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Always Come Back To You by ShineBright03
Always Come Back To Youby ShineBright03
**Set for an ideal Season 5 of Supergirl Mon-El decides, after a few months it was time for a surprise visit to National City. Except when Mon-El and Winn come back, thi...
A Melwood Story by livelyhaz
A Melwood Storyby elle anderson
Melissa finds out something about herself that causes a drift in her and her husband, Blake's relationship. When he leaves for Los Angeles while she's out, she's stuck b...
The three of us (karamel baby AU) by karamel_dreams
The three of us (karamel baby AU)by Nina
Kara and Mon-El have a baby. Enough said.
Nice To Meet You ...... Again - A Melwood Story by melwood2017
Nice To Meet You ...... Again - A...by melwood2017
Melissa and the cast of Supergirl go out before they start filming. She meets someone there and they instantly have a connection, but what happens when he ends up being...
Forever and Always by bubblykara
Forever and Alwaysby bubblykara
A story in which a boy from Daxam and a girl from Krypton go through the ups and downs of being in a forbidden relationship.
All The Boys I Used To Love (A Supergirl Story) by handlewithkara
All The Boys I Used To Love (A Sup...by Handle With Kara
Kara Zor-El wants to do right by her heritage and enter an arranged marriage with a Kryptonian from Argo. However, when her sister invites all the men from Kara's past...
Karas past by karamelloves
Karas pastby nobody important
This story is about Melissas character in glee(Marley) and her character in supergirl(Kara) both being the same person
Perfect Alien Manny by SuperAJK
Perfect Alien Mannyby A.J. K
Kara is now the CEO of Cat CO and an Alien - Ever since James came out as Guardian Cat Grant put Kara in charge of her Cat CO. Kara also has a one-year-old son from a o...
Changing the Past: A Karamel Fanfiction by artttastic
Changing the Past: A Karamel Fanfi...by ViBe cHeCk
Tyler and Hadley Danvers-Matthews are the future twin children of Kara and Mon-El. In the year of 2034 on the twins 16th birthday, tradgety strikes and Tyler and Hadley...
Melwood- Falling in Love Behind the Cameras by ultraviolet289
Melwood- Falling in Love Behind th...by ultraviolet
Melissa has been working with Chris for a couple of weeks now--but she's feeling emotions that she never felt for Blake or anyone else. Chris finds himself admiring her...
Call of the Sapphires by handlewithkara
Call of the Sapphiresby Handle With Kara
"Kara Zor-El, Last Daughter of Krypton, you have lost your true love. The Star Sapphires offer to make your heart whole again, to reunite you, to make you one of ou...
Billionaire Saviour by SuperAJK
Billionaire Saviourby A.J. K
Melissa Benoist mother to her daughter Abby. She is knocked up at her senior High school Prom by her boyfriend. Melissa works in a dearly well know cafe, the money she e...
Childhood Pals by DanversFrost35
Childhood Palsby Alex Winters
"A boy from Daxam and a girl from Krypton." Daxamites and Kryptonians have been at war for years. The only thing they share is a red sun. One day, Alura (In-Ze...
untold truths by WillowLJH
untold truthsby Btvs fan for life
Kara Danvers is Supergirl. But was she once a sophomore in McKinley high and a born singer/songwriter. What happens when team supergirl and the new directions are tran...
Freaky Friday by diverseshipx
Freaky Fridayby Haydyn Turner
Lena is evil in this fic and creates a new and improved version of kryptonite. She tries to switch bodies with Kara so she can have her smarts and Kara's strength, but M...
Kara and Mon-el.  To fall in love again. by dD_apples
Kara and Mon-el. To fall in love...by CHARLOTTE
Kara is broken because of Mon-el leaving. She is absolutely crushed. She can't eat, sleep and even breath anymore. The first person she loved just gone. What should she...
Karamel: Complicated by Juilet3000
Karamel: Complicatedby Juilet
What if there was a girl from Daxam and a boy from Krypton? What if they were meant to be? But what if it gets complicated? What if secrets get in the way? [Started 5th...
Karamel: What our future holds by Chey_baby_blue
Karamel: What our future holdsby Lillie
This is what I wish would happen in the show starting with Mon-el and Winn returning and ending with the most beautiful life between Karamel EVER Also i do NOT repeat do...
The things we keep  by pinkdoggie1
The things we keep by pinkdoggie1
Kara lies about the results of the pregnancy results so Mon-el can leave to the future. Will he come back? Is kara gonna tell him? Will they get back together? Read to f...
Supergirl-past, and present by comicfluff
Supergirl-past, and presentby comicfluff
People from her past come back. Her love for Mon-el gets stronger, but how does she take everything that is thrown at her?