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Shattered Traditions (Hanzo X Reader) by Cheylock_Holmes
Shattered Traditions (Hanzo X Read...by Cheyenne Faith
What is North and South without East and West to balance them? (Y/N) holds the power of both the Eastern and Western dragons and was raised in strict, traditional roles...
The Dragon's Curse (A Hanzo X Reader Fanfic) by KlaraRoman
The Dragon's Curse (A Hanzo X Read...by KlaraRoman
There's more to Hanzo than just being a Shimada. And there's more to being a Shimada than just controlling the dragons.
Overwatch One shots by PeachesNDreamsV2
Overwatch One shotsby ♡ bee ♡
~REQUESTS CLOSED~ Just some oneshots and all that of some overwatch characters, because I'm a sucker for this game :)) Female reader specific fics are marked with a ♀️ ~...
Mchanzo x child reader by Smittenkitten21
Mchanzo x child readerby Daytona
Finding a baby in their room wasn't really planned when Jessie wish on a shooting star to have a family with Hanzo. All rights of the overwatch characters go to the ma...
Overwatch Husband Scenarios [Discontinue] by KhaoticKris
Overwatch Husband Scenarios [Disco...by KhaoticKris
Hey! So I'm doing this now, been obsessed with Overwatch that I wanted to write my own stories. Requests are welcome. ^-^
Overwatch (Various) X Reader by Kittyhugsyou
Overwatch (Various) X Readerby 「Indo」
»〔Requests are open!〕« ★☆One-Shots with all your favorite Overwatch waifus and husbandos! I'll be doing all heroes at least once, though highly requested characters can...
Why am I here? {Overwatch x Female Child!reader} (COMPLETED) by SmolKowi916
Why am I here? {Overwatch x Female...by Kowi
(Y/N) a child left in an alleyway by their parents. Living one their own for a year now. Until when they accidently ran into a woman, after smelling something extremely...
Overwatch x Female Reader (Couple Scenarios) by TheMissingDeadGirl
Overwatch x Female Reader (Couple...by Missing Girl
Want to know what your life is like with your dream Overwatch character then you have come to the right place hope you enjoy in. Also new to this so I hop I do well and...
Overwatch ➸ Reader Insert Oneshots by SinDumpling
Overwatch ➸ Reader Insert Oneshotsby Yang 🐉
McCree is willing to flirt even with a gun to his head. Hanzo is too distant to accept your honesty. Soldier: 76 is a dad, but that's not the only reason he's so strict...
Yandere Overwatch X Child Reader Imagines by sleepyems15
Yandere Overwatch X Child Reader I...by Ems
This is my first fanfic in a while. This is yandere overwatch x reader imagines this is not a romantic. Requests are open. I do not own any of theses characters they bel...
Dance of Two Colors (Genji x Reader) by RedOnBlack
Dance of Two Colors (Genji x Reade...by cl
Genji Shimada was his name. Before he grew up, before he played with girls, and before his brother killed him... he was the sweet boy who approached a crying girl on the...
mlbb scenarios / oneshot ff by viermonx
mlbb scenarios / oneshot ffby 𖥨 › ⤛𝘬𝘦𝘪𝘪⤜ ๋ ֢ ִֶָ֪֢ ໑
A collection of MLBB oneshots. male! mlbb x fem! OC / reader Published : 7 September 2022 Still on going! Edit : There are some changes I have made, which is that there...
Overwatch high (gency) by Catkan
Overwatch high (gency)by Catkan
Genji is starting at a new school. He has moved all the way from Japan to attend overwatch high, but unlike the others, he's not safe. Will his father and brother be abl...
Overwatch One shots by Strawberry_Kurosaki
Overwatch One shotsby Miss Majere
Basically a bunch of overwatch one shots for character x reader. Requests are very much appriciated. If you request, specify the gender please! - Nef chan *Disclaimer: I...
A Gency Story (COMPLETED) by Apikachucanwrite
A Gency Story (COMPLETED)by The Author
When Genji looses everything he has to learn how to get it back with a little luck from an angel.
overwatch X Reader Oneshots by SpazzingCookies
overwatch X Reader Oneshotsby mel
I may do requests, but really I'm making this just to put the ideas I have down for it. (No NSFW!)
Overwatch Boyfriend One Shots by DeadlySheep2212
Overwatch Boyfriend One Shotsby DeadlySheep2212
Genji, Hanzo, Soldier 76, Reaper, and McCree. 50 scenarios and 205 one shots / x Readers. I will do smut if asked.
Unloved (hanabi fanfic) by littlebitfragile
Unloved (hanabi fanfic)by littlebitfragile
after being defeated by the akuma ninja, hanabi has to stay behind and watch hayabusa fight alongside kagura. but her pride is taking over her. and she is about to risk...
"Stay, Please..."  by Icewolves77
"Stay, Please..." by Emily ♡♥♡♥
"Don't go!" She cried to him, her voice hoarse from sobbing. The cyborg turned and looked back, his visor going dim. Genji hung his head as he jumped from the...
Your Touch by Franzilla69
Your Touchby Franzilla69
Female reader. Probably smut. Definitely smut. This story takes place at the time Genji and Hanzo are in the age of their "young" skins. So you're a helpless...