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Classroom of the Revenge by Nazariat12
Classroom of the Revengeby Nazariat
Ayanokoji Kiyotaka, a peculiar boy going to Advanced Nurturing High School (ANHS), sets out on a journey to find out what revenge is in order for him to determine if he...
Classroom Of the elite-your typical cliche reaction. Oh, and Oneshots too by MightyAsmodeus
Classroom Of the elite-your typica...by BigFrog
Its just as the title said. A typical cliche COTE reaction fic with all the years+Horikita Manabu and Tachibana senpai+teachers,tsukishiro,Papayanagi,Ayanopapa(maybe) Ma...
What If Kiyotaka Showed His Abilities From The Start? by Aisuru_Hana13
What If Kiyotaka Showed His Abilit...by 𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓪~ 𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓷
After Sensei finished explaining things about this school, all of my classmates were ecstatic,they didn't even find it weird or suspicious that a school would give highs...
Twin Masterpiece (Shiba Tatsuya x COTE world) by MightyAsmodeus
Twin Masterpiece (Shiba Tatsuya x...by BigFrog
Yep. Tatsuya from Mahouka dies and gets reincarnated in a world without magic. Will Tatsuya finally be able to feel love towards other people than Miyuki? Sorry if the c...
ANHS : Class S by -Sponge_Bob-
ANHS : Class Sby Š-_-B
In this story, Kiyotaka along with seven other 4th generation survivors will attend ANHS. Their class will be seperated and they will be challenged against other classes...
Classroom Of The Elite:Cruel Truth by Crystalcursed
Classroom Of The Elite:Cruel Truthby Eraquin
(ON A LONG HIATUS) As a video of Ayanokouji's monologue goes viral,his friends doubt if he even considers them as a friend. Not interested in the constant complaints and...
Reaction to Ayanokoji X Himeno. by 545876544vnhgff
Reaction to Ayanokoji X Himeno.by 545876544vnhgff
The characters of the COTE universe react to the story of the author of LIMC46: Ayanokoji X Himeno. The characters are taken from my second reactionary fik. Time interva...
The light of my life by Djdudeofficial
The light of my lifeby Djdudeofficial
Hey there everyone this is my first fanfic so go easy on me ..... that aside this an Ayanokoji X Ichinose fanfiction . Judging by the description you can already guess h...
Komi-san can't understand these Elites! (A COTE x Komi Can't Communicate  fic) by IamRavy125
Komi-san can't understand these El...by Ravy
It's Komi Shouko's first day entering the prestigious Koudo Ikusei Senior High School, but she immediately becomes crowned as one who stood above all. Blessed with her l...
Dream Tag (Ryuen and Ayanokoji) by katsuragi-kohei
Dream Tag (Ryuen and Ayanokoji)by Lust for life
Ryuen and Ayanokoji teaming up during uninhabited island exam The contents of the test are not similar of the original uninhabited island , I made it myself. I also chan...
Senran Kagura roleplay(New) by ChaosDragonSpirit
Senran Kagura roleplay(New)by Exiled Dragon Deity
So I've decided to make a new rp for Senran Kagura and this one will be much more interesting.
Senran Kagura: The Prophecy of the Scroll  by Eroge-Chan
Senran Kagura: The Prophecy of the...by Eroge-Chan
Sakamachi Arata Wants nothing more than to spend his days as an average High Schooler. Eating lunch with his friends, Walking home from school with his childhood friend...
Love Rivalry: Huntresses vs Shinobi (RWBY and Pyrrha x male reader x Team Hanzo) by Shadow_Eureka
Love Rivalry: Huntresses vs Shinob...by ShadowEureka
Well, here is the love rivalry that was decided by you readers as this had a lot more comments and I wouldn't say it was a voting pole as it was a suggestion list, but h...
The puppeteer of the elites (CoTE) ON HIATUS by Wongleets
The puppeteer of the elites (CoTE)...by Leeetttss
The white room. A hellhole that takes in children and churns out perfections of the human society. Ayanokoji is the perfect human specimen, but he's one of two of them...
Omnipresent No Kami (KazuScara kinda) by CoincidentalyPokemon
Omnipresent No Kami (KazuScara kin...by CoincidentalyPokemon
There once was a puppet, scorned since creation. Left by his mother to wander the lighting nation. Friends did he make, a swordsmith; his family. But there was, one day...
PokeKagura!  by CoralYumi
PokeKagura! by Yumi
After Playing and finishing Pokemon Ultra Moon,I thought that it would be cool if I wrote a story based on it so here it is. After the Events of Ultra Sun and Moon, Nec...
COTE: Class A's Cool Protagonist by WSuperDemon
COTE: Class A's Cool Protagonistby WSuperDemon
A severe Otaku who is obsessed with being a cool main character attends the Advanced Nurturing High School. He is placed in Class A and his aim is to be the coolest guy...
Silentkouji by Trexkun
Silentkoujiby ayanogod
In this fanfic Ayanokoji will try to maintain silence around him at any cost , you can see it's glimpse in first chapter😀😀 expect cringe writing I am new writer and...
Animation vs Shinobi (AvA x Senran Kagura) by Cmonkey512
Animation vs Shinobi (AvA x Senran...by Muffin
When the stick figures of Alan Becker Animations are mysteriously transported to Japan, they find themselves pitted against the evil shinobi of Hebijo Academy, and allie...