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A Leap of Faith (Part 2) by RStoriesz
A Leap of Faith (Part 2)by Rstories
A continuation of A Leap of Faith (as Wattpad has a 200 chapter limit). The Luthor-Danvers family continue to grow, starting with the wedding of Kara and Lena. But the t...
Supercorp. Hate or love?  by _alycia13
Supercorp. Hate or love? by
The action takes place after the Crisis in the Infinite Earths. Lena knows Kara is Supergirl and hates her for lying to her. IMPORTANT! This is my first story so pleas...
My Secret Ray Of Sunshine.  by feaqthrs
My Secret Ray Of Sunshine. by kenna.
When Kara was 18 she had a baby, but nobody knew. She had a close friend keep the baby for her to keep her ray of sunshine safe. Four years later , her daughter is drop...
Supercorp One Shots (Kara x Lena)  by loserwriterperson
Supercorp One Shots (Kara x Lena) by Z
A compilation of short stories requested on popular demands. Cause everyone needs more Supercorp in their life. Other characters may make appearances too.
Maybe I Let You Poison Me by Irhaboggle
Maybe I Let You Poison Meby Irhaboggle
What if Kara had known all along that Lena hadn't truly forgiven her? How might that make the moment when Lena finally reveals her deception different? How will the Luth...
Lunar Loonies by Irhaboggle
Lunar Looniesby Irhaboggle
As a nerd, Lena had her eye on the solar eclipse of April 8, 2024 for MONTHS. Now that the big day was finally there, she wanted to celebrate! And who better with than h...
I Traveled Across Stars for You by Spiralillusions
I Traveled Across Stars for Youby Spiralillusions
Kara is sent away after Agent Liberty seeds the air with Kryptonite. She leaves behind a heartbroken Lena who finds out she is pregnant. After a few months, Kara comes b...
Supergirl and the Superfriends one-shots by LaineyMurray
Supergirl and the Superfriends one...by Supercorpendgame
Just a bunch of one shots that seem to float around. Honestly find most of the prompts on tumbler and Pinterest so shout out to those who think of it.
One Difference by RStoriesz
One Differenceby Rstories
Lena Luthor is just moving to National City, a year into Kara being Supergirl, however the difference on this earth, Earth-623, is that Lena Luthor is moving to National...
supercorp one-shots by luthorsselene
supercorp one-shotsby cam
A series of supercorp oneshots bcs i'm too lazy to actually write a story. Most of them are also published on ao3! (my @ there is luthorsselene).
I Watch Supergirl Fly Away by Irhaboggle
I Watch Supergirl Fly Awayby Irhaboggle
Lena watched Supergirl take to the skies while Kara watched Lena rise up through L-Corp in her elevator. They were two super girls off to save the world, each one hoping...
An Alien Lost in a Sea of Humans by Irhaboggle
An Alien Lost in a Sea of Humansby Irhaboggle
Kara was always up to date on the latest trends and fads. If there was ever a question about pop culture, she always knew the answer. Lena was on the opposite end of tha...
Fall Into the Dark by Irhaboggle
Fall Into the Darkby Irhaboggle
Very short musing, and subversion, based on 4X15 when Lex compares his side of the family to the dark and Lena to the light. "Even if the rest of this family stands...
The Superfans Super Server by Irhaboggle
The Superfans Super Serverby Irhaboggle
With anti-alien sentiments high, Kara's spirits were dismally low, but hope could be found in the strangest of places. On a whim, she decided to join a Supergirl fanclub...
Supercorp: Oneshots by attemptships
Supercorp: Oneshotsby attemptships
As the title says, a bunch of supercorp one shots (includes mostly AU's or headcanons). Hope you enjoy!
Sacrifices by Justakid444
Sacrificesby Sophie
When a looming threat hurts Kara's family she takes fate into her own hands, hunting down the Monitor no matter what it takes. If she can survive long enough she'll be f...
A Leap of Faith (Part 1) by RStoriesz
A Leap of Faith (Part 1)by Rstories
Kara has a four year old daughter, and only recently has met Lena Luthor. Lena and Kara are not quite friends yet, more so acquittances. Kara's daughter, Alura Danvers...
Supercorp/Supergirl - Short Stories/Scenes/One Shots by Justakid444
Supercorp/Supergirl - Short Storie...by Sophie
The title should really give enough of a description. It's pretty damn gay.
AU One Shots// A Supercorp Book by Itsmeavalon
AU One Shots// A Supercorp Bookby 🌈Avalon🌈
This will be a book of one-shots all pertaining to Kara and Lena (Supercorp) If a one-shot is more than one part, it will be specified in title. If you have any requests...
I Trusted Her by supercorp-crazed
I Trusted Herby Love SuperCorp
"You know, for someone who claims to stand for hope, justice and everything good, you clearly have the wrong definition on what they mean, because you sure as hell...