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Does True Love Really Exist? by Charliexholby
Does True Love Really Exist?by holby_city4life
Jonny is back on Darwin and is keen to warm back up to Jac but he can see it won't be easy. So far the only way to see her is through Emma who is growing up fast. But an...
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Time will heal - flac fanfic #wattys2018 by fairlylocalty
Time will heal - flac fanfic #watt...by Gracie🖤
(Takes place after the shooting.)Holby City has almost returned to normal after The shooting, except a few things... Ollie was shot in the head, Raf has died and red hea...
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Easy by aht-lo-levad
Easyby aht-lo-levad
Connie left for America leaving Jacob heartbroken. When she arrives back in Holby he's delighted, certain that he will finally admit how he feels, but he realises that i...
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Family is Forever  by Bethxxx0409
Family is Forever by Bethxxx0409
How will Zosia cope when her younger cousin Ali turns up needing a place to stay, reopening family feuds and bringing troubles of her own
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Flac ~ Their Life by Abs_Attwell2002
Flac ~ Their Lifeby Abs_Attwell2002
This story begins soon after Jac was shot by Fredrik. Fletch wanted Jac but he didn't know whether she reciprocated the emotions. How will Jac feel about Fletch's feeli...
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SISTERS (HOLBY CITY) by scorpion432
SISTERS (HOLBY CITY)by scorpion432
It is about jac naylor and jasmine burrows from holby city
Holby City Fanfic. by marymoo2912
Holby City Fanfic.by marymoo2912
What will happen after a attack at a local shop read to find out!
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New families by jaadelam
New familiesby jaadelam
Jonny is getting married and that means Emma might be getting a new family.....
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Dylan and Sam - Unexpected Feelings by holbygalaxy
Dylan and Sam - Unexpected Feelingsby holbygalaxy
COMPLETED Sam and Dylan's paths cross again in the workplace. Before, their relationship hit a stop but will they be able to put things aside and move on? Or even relig...
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Shattered by Cupcakecature
Shatteredby KeilidhCupcakes
When a misunderstood nurse called lofty appears on Keller what lengths will he go to protect the love of his life.Dom.
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 a Zosia March and Emma Naylor fanfic (Holby City) by elmobunny
a Zosia March and Emma Naylor fan...by elmobunny
I had to change the name because it kind of sounded like a ship. Summary: Basically when Jac and Johnny go away on a holiday they realize they haven't got any one to bab...
Holby City - Flac by xRachel_15
Holby City - Flacby FlacWriter
It has been a long time coming, but, Jac and Fletch finally get together after the shooting. It is clear they both have eyes for each other. But will it all run smoothly...
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In my arms by MyAccountxp
In my armsby Aphrodite
A berena fanfiction: Serena isn't well since her daughter died, so she has taken some leave and Raf is on Keller for a couple of days. So Mr Hanssen sent for the cavalry...
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the complaint  by beauchamp_connie
the complaint by evilregAL
so what happens when Connie Beauchamp and Jacob Masters have a complaint filed against them? Will they make up on the course they are expected to take or will their hate...
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Flac~At Last by Jacnxylor
Flac~At Lastby Jacnxylor
2 months after the shooting, Jac isn't herself, she's far from it. Will she let someone in to help her?
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Rocking what we have? (Sequel to this can't be it) by jaadelam
Rocking what we have? (Sequel to t...by jaadelam
What happens after this can't be it
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Living A Nightmare {Casualty} by AWriterCalledJessxx
Living A Nightmare {Casualty}by JessicaMarie🔐
Kennedy is the sister of Iain and Gemma, she is 24 years old and already struggling to cope with the loss of her boyfriend Caleb Knight. Kennedy and Cal got together two...
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Holby City - Oneshots by xFlacDoftyJohnlockx
Holby City - Oneshotsby Lauren_FlubbyWubb
🚢: Hanssanna Flac Berena Dofty ~Open to requests~
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Secret by jaadelam
Secretby jaadelam
Would Jac and Fletch ever regain their close relationship after what happened at Halloween?
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Why didn't you tell me?  by that50kay
Why didn't you tell me? by that50kay
What will happen when Jac turns up a Fletch's house unannounced?
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