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Klance: It's all Pidge's Fault by Miyamora1
Klance: It's all Pidge's Faultby Miyamora1
Set in high school, Voltron never happened... Keith attends an all private boys school. He's been struggling at not getting into trouble, and his brother Shiro is co...
Klance ; A week too long. by MaiBigTeddyBear
Klance ; A week too long.by Teddy
"Well... uh... I'm Gay." -Keith *Lance goes Ballistic* Keith and Lance are left alone in Allura's Castle. Doctors Orders. Well actually Shiro and Allura's...
Street Racing- Klance by awakiotoru
Street Racing- Klanceby klance
Lance and Keith. The two best racers in the whole world. They've always been rivals, but they never directly made contact with eachother. That was, at least, until the...
Blood Will Stain  -- Volton Galra KeithxLance by CriBabyBoyo
Blood Will Stain -- Volton Galra...by Wisdom the Wizard
It's been about a month since Lance found Keith's room Mulletless. Heart broken Lance refuses to talk to anyone, eat and come out of his room. Completed
Survivors (Keith x OC) by tinkypoo04
Survivors (Keith x OC)by ♡ Liv ♡
Being one of the poor souls that was on the Kerberos mission, Phoebe was taken prisoner by the Galra Empire. After a year of torture and fighting for her life, the brave...
That's my paladin (Keith x reader) by Sugarusenpaii
That's my paladin (Keith x reader)by Sugarusenpaii
-----(Keith x reader)----- (Y/n) is a very kind student on the Garrison. She doesn't have many friends but there but she is very close to Pidge. She has worked very hard...
Continued Reality: A Voltron Fanfiction by ElizabethShelby
Continued Reality: A Voltron Fanfi...by Liz
COMPLETED Two years have passed since Allura's sacrifice saved all realities. The former Paladins of Voltron have moved on with their lives, though they keep in contact...
The Paint On Our Skin (A Klance Fanfiction) by InnocentFangirl88
The Paint On Our Skin (A Klance Fa...by Lauriane Mueller
A Completed Klance Soulmates AU. At eighteen, everyone is granted a soulmate. A simple heart drawn on your wrist will appear on your soulmate's wrist, words or questions...
Klance agere by blacksheeprrr
Klance agereby Grey
I'm so sorry for what I've created. I promise I did not mean to fall back into the Voltron wormhole.
Love of Osiria (Keith x Reader) by Hayez_Writer
Love of Osiria (Keith x Reader)by Hayez_Writer
The sake of the universe rest in voltron a hands, Relationships aren't really a priority in war but that might have to change after you meet Keith Highest ranking #1 Kei...
Galra keith  by pyroku
Galra keith by Ro
Not going to be re writing this, it's really bad good luck surviving the cringe not long after Keith wakes up and looks in the mirror to find- Cover art by ikimaru.jpg o...
Lost? [Voltron X Reader] Book 1//Finished! by cozmicflame
Lost? [Voltron X Reader] Book 1//F...by Eclipse 🌙
Y/N is a former prisoner of the Galra. She was rescued by the Paladins and recently has started to have weird and unusual "dreams." As if someone is calling ou...
Garrison High  |  Pidge x Keith  |  Kidge by immadumpling
Garrison High | Pidge x Keith |...by immadumpling
Pidge is a freshmen, but she skipped two grades and is now starting highschool as a junior. She has her best friends Hunk and Lance by her side and she befriends an emo...
the end was only the beginning -klance by awakiotoru
the end was only the beginning -kl...by klance
Pidge started working for the Garrison, Hunk created a chain of restaurants in space, Shiro found a family of his own, Coran began building a new home for Alteans with R...
Voltron-Altean Lance AU by qveenmvg
Voltron-Altean Lance AUby Meg
The title explains it all 🤷🏼‍♀️ Altean Lance AU, also a bit of Klance aha
KLANCE SMUT  by nerdyn0ah
⚠️ Very very detailed sex scenes and alot of it⚠️ Keith and Lance have a secret relationship hidden away from the crew, but what will happen when detective pidge gets on...
The One And Only (Voltron x Oc fanfic) -On hold- by KaidaDonovan
The One And Only (Voltron x Oc fan...by Kaida Donovan
I'm Kaida Donovan, one of the best pilots to ever attend the Garrison, the youngest commander of the Space Force Military, and the fastest fighter in the universe. Altho...
||Runaway||Voltron Au|| by Kerra403
||Runaway||Voltron Au||by Kerra403
Keith had always been different. He always avoided as much contact with people as possible. Even as a Paladin of Voltron, he never tried to connect with people. He was...
Everything Is Blue [Langst One-Shots] by SquemonWrites
Everything Is Blue [Langst One-Sho...by Squemon Lares
Some angst for you. (Voltron Legendary Defender fanfic) !This story contains reference to depression, anxiety, suicide!
Voltron Sleepover {HighSchool AU} by eli911_
Voltron Sleepover {HighSchool AU}by Eli 🏳️‍🌈
Basically the title is the whole story (until I come up with a better label 👀) ~Yes. Yes my child, Klance is included. And maybe other ships too that will soon come al...