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Cote - One Shots & Smuts 🍋 by MrAayush69
Cote - One Shots & Smuts 🍋by KG STONER
So One Shots and Smuts for my horny Readers yay!!! you can suggest me some ideas
ANHS : Class S by -Sponge_Bob-
ANHS : Class Sby Š-_-B
In this story, Kiyotaka along with seven other 4th generation survivors will attend ANHS. Their class will be seperated and they will be challenged against other classes...
Classroom Of The Elite: Reaction  by Animus_Writer
Classroom Of The Elite: Reaction by Animus
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka's life hasn't been easy. After being placed in the white room for an experiment by his father during most of his childhood, he eventually managed to...
Classroom of the Elite Reaction to Checkmate by MichaelUrge7
Classroom of the Elite Reaction Micheal Nwafor
Students from every year in Advance Nurturing High School have gathered in the Auditorium to watch the alternate reality of their school, observing how a singular indivi...
Classroom of the Revenge by Nazariat12
Classroom of the Revengeby Nazariat
Ayanokoji Kiyotaka, a peculiar boy going to Advanced Nurturing High School (ANHS), sets out on a journey to find out what revenge is in order for him to determine if he...
Classroom of the elite (Reaction) by 545876544vnhgff
Classroom of the elite (Reaction)by 545876544vnhgff
Typical reaction of students to Ayanokoji. (+ Tachibana and Manabu)
Classroom Of the elite-your typical cliche reaction. Oh, and Oneshots too by MightyAsmodeus
Classroom Of the elite-your BigFrog
Its just as the title said. A typical cliche COTE reaction fic with all the years+Horikita Manabu and Tachibana senpai+teachers,tsukishiro,Papayanagi,Ayanopapa(maybe) Ma...
COTE: Self-Preservation by megadonkeykong
COTE: Self-Preservationby megadonkeykong
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka's second year is upon him. There were a few words left to him by someone he trusted. It was something that wouldn't leave his mind. He wished, from h...
Nocturne  by XAVIERLILY7
Nocturne by XAVIERLILY7
Reaction fic of someone in Cote . . . . .. . . .. . . . . . This one is inspired by one of the fanfiction I've read but it seems that the author won't be updating anytim...
Another Like Me - Part I (CoTE x OC) ✔ by Creepsies
Another Like Me - Part I (CoTE x Creepsies
[ COMPLETED ] Ayanokoji Kiyotaka. The prodigal genius of the 4th Generation White Room, feared and respected among those who know the extent of his abilities. Will any...
Starting in class C: not completely defective. by Chaoszweihander15
Starting in class C: not Chaoszweihander15
Pretty much what it says in the title. The school decided Ayanokouji wasn't judged as defective enough to be put in class D, so the school decided he should be put in cl...
Unveiling the Mastermind - Classroom of the Elite Reaction by Jokurra
Unveiling the Mastermind - Jokurra
This is a fanfic of Kiyotaka Ayanokoji getting his entire life torn apart when videos of his various antics are shown to the entire school year. Did we need any more of...
A New Star: The Goldenberyl/Kiyotaka Hoshino Story by Dat1Cid69
A New Star: The Goldenberyl/ Dat1Cid69
This is an alternate story of Lumine Goldenberyl story, with Beryl and some of my ideas following along oshinoko story After being reincarnated as Goldenberyl, the young...
Magician of Cote by Soumyadeep02
Magician of Coteby S D
Ayanokoji Kiyotaka , Demon of 4th generation arrives at ANHS in search of freedom from his past. He will go to any length to ensure his freedom, even if he has to lead a...
Little Brother?! ( Classroom of the Elite X Male OC) by Beigomamember
Little Brother?! ( Classroom of Aiko Akatsuki
A typical Cote X OC fanfiction with a rather different background setting. I could at least assure you of that... Ayanokouji Kiyotaka. The prodigal genius of the 4th Ge...
Arifureta: Dark Lord by Eros_Lord
Arifureta: Dark Lordby Nymphara
Lost inside the dark void was a soul. He had been there for what seemed like forever until an entity appeared with an offer the soul couldn't resist. Read as the soul st...
Will Come Back by Lemin_tine
Will Come Backby Lemintine
Ayanokoji Kiyotaka, the sole survivor of the demonic 4th generation and the Masterpiece of the White room, has passed his final examination. But, due to his lack of soc...
Theater Room : Classroom of The Elite Reaction by Seeanyui
Theater Room : Classroom of The Seeennnn
A shocking and disconcerting event occurs which befell the students and the entire staff of Advanced Nurturing High School, after awakening from a stupor, the students a...
Classroom of the Elite: All Parts of You (Ayanokōji x Kushida by airtime0203
Classroom of the Elite: All airtime0203
A story centered around both Ayanokoji and Kushida. Other characters will play key roles but to clear one thing up these are the two protagonists in this story. I will...
When the Darkest Secrets are all White by bellcajoh
When the Darkest Secrets are all bell.
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka is a Second Year Class D student currently attending the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School. After surviving the recent Uninhabited I...