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White Wind•Keith X Reader• by BabyHandsE
White Wind•Keith X Reader•by E
In which you pilot the sixth, white lion.
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The Violet Paladin (Keith x Reader) by AnnabellaToriSmith
The Violet Paladin (Keith x Reader)by Angels1732
(Y/n) was just a normal girl with a normal life. She's always been a dreamer looking to the stars and the future. When one fateful night changes her whole life what secr...
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Thing Called Life | Keith X Reader by Cutieputootie07
Thing Called Life | Keith X Readerby YourPalKiley
Keith X Reader | (Y/N) becomes a co-pilot at the Garrison in order to prove that her brother didn't die in vain, due to his co-pilot messing up their mission. All is goi...
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The Heart of Voltron (Keith X Reader) SLOW UPDATES by paladinred
The Heart of Voltron (Keith X paladinred
[highest ranking: #1 in keithxreader] You had come to the Garrison to get away from your abusive family and hopefully graduate as one of the top cadets. Never has your m...
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Voltron x Reader | One-Shots & Preferences [REQUESTS OPEN!] by QUEEN_MEL_MEL
Voltron x Reader | One-Shots & that one trashy bisexual
Ever wanted for Keith Kogane to yell, "I cradled you in my arms! We had a bonding moment!" At you? Or maybe treat yourself to a face mask with Lance Mcclain. G...
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Child Keith x Reader {SLOW UPDATES/HIATUS} by samexe_deleted
Child Keith x Reader {SLOW Sam.exe_deleted
Keith gets turned into a kid and needs a little... help. You decide that you are going to help Keith make it through his week of hell.
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☆Lance's twin sister☆ {Keith X Reader} [SLOW UPDATES!] by TheWaterChild
☆Lance's twin sister☆ {Keith X Kat
This is a reader insert and its for females; You and Lance were unstoppable, you both went to the garrison but what happens when you both find a blue lion with friends? ...
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The Amber Paladin by MissAmberWrites
The Amber Paladinby Miss Amber
- Voltron Keith x Reader - One night Pidge wanted you to come to the roof of the Garrison. Little did you know where that night would lead you. Ending up to a weird alie...
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How Far I've Come (Keith x Reader) by thatauthorjuniper
How Far I've Come (Keith x Reader)by Junie
"Keith, I promise, I'll come back." "It's not you that I don't trust." ☆·.¸¸.·'¯'·.¸¸.¤ ☆ ¤.¸¸.·'¯'·.¸¸.· ☆ What if, when Keith was all alone at the...
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The Wolf Shifter's Saviour by NicoleC2000
The Wolf Shifter's Saviourby Nicole
(Slow Updates) Keith X Reader (Y/N) has been a prisoner to the Galra for as long as she can remember, a cell is all she has ever known. (Y/N) is the last of her species...
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Voltron: The Lost Lion {Keith X Reader} by Stephiecake03
Voltron: The Lost Lion {Keith X ❁Writer & Dreamer❁
•W E E K L Y U P D A T E S• {Highest rankings: #1 in keithxreader & voltronxreader & purplelion & a lot more 💜} You are (Y/N), half Galra and half human and you carry...
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The Orange Paladin by StudioAE
The Orange Paladinby A&E Studio
Y/n is the younger sister of the well-known Takashi Shirogana, better known as Shiro. With her Garrison friends, she is thrown into a galactic war against the Galra Empi...
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I Love Lions (Keith x reader) by Crazy_is_normal_8
I Love Lions (Keith x reader)by Beth
A Keith x reader story made by me. I just got a little idea and thought why not? First story, so don't judge too much ^_^ Hi there, I'm [Y/N], Pidge's adopted sister and...
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crystal clear || keith x reader by vitamessorem
crystal clear || keith x readerby hailey (:
You're are the sister of Allura. That's right you are a princess. The thing is, she doesn't know who you are. Well, not anymore she doesn't. You see you were close as ki...
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Keith X Reader OneShots by Smol_Gremlin
Keith X Reader OneShotsby Smol._.Gremlin
The title says it all. It's a book filled with Keith X Reader OneShots. I do take requests. Cover art not mine. Characters not mine.
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Twisted [A Voltron x Reader Insert] by 24Clover
Twisted [A Voltron x Reader Insert]by .·•°h a i l e y°•·.
"So, let me get this straight. There are five different colored lions and they form this huge ass robot? Sounds a bit crazy, don't you think?" ─ ─ ─ ─ [A Vo...
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Merciful (Keith Kogane x Reader) by celestetrash
Merciful (Keith Kogane x Reader)by Celeste
Just read the first chapter, I can edit this later lol
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The Heir Who Betrayed (Voltron Keith X Reader) by press-del
The Heir Who Betrayed (Voltron bucinnya nqrse
"Keith? Aren't you gay?" "No, I'm (Y/n)sexual." ----------------------------------------------------------------- WARNING ⚠ This fic is like 80% made...
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Keith x Reader by Dragonlady0112
Keith x Readerby Cassy
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing except for the small parts of the plot that I make up. Okay, everyone knows that the heart of the Voltron lions are rocks, right? If not, you d...
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Far Too Young To Die by kadAblaze
Far Too Young To Dieby kadAblaze
(Fem! Reader) Voltron is said to be the powerful weapon consisted of five individual piloted robots known as the 'Voltron Lions' that can eradicate the antagonist Zarkon...
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