawley liked your photo. 20m @KianLawley liked your photo. 13m @KianLawley liked your photo. 55s @KianLawley started follow...
  • zaynsbedroom
  • fanfiction
  • kianlawley
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This Is It {Kian Lawley} by lilaktrs
This Is It {Kian Lawley}by lila ♡
Kian Lawley... the guy Aneliese has liked since what? 6th grade? Kian Lawley, the outgoing, confident, popular guy. Aneliese Jones, The shy, outspoken, not very popular...
  • love
  • kianlawley
  • kian
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Dream~ a Connor Franta Story by foreverinspire
Dream~ a Connor Franta Storyby foreverinspire
A summer that was supposed to end up lonely and boring, turned into much more than Emma had ever dreamed of when she is given the chance to go to California with her bro...
  • 2nd
  • pottorff
  • trevor
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Connor Franta has my phone? by kristy594
Connor Franta has my phone?by kristy594
Madison "Maddie" Cassidy has a pretty boring life. She lives in California with her mom. Her father died of cancer when she was only 1 year old, so she doesn't...
  • ricky
  • vidcon
  • sam
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Make Believe?!? by hailey_xx_idk
Make Believe?!?by xcloudyxhaileyx
Sabrina and Ocean normal teenage white girls, setting out on a daily adventure for coffee. When Sabrina being the clumsy one she is bumps into The Kian Lawely. Sabrina d...
  • o2l
  • kian
  • sabrina
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When YouTubers Meet // Connor Franta by macaroniyellow
When YouTubers Meet // Connor ash
|| WARNING: THIS IS WAS MY FIRST BOOK AND IT'S VERY BAD AND RANDOM AND CLICHE BUT IF YOU LIKE IT, AWESOME || Mallory Lawley is a YouTuber just like her brother Kian. She...
  • ricky
  • sam
  • caylen
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Don't Tell. I'm Being Watched. by foryou305
Don't Tell. I'm Being foryou305
Mae is being reunited with her boyfriend Cameron Dallas, after months apart. While he was gone, Mae had a incident with a possible stalker, Kian Lawley, will he stick ar...
  • kianandjc
  • relationship
  • magcon
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Boundaries by kaylienicole128
Boundariesby kaylienicole128
Braylee loves Sam. Kian is her brother and more importantly Sam's best friend. Neither of them know Braylee's true feelings, but things will change when she moves into t...
  • kian
  • lawley
  • pottorff
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SnapChat - Kian Lawley by Saltysultanas
SnapChat - Kian Lawleyby noneya
You have two new Snapchat notifications! - swifferme added you as a friend!- - From kian -
  • kian
  • snapchat
  • cutie
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The Dream Neighbor Moves In by Lauren07Galaxy
The Dream Neighbor Moves Inby Lauren07Galaxy
This is kind of a Kian Lawley fan fiction, so if you really like Kian Lawley then this is the story for you. Cali finds her self wan...
  • fanfic
  • kian
  • romance
Jacob and I's Secret Love (ft. magcon vs. O2L REUNION!!!!!) by jacobs_pastel_kitty
Jacob and I's Secret Love (ft. jacobs_pastel_kitty
Jessica Shaw is a 13 year girl old living in LA. Jacob Sartorius is a 13 year old boy who is in the world famous boy group, magcon! They both have their own personal str...
  • kianlawley
  • depression
  • lonely
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