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PokeKagura! (Pokemon × Senran Kagura) by SamuelBempong
PokeKagura! (Pokemon × Senran Kagu...by Kurumi.
After Playing and finishing Pokemon Ultra Moon,I thought that it would be cool if I wrote a story based on it so here it is. After the Events of Ultra Sun and Moon, Nec...
  • pokemon
  • xreader
  • katsuragi
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Love Rivalry: Huntresses vs Shinobi (RWBY and Pyrrha x male reader x Team Hanzo) by ShaNEON_757
Love Rivalry: Huntresses vs Shinob...by ShaNEON_757
Well, here is the love rivalry that was decided by you readers as this had a lot more comments and I wouldn't say it was a voting pole as it was a suggestion list, but h...
  • blakebelladonna
  • rwby
  • rubyrose
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Senran kagura x abused slave knight Male reader by kane140324
Senran kagura x abused slave knigh...by kane140324
Y/n, the son of the heroic slave knight Gael, is taken into the care of the Hanzo girls when Gael leaves on a quest, but the horrible truth is the girls abused him, y/n...
  • asuka
  • hibari
  • ikaruga
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Shinobi Soul Reaper (Senran Kagura x malereader x Bleach) by sambamhaw
Shinobi Soul Reaper (Senran Kagura...by sambamhaw
A Soul Reaper named Y/N L/N was out haunting hollows and Yoma until he got an invitation from Hanzo Academy to become a Shinobi, he'll meet girl Shinobis and Kampfers, f...
  • yagyu
  • asuka
  • ikaruga
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Inner animal (Senran Kagura x Male reader) by kane140324
Inner animal (Senran Kagura x Male...by kane140324
When Y/n was a young boy he was taken away from his parents and scientists experimented. The filled y/n with DNA of different animals and even put him in rooms with them...
  • ikaruga
  • spirits
  • senran
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The World God Only Knows Keima Katsuragi x Reader by FinnyxLivey
The World God Only Knows Keima Kat...by FinnyxLivey
In dating sims the player goes after the character, but in Keima's real world a girl comes after him
  • anime
  • fanfiction
  • katsuragi
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Shinobi Sin of Wrath (Senran Kagura x malereader x crossover) by sambamhaw
Shinobi Sin of Wrath (Senran Kagur...by sambamhaw
A boy named Y/N L/N captain of the Seven Deadly Sins was out haunting demons, Hollows, and Yoma until he got invited by Hanzo to join Hanzo Academy. He'll meet new frien...
  • asuka
  • testamentofsisternewdevil
  • miyabi
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Senran Kagura: Kage Hansei no Corona by VirusChris
Senran Kagura: Kage Hansei no Coro...by Christopher Nunes
Beyond our everyday life lies a hidden world that can exist anywhere. One of these worlds is the world of 'Shinobi'. A terrible incident leads to a fateful experience as...
  • supernatural
  • homura
  • mirai
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Marines and Shinobi (US Marines X Senran Kagura) by ussamerica2018
Marines and Shinobi (US Marines X...by ussamerica2018
What happens when team MARN (Marine) has trouble with a experiment and it transports them back to earth but in Japan and they encounter ninja girls there. What could hap...
  • haruka
  • yumi
  • marines
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The five times Shinji wouldn't dance, and the one time he did by DippyDora
The five times Shinji wouldn't dan...by Molly
Just a simple oneshot of the world's saddest gay pairing who can pilot robots In other words, this is a Kawoshin fanfic full of fluff and light humour, with a guest appe...
  • fanfic
  • fluff
  • rebuildofevangelion
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Gotenks Becomes A Shinobi!?(Gotenks Goes to Senran Kagura) by SSJ2TeenGohan
Gotenks Becomes A Shinobi!?(Gotenk...by Teen Gohan
I am making another one about DBZ Characters cause why not and I am bored This one is mostly about Gotenks(Goten And Trunks) and also Goku and Vegeta because WHY NOT!
  • goku
  • asuka
  • goten
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Red Strings Of Fate (A Neuro x Yako Tale) by Shushu3991
Red Strings Of Fate (A Neuro x Yak...by Shushu3991
Just another story about Yako discovering the odd mating habits of a certain bird demon....or is there a hidden agenda behind it? In the uproar of the most unforeseen e...
  • yako
  • red
  • neuro
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THE PACIFIC ALLIANCE by --WordBlade626--
Until now Japan's ship girls have had to stand alone against the threat of the Abyssal fleet. But the tide is turning and ship girls from other countries have now come t...
  • kanmusu
  • destroyers
  • zero
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Angel by SeductiveShigure
Angelby SeductiveShigure
Asuka and Shinji have been together as friends since childhood, and she'd always sort-of assumed they would be together forever. But the mysterious Rei Ayanami transf...
  • evangelion
  • ikari
  • shikinami
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Way Back When by WelzyKirkland
Way Back Whenby Welsh
A Cardfight Vanguard fiction about the journey of Kai Toshiki, Misaki Tokura, Naoki Ishida and Kamui Katsuragi to finding their lost friend. Not just any friend but the...
  • cardfight
  • toshiki
  • ishida
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Avatar's End: Cray's Corrupted Crisis by ZeroLucard
Avatar's End: Cray's Corrupted Cri...by Dark Flame of The Dark Dragon
2 new clans were created. One being the clan of pure darkness and Evil, an army of destruction. And the other one being the clan that will help Cray stop it. Which side...
  • shion
  • misaki
  • kiba
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